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Fibroma rhinorrhea - causes, symptoms, treatment, photos

Oklonogtebnaya fibroma( the second name of the formation of the tumor of Kenen) is tumor-like formation on tissues surrounding the nail. Oculogeochemical fibroids are one of the symptoms of multi-system diseases, in particular tuberous sclerosis. The growth of Kenen's tumors begins, as the

usually, in adolescence. Often tumors appear on the toes.

For the first time, osteochondrosis fibromuses have been described in detail in 1932 by J. Koenen, so the education received a second name in honor of the scientist.


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Causes of development of

Fibrophobia causes, symptoms, treatment, photos

In the presence of defective genes in patients, there is a disturbed process in the body that controls tumor growth.

The main cause of the growth of the periosteum fibers is hereditary diseases, often tuberous sclerosis. This disease, transmitted by the autosomal dominant type, is characterized by hyperplasia of tissues of meso - and ectoderm, which also leads to the growth of fibrous plaques, including those in the protozoan cavities.

As a result of the presence of defective genes in patients with tuberous sclerosis, the natural processes in the body controlling the growth of tumors are violated. But since the growth of the periosteal fibers is most often observed in patients in the second decade of life, it is likely that the growth of the tumors of Kenen is influenced by hormonal factors.

Clinical picture of

Clinically, the Kenen tumor is a multiple of skin fibers( tumors) located near the base of the nail plate, on the nail plate, sometimes under the nail. In the latter case, the growth of fibroids leads to the destruction and injury of the nail plate.

The color of the kenin tumors is dark red, purple or cyanotic. The size of the tumor is 5-10 mm, but in some patients fibromuses grow to gigantic proportions. Consistency of education is dense, elastic. Skin covering the tumor is smooth, peeling and hyperkeratosis, as a rule, is not observed.

Mostly, pernogotubib fibers do not cause subjective sensations. However, with unsuccessful placement or enlargement to large sizes, the tumor can put pressure on the tissue below and cause pain.

Since Kenen's tumors are more often formed on the toes, their formation can be inconvenient when wearing footwear and walking.

In the event that the prophylactic fibroma is a symptom of tuberous sclerosis, at the same time as the growth of the kenin tumors, tumors are formed on the skin at other parts of the body. In addition, many patients have hypopigmented gray and yellow spots on different parts of the body.

In addition to skin symptoms in patients with tuberous sclerosis, epilepsy, mental retardation, eye damage, internal organs and the brain are noted.

Diagnostic Techniques for

Diagnosis of periorbital fibers does not present a particular complexity, since Kenen tumors have specific localization and distinctive appearance. During histological examination of tumor tissues, the growth of collagen fibers is observed in the absence of elastic fibers, the formation of a large number of new vessels and the presence of expanded capillaries.

A patient who has been diagnosed with osnogonucleic fibroma should be screened for the detection of diseases that have caused tumor growth. Typically,

  • is prescribed. Follow-up of ultrasound and radiographic studies to detect the presence of internal tumors and determine their size.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging allows you to obtain accurate data on the nature of tumors in the brain.

Treatment for

Fibrophobia causes, symptoms, treatment, photos

Cryosurgery can be used to treat periolubular fibers.

Unfortunately, so far there is no treatment that could completely heal a patient with tuberous sclerosis. Patients are prescribed symptomatic treatment aimed at relieving the condition.

Treatment for Kenen's Tumors is their surgical removal. The following methods can be used.

Cryosurgery with fibroids. This technique is to apply to the tumor applications of liquid nitrogen, which causes the destruction of pathologically altered tissues. Cryosurgery is used for the removal of small periosteal fibers. Also, this method is very often used to remove trichoepitelioma, plantar warts.

Electrocoagulation. The use of this technique allows for the removal of fibroids and fibopapillomas by means of high-frequency electric current discharges. Used to remove Kenen tumors no larger than 1 cm

Laser coagulation. This method is used to remove fibers on the periosteal tissues, as well as the periosteal warts by the method of layer drying.

The radio wave removal method is the most up-to-date technique for removing fibers, it is the most gentle for surrounding healthy tissues.

Surgical excision with scalpel. This method is the only possible solution for the treatment of fibers of large size and tumors located under the nail and pancreatic hematoma. In the latter case, a preliminary removal of the nail plate is performed.

Treatment by folk methods

Treatment of fibers, including Kenen's tumors by folk methods, is not effective enough. However, if the doctor for some reason does not recommend the operation to remove fibroids, you can try herbal treatment.

Fibrophobia causes, symptoms, treatment, photos

Folk Medicine recommends treating tincture of cedar nuts.

Tincture of cedar nuts promotes rapid tissue regeneration and tumor resorption, so it can assist in the treatment of fibers. Need to take 100 grams of pine nuts and pour them 250 ml of vodka. Put the dishes in a dark place and insist 15 days. Ready to strain and use Fiber for fiber therapy. It is necessary to take two spoons of tincture per day, stirring them in a glass of water. The resulting dose of the medicinal product should be divided into three parts and be drunk within a day.

Widely used in the treatment of fibers, including pernogotovyh, cucumber heifers. At 500 liters of water you need to take three full spoons with a slice of chopped cucumber. Warm the mixture in a water bath for half an hour, then allow to cool and strain. Take four times a day with 20 ml of infusion. Ready to store the refrigerator.

Helps in the treatment of Kenen's tumors the most common potato. You need to take a spoon of fresh potato juice three times a day. In addition, potato juice can be used to lubricate fibers and superimpose on compression tumors.

Compresses from chicken fungus help in the treatment of fibers of any type, including Kenen's tumors. It is necessary to apply a new piece of flesh to an hour and a half. You need to make these compresses twice a day.

Forecast and prophylaxis

Since pernogontal fibroids are one of the signs of tuberous sclerosis, there are no measures to prevent their formation. The prevention of tuberous sclerosis consists in the genetic examination of married couples during the planning of pregnancy in the presence of cases of the disease in the family.

itself does not present a health threat to the health of fibroids, but the prognosis of tuberosal sclerosis depends on how the disease affects the internal organs. After removing the periosteum fibers it is possible their re-growth, since eliminating the cause of their formation is not possible.

If perianodenal fibroids are not subject to removal due to the presence of contraindications, measures should be taken to protect neoplasms from injury and injury.


Fibrophobia causes, symptoms, treatment, photos Fibrophobia causes, symptoms, treatment, photos Fibrophobia causes, symptoms, treatment, photos Fibrophobia causes, symptoms, treatment, photos