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The whole line of forage for cats Purina - reviews and description

Purine exists on the market of animal products for 200 years old. During this time there were both ups and downs, but the company successfully overcame the difficulties and proved itself as an excellent producer of feed for animals of different classes, as evidenced by numerous positive reviews of owners of



The product line is represented by the following brands:

Gourmet is the highest quality canned( wet feed).Such canned food easily conquers even the most demanding cat.

The whole line of cat food Purina reviews and description

Friskies - drying( dry food) in the croquettes is made of carefully selected components, so that the pet receives only the best. The balanced composition of vitamins, micro / macrocells and protein, useful and delicious, is a full-time diet. The

Pro Plan contains ingredients of the highest quality that provide long and healthy life to your pets. Veterinarians and nutritionists Purina develop special formulas that include irreplaceable nutrients in combinations that provide the optimal work of protective systems of the body of a pet.

The whole line of cat food Purina reviews and description

One is one of Purina's latest developments, which has been used by nutritionists and veterinarians for a long time using innovative research programs - is a dry, full-fledged feed that helps your pet to find good health and maintain it in perfect condition for many years to come.

The whole line of cat food Purina reviews and description

Cat Chow contains fish, poultry and meat of the highest quality and good taste, as well as some effective natural ingredients: parsley, rosemary, carrots, spinach, chicory seeds, acting as natural antioxidants that support the digestive system,health of the immune system and reduce the smell from the pet tray.

The whole line of cat food Purina reviews and description

Darling is a balanced full-sized meal that contains the optimal amount of all the essential nutritional components of

The whole line of cat food Purina reviews and description

. Today, Purina is one of the largest companies in the production of goods for the care of animals. The manufacturer's cradle has not changed since its inception, it sounds like this: devote life to animals. The company successfully copes with it and helps to make the life of your pet happier and more prosperous.

Some brands of Puri are known for more than one generation. Each new product is a result of many years of work on quality, nutritional value and taste. The product range is specially developed so that everyone, even the most discriminating pet( and, of course, the owner!), Receives maximum benefit and pleasure regardless of lifestyle or pet's age, type of food, food formulas or packaging.

Features Purina

Purine is a balanced, full-fledged feed for cats and cats of all breeds, ages and sizes that has a high nutritional value and has a positive effect on the health and health of cats, which is confirmed by the results of numerous scientific studies.

Proper feeding is a manifestation of the owner's worries about his pet. Owners should take into account weight and lifestyle, sex and age( a kitten, adults or older individuals) when choosing the optimal feed. This is exactly the reason for creating several brands, united by one motto - quality is above all! It should be remembered that Purina quality and authentic food is sold only in specialized pet shops( or on request) and veterinary clinics. Such a wide range of products allows the owner to pick up the optimal feed, as well as try something new, since it produces food in small bags and jars( 80 g, 200 g), and in large( 240 g, 10 kg) packages and jars.