How well and how often do you use peeling?

The peeling procedure has been paying more attention in recent years. If it was recently believed that creams, masks and washings are enough to maintain the skin in proper form, then everything has changed. Bottles with scrubs appeared on the shelf of almost every woman, and in the salons with

each year expands a variety of different peeling procedures. However, you should not give in to this wave senseless, first you need to evaluate the state of your skin, which peeling it needs and how to use peeling correctly. After all, in this case, as in many others, the main thing is still not to hurt yourself.

How well and how often do you use peeling?

Types of peeling

So, let's start with the ambush: peeling is needed for our skin in order to get rid of excess cells. Death cells form a layer that prevents the skin from breathing and perceives all sorts of nutritious and moisturizing treatments we indulge in generously. Therefore, before you get a road mask from the closet, you have to prepare the face for its beneficial effect. To do this, the skin must first be treated with cleansing milk, lotion or gel for washing, then refresh and expose the peeling.

The most popular kinds of peeling at home: mechanical and chemical.

The simplest way to make the first kind is to use scrubs, which are now on the shelves of cosmetic stores. However, you should not take the first-best, considering that there is no difference between them. Let's start with the fact that each type of skin requires a different "strength" of peeling.

Dry and sensitive skin requires the most delicate and gentle means, better cream-like.

For oily, dense skin, something with larger particles will fit. The choice depends on age: the older the skin, the more deeply she needs an update. How to use peeling with mechanical particles is easy to remember. Simply apply a damp skin to the composition and light motions like it ride it all over the face. It is advisable to move along the massage lines: thus, according to which you apply a cream. The procedure takes 3-5 minutes, then the treatment line is washed off with warm water, and the skin is completely ready for further procedures.

Note that in the presence of serious skin problems, morning or acne, using scrubs is highly undesirable. In this case, chemical peeling is more suitable, since it does not contribute to the microtraining of the epidermis and can not spread the germs throughout the face.

How well and how often do you use peeling?

How to use peeling?

For chemical peels, some manufacturers offer easy-to-use tools based on various natural acids. The difference in how to apply peeling with acids and with scrubbing particles is very noticeable. Chemical peeling does not have to be rubbed into the skin or massaged: it is applied evenly and remains like a mask for a while. It is important to calculate the exact number of minutes, so as not to damage the skin, but get the desired result. Time depends on both the concentration of active acids and the type of skin. Average values ​​are usually indicated on the label of a particular peeling warehouse.

It should be remembered that any new remedy should be used with caution, and this is especially true for peelings, as the skin reaction to each composition may be different. Before applying peeling all over your face, run the test on a small area of ​​the skin, reducing the exposure time to the specified minimum. If there were no negative reactions, you can safely put this tube into your cosmetic bag!