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How to quickly grow nails at home: effective ways

How to quickly grow nails at home: effective ways Any self-respecting female female member strives to ensure that her nails are always well-groomed and beautiful. Hands, like a person, are always in sight. When communicating with people, we are gesturing than attracting attention to the nails and palms. It is therefore important to monitor the condition of their

nails and hands in general. It is noticed that only 5% of men first of all pay attention to women's hands. Let him not see them immediately, but sooner or later he will still notice and appreciate their condition.

Manicure was made in Ancient Egypt, with only men of high social status. And the rapid development of nail care in the United States. It was there that the transformation of methods and methods of manicure.

Even now, despite the variety of tools and services offered in the salons, it is quite difficult to grow beautiful and healthy nails. But we will try to give you tips that you will be sure to help strengthen your nails and stimulate their growth, and all this at home.

Basic tips for nail care

Many can think about how to quickly revitalize beautiful nails at home if you can not leave everyday activities such as dishwashing, cleaning, nursing, cooking, and so on. You can continue to live an ordinary life, just pay more attention to your nails. So, let's start with the fact that the rapid growth and beauty of the nail plate directly depend on your diet. To get a nail health, you need to use not only external care, but also to strengthen the body from the inside.

What vitamins and trace elements should be in your daily diet? Vitamin A, which promotes strengthening and growth of nails, vitamin D, which helps to absorb calcium, vitamins of group B, iodine.calcium, iron, silicon and sulfur. It is not worth the effort to understand what products you should eat. These are green and red vegetables, herbs, seafood, liver, sea cabbage, spinach, dairy products( just not fat-free!).

In order for nails to grow fast and do not break, you need to do the manicure properly. To do this, you have to adhere to several basic rules:

  • 1. Always nail your nails always in one direction. Do not move the saw from side to side. This way you injure the nail plate, which makes it more fragile. It is also important to choose the correct pickup. It is best to refuse from metal products. They scratch their nails too much. Such saws are suitable only for artificial nails made of acrylic. It is best to use glass or cardboard dumplings.
  • 2. Do not forget to look after the cuticle. First of all, it must be mitigated with the help of special means. After that, it can be easily moved by means of a manicure stick. If you have bumps, remove them with tweezers.

How to quickly grow nails at home: effective ways

Folk recipes for strengthening nails

Now talk about nail care so they grow fast and do not break. Immediately master the main rule: follow the regularity of procedures. There are a large number of different armchairs. Here are the examples of the most effective and common:

  • 1. Salt Bath. It is better to use useful sea salt than usual.1 tablespoon of salt dissolve in 0.5 liters of warm water. Lower your hands in this solution and keep it for 15 minutes. It is advisable to do it every day, but if not possible, do at least a couple of times a week.
  • 2. Bath with wine and camomile. Prepare the boiling water for chopped chamomile flowers. The flower should be 2 tablespoons, and boiling water - a third of the glass. Then let it stand( about an hour).After that, strain, warm and add white dry wine( 3 tablespoons).This bath is also desirable to do every day. It is enough to continue the procedure within a week.
  • 3. Bath with orange and iodine. Mix in a shallow bowl two teaspoons of kitchen salt, a third of a glass of juice of a mature orange and three drops of iodine. Dilute the resulting mixture of third glass of clean water. Mix thoroughly all the components. In such a bath should be lowered only the tips of your fingers. Keep at least five minutes. After the procedure, wipe your hands with a napkin and grease with any nutritious cream, paying special attention to the nails.
  • 4. A basin with lemon juice. In a water bath, heat a small amount of vegetable oil. Add a few drops of lemon juice to it. After the mixture has cooled down a bit, lower the hands for 15 minutes.
  • 5. Vitamin C Mask. Mix the oil solutions of vitamins A and E. Wipe the resulting nail remedy every day before bedtime. This mask will help stimulate the active growth of nails and provide with all the necessary trace elements.
  • 6. Mask with pepper. Mix in equal proportions your usual hand cream and ground red pepper. This composition is applied on nail polish and skin around. Hold the mask trace for 15 minutes.
  • 7. Before bedtime, lubricate the nails and the skin around the olive oil. Let it stay for 15 minutes, then make a light massage and put on special gloves.
  • 8. During the day, apply a normal hand cream, without leaving your nails. Do at least 3 times a day.
  • 9. In the morning, you can rub nails with lemon peel, currant juice or cranberry( although lemon juice is also suitable), grape or apple cider vinegar. Each of these options has not only healing but also illuminates your nails, eliminating yolk.

How to quickly grow nails at home: effective ways

By following the procedures described above regularly and thoroughly, you will be able to strengthen the nails, improve their color, prevent stratifications and stimulate growth. Along with this, do not forget to follow the manicure as a whole: pull off the cuticle with a special stick, use a saw to correct the shape of the nail, use a scrub to clean the nails and skin from the keratinous cells.

Now you have an open secret of how to quickly nail a beautiful home!