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New Year Divination 2017 Proven Way of Photo

New Year's holidays occupy a special place in a number of red days of the calendar and are not accidentally endowed with epithets "charming", "fabulous," associated with us with a mixture of desires and expectations of a miracle. This is a mystical time when secrets hidden from the person, including those associated with the

for his future, become more accessible - that is why at the turn of the old and new years our ancestors were taken hostage.

New Year Divination 2017 Proven Way of Photo Due to the change of the system of chronology, we celebrate the New Year from December 31 to January 1, that is, not at the time when one year ago we met another our ancestors, and this brings some confusion into the situation with the prediction of the future. The most traditional, "true", mystical and to this day are considered divine divination( from Christmas to Epiphany), and New Year's divination is less sacred, more harmless and on this basis are perceived by many as innocent fun fun game.

New Year Divination 2017 Proven Way of Photo However, this is not entirely correct: divination for the New Year has the full right to exist and is also able to open the veil over the future, even if it happens in an atmosphere of fun, carefree, fun holidays. Finding out what the next year is preparing for you can be done in a variety of ways. Choose what interests you the most - luck, love, money, and more.(or all together), prepare the necessary "material base" - and give your New Year's holiday a more charming atmosphere!

New Year Divination 2017 Proven Way of Photo New Year's Divination - Bride's Bridge for the
Before you go to bed, make a bridge from the twigs on the broom and put it under the pillow with the words: "My judge, put on, take me through the bridge."A man who is dreaming and is your judge. Put the comb under the cushion, not combing before going to bed, and saying three times: "Judge-minded, shake my head". You can put a mirror with a comb along with a comb and 3 times say the following: "Come on, come on, prichishi, drive you. Look at me and show yourself. "The one you see on the night of the new year - you will meet in the coming year.

New Year Divination 2017 Proven Way of Photo Domination on the mirrors on the patterns. This New Year Divination will help you to know your future for the new year. Take a small mirror, pour it over with water and bring it to the frost at even at midnight. When different patterns appear on the surface, put it in the house and start to guess on a frozen surface. If the circles are visible on the mirror - then, all the next year you will live in abundance, if you see the spruce branch, then you will work a lot. The squares predict various life difficulties, and triangles predict great success and luck in any business.

New Year Divination 2017 Proven Way of Photo You can also do divination for the next year's success as follows. An ordinance will be required for the ceremony. He has to take four glasses, fill them with drinking water and put in each glass a spoon of salt, a spoon of sugar, a wedding ring, a piece of bread. After that, a person who is jealous of success next year, tied his eyes and brought to the glasses. He must choose one of them.
The divination is treated as follows:

  • Water with added sugar promises a lucky year;
  • Water with salt foretells tears in the coming year;
  • If a glass with a ring is selected, then personal life will be found in the coming year;
  • A glass with a piece of bread involves financial well-being.

New Year Divination 2017 Proven Way of Photo For Girls Company. If a group of girls gathered at the table, then on New Year's night you can spend another divination. To do this, take a sieve, which needs to be filled with cereals of different varieties. After this you should throw three rings: silver, gold and copper. Ornaments need to be mixed with the groats. After that, the girls in turn screw up a handful of cereals. If you get a ring, the next year is expected marriage, otherwise we will have to wait another year. And:

  • A copper ring indicates that a man will become a poor man;
  • Silver Ring prophesies marriage with a hardworking person;
  • Gold ring becomes a harbinger of rich marriage.

A New Year's Fortune for Money. If you are interested in how your financial situation will change in the coming year, you can have a divination with a coin. To do this, you need to take three plates, one of them put a coin and change the plates in places. The person who is jealous - must choose, under which a plate is hidden a coin. If he guesses from the first time - a year will be profitable and successful, on the other - does not promise to change the financial situation, with the third - there will be a lack of money.

New Year Divination 2017 Proven Way of Photo

Dedication to a judged husband on New Year's Eve 2017

Dedication to kings. On the night of January 13th to January 14th, before going to bed, girls need to put pillow playing cards with the image of kings. In the morning, without looking, it is worth taking one card. What kind of king will a girl get, and such a man will be: the king of the peak - the old and jealous, the king of warfare - the military, the king of worms - young and rich, and the jubilee king - desirable.

Divination to love. Under a bed you need to put a small bowl of water, and put a small wooden stick on it and say before bedtime: "Judge, come by me through a bridge to translate."Who in a dream through the bridge will translate - for that and the marriage will come out.

New Year Divination 2017 Proven Way of Photo Domination on the mirrors. This divination will be suitable not only for everyone, but rather for lover's nerves. In the people, it is considered one of the most dangerous. For divination take two mirrors( fairly large and possibly equal), set one against each other and illuminated by two candles. It is best to keep one mirror in front of the illuminated wall mirror, so that a long corridor that lights up with lights comes out. From the room you must remove all animals and strangers. If it's very scary, you can leave a couple of modest people, however, they should not give out sound, do not look in the mirror and do not approach what is pondering. In the end formed between two mirror corridors and should appear judge. True, sometimes you have to watch for a very long time, but you can see not only the judge, but all evil.

New Year Divination 2017 Proven Way of Photo

New Year Divination to Love 2017 Proven Methods

Gadgets begin on December 25th, and end with divination on January 17th. On Mondays and Sundays it is not worth thinking. After all, you will agree, probably, each of us dreams to look into our future? Uncomplicated series of New Year holidays are called charming and fabulous. Everyone who has made a wish for the New Year, always waits and hopes for a miracle. Once a year, all that is unavailable to a person during the year, suddenly opens up and gives the opportunity to take advantage of miraculous means.

New Year Divination 2017 Proven Way of Photo New Year's Christmas divination for love. If you have not yet finished the tree, then you should not expect to start. New year beauty should stand in all-armor, and, the more toys on it, the better. For this divination you will need an assistant. Let him tie your eyes with dense material and gently push you clockwise. Then you are confident, but a little shaking approach the fir tree and remove the toy from her. Just do not choose what a hand is holding back, then shoot. Look at the color of the Christmas decoration. If the toy is white, you will not see changes in your personal life. If it's a black toy - lucky love lies ahead. Chervona - soon you will meet your love, and green promises you a turbulent feeling not once there in 2017, but right on New Year's Eve itself. Will get a purple toy - hence there was a cold in the relationship. Silver or gold talks about meeting with an enviable bride. The main thing is not to hang on a fir-tree only gold and silver jewelry, it is possible to sever badly.

New Year Divination 2017 Proven Way of Photo