What is called a female peacock: photo and video review

The first thing that, of course, attracts our attention in the peacocks is a large and very bright tail. However, it should be noted that only males have such an adornment, while the female peacock has a grayish-brown plumage. Let's talk about the differences of these paradise birds more

in detail.


  • 1 What is the name of the peacock's female?
  • 2 Is there a difference from the male?
  • 3 Interesting Facts
  • 4 Video "Peacocks on the Walk"

What is the name of the peacock's female?

Many of us familiar with the expression "Walk like a peacock", but few people think that this name means a female peacock. Yes, really, if you watch for these birds for a long time, then we make sure that they are very graceful, calm and even a bit slow. By the way, the peacock is the largest species in the birds of chicken. And besides the best. Therefore, if someone tells you that you are not harassed, do not be offended. This is a great compliment! Rate their beauty on the photo.

What is called a female peacock: photo and video review

Is There Difference From Male?

Like the hens, the peacock-female is very different in beauty from the male. First - it does not have a beautiful colorful feathers on the tail, the second - a dim and monotonous color. So, for example, females of the most common type of peacocks - ordinary blue, have a uniform grayish plumage, while males are colored with colorful flowers. The head and neck of the male are painted in a bright blue color, the back is shimmered with green and golden feathers, and the ends of the wings have orange color. The only thing that is present on both floors is a beautiful bang on the head in the form of a small crown. Only in females, he also has a gray-brown color, and males - blue.

However, we can not say that females are less beautiful, they are also very cute and attractive, as seen in the photo. For example, in the same regular blue type, the back of the back and chest is brilliant, and a beautiful combination of colors on the head and neck. In the black-eyed species, the peacock has a yellowish-brown feather on the upper part of the body. But about white peacocks in general, you can talk for a very long time. This is a special kind, which is distinguished by its extraordinary beauty.

What is called a female peacock: photo and video review

Interesting Facts

It's known that the tail of a males is a kind of engagement of girlfriends. Many know that he loosens him and wavers to pay attention to the females. But, as it turns out, in fact, Pavi does not pay much attention to their tail feathers. Such a statement was recently made by American scientists from the University of Duke in Durham. After conducting several studies and observations on these birds, they learned that it attracts females of exceptionally bright color and over long distances.

At meeting Pavi do not look at the beauty of the tail, but already appreciate the lower part of the male. It is assumed that on it the birds determine the age of the partner. But the bright tail is a guarantee of the fact that in a grass, a well-liked apple will consider and notice the males.

Video "Peacocks on the Walk"

In this video you will be able to elaborate on these birds in great detail, as well as see how different the female is and what they have in plumage.