How to grow mandarin from stones at home?

How to grow mandarin from stones at home? Mandarin is the most widespread species of exotic trees in China, Japan and the tropical regions of Africa. This plant of the family Rutova has a high decorative character of leaves and fruits. Today the varieties of mandarin tree, which are quite successfully growing at home, are brought out. True, not everyone knows how to grow mandarin from the stones of the house. But this is actually very simple.


  • Secrets growing mandarins
  • Sprouting tangerine stone - nothing complicated
    • Prepare seeds
    • Soil preparation
    • Care shoots
  • Vaccination tangerine trees to fruition
  • conditions for fruiting tangerines in the house
  • prevention and pest control

Secrets growing mandarins

How to grow mandarin from stones at home? Many florists,especially beginners, believe that growing such a tree at home is simply impossible. For the simple reason that mandarin, like many other exotic plants, needs specific growth conditions. Partly so, some citrus really need special conditions of maintenance and constant care. But the mandarin does not belong to their number.

  • Tangerine tree - unpretentious in the care and resistant to temperature fluctuations plant. This is a small growth of spherical leafy shrub, which changes every fourth year. The tangerine blossoms with white flowers that thrive with a pleasant aroma.
  • To grow a mandarin, you can use a sapling purchased in a nursery. This is done very easily, under the power of each flower garden, even a beginner, since it is a ready-made, vaccinated copy.
  • For those who are not able to buy a ready-made tangerine tree for planting, there is another method of growing this exo - from the stone.
  • Many flowerbeds can be seen on a window sill decorative tangerine tree grown from seeds. This plant will be a great decoration for the interior. But it will not bear fruit, and if it will, it will not be tasty fruit.

You can grow a tangerine tree with edible fruits only by inoculation. This procedure is carried out for trees grown in open ground, and you can also plant a fruiting tree.

Germination of mandarin bones - nothing complicated

But most flower growers are interested in how to grow mandarin from stone in the home. Enough to buy some fruits of mandarin and extract from them the largest and most dense seeds.

Preparation of seed

How to grow mandarin from stones at home? Landing of tangerine seeds, as well as other citrus, is carried out only after their preliminary treatment - soaking and sprouting. The landing material is soaked in damp cloth or gauze. Within two to three days seedlings will sprout. If there is excess moisture, seeds can be damaged, so the gauze should be moist, but not too moist.

It is desirable to take two or three seeds, and at least a dozen. Because many seeds can not sprout, and some simply die from the disease. Instead of gauze you can use hydrogel. This is a great material that protects plants from drought and overheating. It is very popular both in landscape design and in home gardening. Hydrogel is similar to drip irrigation. It perfectly holds moisture and creates the necessary microclimate for plants. The seeds are placed in the middle of the material, which prevents them from drying out.

The tangerine tree is very poorly carrying the vicinity of poisonous plants. Therefore, planting seeds of this plant should be removed from them. The best place for keeping seedlings is the sills on the south side of the house. Landing of twisted seeds is made in seedlings or ordinary flower pots.

Soil preparation

How to grow mandarin from stones at home? To grow a beautiful mandarin tree, it is necessary to properly prepare the soil mixture for planting. It is not recommended to use soil substrates containing peat to grow this plant. But this component is present in virtually all mixtures. The only way out is the self-preparation of the ground for planting.

To do this, it is necessary to mix three parts of the turf, one part of the leaf soil, one part of the cow manure, one part of coarse sand and a handful of clay.
Of course, in urban conditions, preparing such a mixture is very difficult, and sometimes simply impossible. In this case it is recommended to buy a soil with a neutral level of acidity. This can be a mixture of Rose or Biohumus. But it is possible to mix garden soil with a small portion of organic fertilizers, ash and superphosphate.

It is very important at the bottom of the landing tank to put a good drainage layer of expanded clay or small stones. Active tree growth can be observed after seedlings sprout, and the first leaves appear on them.

Caring for Asparagus

How to grow mandarin from stones at home? From this moment, Mandarin feeding begins. As fertilizers, both organic and mineral fertilizers are used. With these problems should not arise, because today specialized stores offer a large assortment of fertilizers for indoor plants of this family. To avoid burning the root system, initially watering the mandarin, then add nutrition.

Once seedlings grow up and release a few leaves, they can be transplanted into separate containers. Early spring is the best time to transfer mandarin. This procedure is carried out by the method of transhipment of the earth coma. It is very important not to damage the root system of plants. Young specimens are transplanted annually. Adult plants that have already reached the age of eight years are transplanted into a new container in two years.

Vaccination of mandarin tree for fruiting

How to grow mandarin from stones at home? Mandarin, grown from stone, will begin to bear fruit not earlier than in four to five years. Here, only the fruits of it, most likely, will be small, tasteless, with a bitter taste.

To get a decorative tree with edible fruits, it is necessary to instill it. This procedure is strictly necessary to be carried out during the period of the eagerness of the plant, which falls on April-May, and also suitable for vaccination in August. The success of such a procedure depends on the conditions and the speed of its conduct. Vaccinations should be done quickly, neatly and in sterile conditions.

Speed ​​up the execution of such a procedure will allow the preliminary preparation of the required components:

  • The rootstock bush to be vaccinated. This should be an adult plant with a barrel of not less than six millimeters in diameter.
  • Cuttings for vaccination - rootstock. It's best to take a young and fresh escape.
  • Garden wares for healing wounds.
  • Special tool for vaccines and scotch.

How to grow mandarin from stones at home? Only the correct and sequential grafting will produce the desired result - delicious and juicy fruit.

  • First, remove the leaves and thorns in the place where the vaccine will be, then make a T-shaped incision. The upper part should be no more than one centimeter, and the bottom one - three to four centimeters.
  • Next, cut off a small portion of the cortex and the kidney from the bush, insert it into a slit. When fixing the chip on the substrate, we wrap the slit with a tape.
  • A green pepper should be provided with greenhouse conditions. To do this, cover it with a transparent film. A month later, when the joint movement is over, this vaccination procedure can be repeated again. To probably get at least one suitable for growth and fetal vaccination.
  • Spurious escape is released from the film, gradually being taught to room temperature. A month later, after confirming the suitability and growth of the new inoculum, you can cut the old trunk of the fork. The cut is made obliquely, retreating 3 millimeters from the graft pebble. The cut site is treated with a garden plow. Now all the nutrients and juice will come to a new plant.
  • To provide vertical growth, a tangerine tree needs to build a bearing.

Terms for femorising tangerines in the home

How to grow mandarin from stones at home? Tanning care is very simple and is as follows:

  • Stable temperature mode. The best mandarin grows in southern windows with temperatures not lower than fourteen degrees of heat.
  • This roomy tree requires high air humidity, which can be provided at the expense of frequent spraying of the terrestrial part of the exo. It will not be unnecessary if you put a container next to water.
  • In the summer, tangerines need to be watered abundantly and often. In the autumn-winter period, the frequency of irrigation is reduced. Wetting of soil is carried out only as it is dry.
  • With the advent of spring plant is fed with complex mineral fertilizers.

Prevention and control of pests

Citrus plants, including tangerines, are often killed from pest infestations. Spider mite, shield and whitefly love to enjoy the terrestrial part of this tree. A frequent inspection of plants will prevent the emergence of harmful insects at an early stage.

If the plant is severely affected, without the use of chemical agents is no longer possible. Aktellik or Fitomer - effective means from most pests.

It is worth knowing that spray of mandarin tree is ineffective. Only repeated washing of the leaves from below and from above will give the desired result.

As it turns out, it is very easy to grow mandarin from the stones. By following all the rules and recommendations, success in this case will be guaranteed.