Caring for home violet( sensual).Basic rules

Caring for home violet( sensual).Basic rules

Sentpolia is the flower that can be found everywhere: on the window at the grandmother, on the table in the office, in the experienced flower gardener and in the beginner amateur. A small fluffy socket, easy to recognize at first glance, with beautiful flowers on small legs, very unpretentious and widely distributed

.All this is Sentolia or Violet Home. Everyone is familiar from childhood, with curly soft leaves and small purple-blue flowers, blossoming at any time of the year, unpretentious, always finds a place on the windowsill among other flowers.

In fact, the violets of the Umambar variety are unbelievable, unique plants at a price reaching the sum of several tens of dollars. Throughout the world, clubs and associations of lovers and breeders of this plant have been created; the differences in varieties range from the size of the socket to the shape of flower petals.

Classification of violets

By diameter of the socket

  • Microminiums: up to 6 cm, the plant "on the palm"
  • Miniature: up to 15 cm
  • Semi-miniaturized: up to 20 cm, strict division with standard no
  • Standard: up to 40 cm
  • Large standard( large):more than 40 cm without borders

By type of leaves

  • Shape: round, elongated, curl, turnerized and pointed
  • Edge of sheet: wavy, smooth, toothed, coated
  • Color: single-tone green, two-tone ribbed vulgar, mosaic vulgar and chimeric
  • Placement: on the elongatedin a petiole, on a truncated, flattened crown or lush
  • . By size, structure and colors, Sunflowers are the most detailed part of the
  • plant classification. Flower shape: "bell", "star", "aspen" and classical
  • . By the number of petals: simple(5 petals), comb( 7), semi-mattress( 2 rows), double terry( several rows)
  • In shape of petals: sharpened, rounded, frosted, lace, smooth, smooth, wavy
  • By coloring flowers: here the fantasy of breeders does not knowboundariesColors from black to violet to white, monochrome, two-color and multi-color. Now you can find a variety with green-yellow petals, very rare

Fantasy varieties are based on the main tone of droplets, strokes, stripes and spills of another color, which, combined with different colors, gives the flowers an extraordinary and exotic appearance.

Fixed varieties are stained with flowers, as if they were dipped in a paint of excellent tone, especially bone-plucked specimens are valued. However, it is not worth the beginner flower garden to immediately buy expensive varieties, first you need to "train" in the cultivation of more simple and unpretentious in the life of the Umambian Vialok.

Caring for home violet( sensual).Basic rules

Care for home violet( sensual)

Lighting. The direct rays of the sun will burn tender leaves in a few days, the light must be scattered, may be protected, but the length of the light day - as long as possible. In winter, with blossom, Sentpolia will require additional lighting, otherwise the color will not go into full force, it will end faster and much weaker. However, you can give the plant a cold time to relax, shaded it.

Temperature. No more than +25 degrees Celsius, lower temperatures to +6, Violet home is easy to carry.

Watering and Moisture. Water for irrigation should be warm, while dripping on leaves should be avoided. It is recommended to pour liquid into a pallet - the safest solution from acidification and gulf soil. Cooling of air is required at the proximity of radiator batteries, the leaves can be wiped with a damp cloth or a soft brush of dust.

Landing and transplant. The plant is planted in turf ground in a mixture of large sand and wood ash. The pot does not have to be very large - the root system of the city of São Paulo is poorly developed, is close to the surface, without deepening. Be sure to fall asleep the exposed trunk of the plant, it is very important.

It is desirable to transplant a plant only if it is necessary to change the pot or infected land, the most malotraumatic way - to fill with water for 10 minutes and to pass the bush on the arm down the crown, stretching it between the fingers. Take out an old vessel - and the entire root system with a lump of ground before your eyes, the damage is eliminated, you can carefully examine the object of the transplant. Remove the dead and fade leaves, divide the children's sockets, check the roots for rot and insects and reverse the seed of the germ in a prepared pot. Sprinkle the ground to the lower leaves of the petiole, raising the leaves above the level of the dishes and watering. After a couple of days pour a layer into the lowered areas.

Reproduction. The most accessible methods - leaflets and daughter sockets, ready for self-landing. Sockets are initially crocheted and covered with a transparent bag. Usually very soon a young plant is mastered in a separate pot and continues its independent life. Blouses begin after six months with proper care.

The leaves for rooting cut off only from the bottom, leaving the petiole elongated, it will be immersed in water or a mixture of wet peat and sand, it is from it that the spines begin to break through and the future bush is formed. At decay, the affected part is cut off at an angle and planted again. Excellently proved itself turning on a glass of the sheet, performing the function of a microtherelect and protecting against mechanical damage.

Caring for home violet( sensual).Basic rules

Pests and diseases. Gray rot is especially dangerous: it affects the roosters, roots and lower leaves at a constant gulf of soil and acidification, very similar to mold. Tumbled dry spots on the leaves occur after sunburn, drying out of the earth and excess fertilizer.
Of white insects, whitecurrants, cyclamen mites and powdery mosquitoes are often found in insects. If in time to notice their appearance and handle insecticides, then problems should not arise.

A few short tips for growing and care for the
in San Paulia 1. Start with inexpensive and unpretentious copies of
2. Put flowers away from direct sun rays, but not in the shadow of
3. Artificially lengthen the light day with blossoming Vials
4. Irrigate gently with warmwater or from the pallet
5. periodically humidify the air dry
6. timely remove dead flowers and leaves
7. Immediately isolate the affected plants to solve the problem of

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