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Detailed vaccination schedule for cats - at what age do any vaccinations

Finally, this happy moment has come - in the house there was a small glory of happiness, called people of kittens. A 2-month-old child, namely, at this age, should take a kitten from a mother-cat and transfer it to another home, so tiny and defenseless, which raises the question: and

can protect it from illness and all kinds of contagion? The answer is, of course, necessary! And not just need, but vital!

Preparatory stage

Despite such a small age, kittens have to put the first vaccine. But everything is not so simple. To begin with, it is necessary to carry out deelmentation, that is to clean the pet's body from various internal worms like parasites, as we have been told here. It is done twice with a period of 10 days. After the second deelmentation it is necessary to deduct 10 more days and only after that lead the pupil to the veterinary hospital for vaccination. Many experts recommend the following preparations for degelmentation, such as: "Canikvantel", "Polverkan" or "Cystal-Ket".Of course, if the owner uses another, more suitable for him, a means, there is nothing terrible in this.

Detailed vaccination schedule for cats at what age to do any vaccinations

What vaccinations do kittens and when

is the first to vaccinate against panleukopenia( it's a cat's plague).The optimal age is 8 weeks. Re-vaccination is carried out at or after 12 weeks, depending on the condition of the kitten and the individual appointments of the veterinarian.

At the same age, they are vaccinated against infectious rhinotracheitis, rabies and calcium vulgaris. All of these diseases are very severe and quite difficult to cure. Unfortunately, mortality from them is much more than a recovery. Therefore, it is important to have a vaccine. After all, it is easier to carry out preventive measures, which is a vaccination, than then to suffer and experience the health of a pet.

Leukemia vaccine is also recommended at the age of 8 weeks. But before you put it, it is necessary to check the blood of a kitten for the absence of the disease in his body. Typically, vaccination from leukemia is put to those animals that are actively involved in various exhibitions, travel often, etc.

For pets who are active in the street or traveling on exhibitions, they need to be vaccinated against a serious dermatological disease, "microsporia", or a stingingherpes. Make such a vaccine from 3 months.

A recommended, but not mandatory, vaccine for chlamydia, which is done by kittens at 12-16 weeks of age.

Detailed vaccination schedule for cats at what age to do any vaccinations

After vaccination with

After vaccination, active immunity starts only after 10 days. At this time it is necessary to closely monitor the condition of a pet, with it it is not recommended to walk on the street, to ensure that the animal is not supercharged. You can not bathe!

Detailed vaccination schedule for cats at what age to do any vaccinations

Why every year?

All vaccinations listed above are repeated annually. In order not to be confused and not to think in a panic: "Did we do this vaccine or not?" Veterinarians are advised to create a special diary in which the doctor or owner himself will celebrate when and that they have inoculated their pet. Of course, all the vaccinations are recorded in the pet's veterinary passport, but it is filled by the doctor, so some professional abbreviations may not be clear to the average person.

Quite surprising is that some veterinarians consider the vaccination against rabies only of those animals walking on the street. But that's not right. After all, many owners noticed that several times a year, and in the spring period, especially, the cat or cat begin to rub about just arrived man's shoes. Such contact can become quite sad for the health and life of the pupil. The rabies virus is very viable, it can stay in the atmosphere for a long time or hit the grass or land from another, already infected animal. A man will accidentally step in and take everything down to the house where there is a nice, beautiful, fluffy kitty.

Of course, this is a purely personal opinion, but many owners will understand and support it. Especially those who value their pets and want for them a long happy happy life. By the way, do you know how much your cat can live with proper care?