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How to set an arch with your own hands

How to install an arc for interior doors in an apartment or house that there are ways to install.

  • We carry out installation on our own
  • Production of arch profile and boxes
  • Mounting of arches in apartment

We carry out the installation of our own

How to set an arch with your own hands Today, the doorways of the "rectangular form have gained great popularity. There are several types of arches that have become peculiar standards - from classical symmetrical semicircular structures to entire ensembles, part of which are elements with a curved surface. Following on fashion demands, many manufacturers began to offer ready-made solutions for MDF arches, which are the simplest options. However, the most common way is to install an arch of drywall.

For installation of interior arches accurately and without distortion will require a "perfect" doorway. The main requirement - vertical racks.

  • Slot is released from the old box and completely cleaned.
  • Removal of sealant, unnecessary plaster.
  • All dust and other materials are removed.
  • Check the quality of the vertical sides by the alcohol level.
  • If there is a deviation, it is better to slightly reduce the doorway by installing an aluminum profile.
  • If the installation of an arch does not require strict requirements to the appearance, you can skip this stage of work. How to set an arch with your own hands
  • Once the doorway has been prepared, it is possible to proceed with the manufacture of the mounting box and the side walls of the arch.

    For carrying out of all complex of works in an apartment with own hands, need:

  • Gipsokarton. For construction of arches and other structures with curved elements, special sheets are sold in the thickness of 6.5 mm.
  • Aluminum mounting profile.
  • "Eurosvyahi" or "Novosel'yi" - a plastic plug inserted into the wall, and a fixing screw.
  • Fixing plasterboard requires metal screws.
  • For cutting gypsum cardboard with your own hands you need an electric saw or a metal saw. You can use a simple knife.
  • Metal Scissors.
  • Shock drill or punch, screwdriver.
  • Alcohol level.
  • A plastic corner with a perforation to finalize the arch profile with your own hands.
  • Needle roller.
  • Roulette, pen or pencil.
  • Finishing materials and tools. Spatula, plaster putty, skins, primer, paint, wallpaper and so on.
  • Production of arch profile and boxes

    How to set an arch with your own hands For the construction of an apartment with their own hands the simplest option - semicircular interior arches - it will be necessary to cut two drywall parts with a plumbing of the corresponding configuration. To do this, the distance between the side racks of the doorway is measured. Dividing this number in half, we get the desired radius of curvature. Then you can start markup. There are several ways to do this.

    The first way. Use a large diameter compass for carpentry or construction work.

    The second way. Build an arc using a roulette, measuring the desired radius from the center, gradually moving on small sectors. The resulting points are smoothly connected.

    The simplest option is to use a nail, a non-stretched thread and a pencil. The thread is tied, the nail is installed in the center of the arc and with the help of a pencil the desired contour is outlined.

    After that, two billets are cut, as can be seen on the video. Make markings and cutting neatly - both parts are desirable to get the same.

    To fix the interior arches you need to make a structural structure of the profile. To add the form on the side of the work, cuts are made using scissors on the metal at a distance of 25-30 mm from each other. After this, two preforms of the desired configuration are carefully twisted.

    On vertical racks side doors are fixed bearing profiles of arches. It should be remembered that the sheet will fall on them, so the desired distance is made from the edge of the wall. Similarly, the profile is located on the upper horizontal part of the doorway.

    So that the metal does not appear at the bottom, where the arch of the arches goes "naught", it is cut off at an angle. The curved parts are fastened to the bearing profiles. To make the construction rigid, there are small sections between them. All stages of the work are shown on the video.

    Mounting the arches in the apartment

    How to set an arch with your own hands. The lateral parts cut out with their own hands are screwed to the bearing structure from the profile. It remains only to form the lower, semicircular part of the arch.

    For this purpose, a strip of drywall is carefully cut out the required width. The length can be measured using a roulette tape directly on the arc of the finished bearing block from the profile. Do not get "millimeter in millimeter", do a good supply - it can always be cut off. There are two ways to bend the arches to the right way.

    The easiest way. The inner surface of the part is abundantly moistened with water and passed by a needle roller. Strong pressure on the tool is not worth it, so as not to damage the sheet at a great depth. Impregnated wet sheet begins to bend. To determine when you can get started, you can simply squash it on the wall in the apartment. As soon as the bend is started under its own weight - the preparation is ready. It needs to be carefully grasped and attached to the carrier profile using screws. To avoid splitting the edge, screw the fastener to the maximum possible distance, almost "close" at the edge of the profile. Preparation of moisture, so after fixing it is necessary to give about 12 hours for drying and strengthening.

    How to set an arch with your own hands A complicated and long way. With the help of a knife on the outer surface of the workpiece for arches, perpendicular slots are made at equal distances. After that, the detail gently bends. The crevices formed on the outer part are glued with a serpianka tape and putty. After drying the surface is treated with the skin. The process is more demanding and requires some skill to provide the desired form of preparation. In addition, the apartment will be a lot of dust.

    After fixing the side parts and the bottom surface, you can proceed to the final processing. Initially, the structure is sanded off and all the cracks stuck. The edge of the design in the arc is covered by a plastic perforated profile to give a clear contour. This item is simply attached to the putty. After drying, you need to go through the skin on the seams and surfaces to remove the inequalities.

    At the last stage a layer of finishing putty is applied. After its complete drying, the arch is ready for painting, pasting with wallpaper or other decorations to match the other situation in the apartment.

    With all the video on the difficulty, the construction of the arches with their own hands is not difficult, if you break it into several simple stages. By doing all the work carefully and without haste, you can create designs of any size and complexity.