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Tan spots. Why are white spots on the skin after sunburn, how to get rid of them

Summer is associated with the sea, and the sea - of course, with an even bronze tan. However, it is not always the contact of skin and the sun ends safely. In some cases, unpleasant white spots may appear. Despite the fact that they neither cause pain nor

itching, nevertheless they are associated with many discomfort sensations. Shame makes refusing to open the clothes to hide the non-aesthetic education on the skin.

Tan spots. Why are white patches on the skin after sunburn, how to get rid of them

Why white patches of

appear? In order to effectively combat white patches after sunburn, or at all to avoid their appearance, it is necessary to begin to address the causes that could lead to the following effects:

  • - Fungal infections are one of the most common causes of formationwhite spotsMoreover, before contact with the sun, the disease can not manifest itself. Nevertheless, those areas of the skin, which are affected by the fungus or are deprived over time, begin to change their color. Having detected such symptoms, you should immediately seek medical attention. Go on vacation, take care of your immunity, and also complete an examination for the presence of various infections or inflammatory processes in the body.
  • - Genetic predisposition implies an inherited deficiency of melanin in the skin. As a result, the tan is distributed unevenly across the skin. But the most alarming fact is that in this case, white spots can not be eliminated. If you are not sure about the health of your skin, you should definitely use strong sunscreens. In the event that you know cosmetic skin defects from members of your family or even distant relatives, you should spend as little time as possible in the sun.
  • - Medicines can cause side effects in the form of the appearance of white spots on sun-tanned skin. Due to the active components of the preparations, the development of pigments may be violated, and therefore the skin does not respond adequately to ultraviolet radiation. Always read carefully the instructions for the drugs to determine their side effects on the skin. In addition, always inform your doctor that you are going to stay in the sun for a long time so that he can adjust the treatment.
  • - A visit to the horizontal sun deck often leads to the appearance of white spots on the skin, if you stay in it in the same position for a long time. Most often they are formed on the elbows and in the pelvis, t.these areas are more prone to contact with ultraviolet radiation. In addition, you need to be very careful about the shelf life of ultraviolet lamps, because it can also have a negative effect on the condition of your skin.
  • - Vitiligo is a serious illness characterized by white spots on hands and face. Its cause may even be food poisoning or severe stress. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the work of internal organs. Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely cure this illness, but with the help of special procedures it is possible to improve the condition of the skin slightly. Finding the symptoms of this ailment, always consult a doctor, because in addition to external manifestations, it can also have serious consequences for all systems of the body.
  • - Solar burns are familiar to almost everyone. Redness and blisters can grow into ugly white spots. That is why it is always necessary to use sunscreen, as well as for a limited time to stay outdoors in the heat. If the burn has not been avoided, in no case do not touch the affected area and do not try to open the blisters.
  • - A disturbance of the hormonal background is also a widespread cause of the appearance of light spots on the body. That is why you should not abuse the solar baths if you have problems with the thyroid gland. It is also worth limiting sun exposure to women during menstruation and future mothers, as during this period, the hormonal background is particularly unstable.
  • - Poikilodermiya Sivvata - a serious cosmetic defect that does not require treatment and is not exposed to it. Therefore, always try to use sunscreen and wear closed clothing.
  • Tan spots. Why are white patches on the skin after sunburn, how to get rid of them

    White patches on the skin after sunblock

    How to deal with the problem of

    Unfortunately, it is far from always possible to eliminate white patches on the skin in an unobtrusive way. It is best to keep a close watch on your health in order to get rid of all problems before the hot season begins. For this purpose both cosmetic and various medicines are used. So, if you have problems with sweat glands, then find the appropriate antiperspirant for yourself. If you have a fungus in your body, it will take about two weeks for the doctor to prescribe the appropriate medicines. But this, in any case, should not be self-medication, so it can only worsen the situation.

    Particular attention is required for such a disease as vitiligo. Through a comprehensive survey, you can identify its causes and find the appropriate treatment. Sometimes it is enough and a course of vitamins to normalize the condition. Sometimes you need serious treatment, designed to normalize the functioning of the internal organs. In any case, in the future you will have to limit the time spent in the sun, and also to pick up for itself qualitative means which will act as the protectors from an ultraviolet.

    Preventive Measures

    To minimize the risk of white spots after sunburn, you must adhere to a number of mandatory rules:

    • - Try to keep as small as possible in the sun from 11 am to 4 pm, during this period ultraviolet rays are the most aggressive;
    • - the tanning session should not last more than 20 minutes( otherwise, not only does the risk of white spots increase, but also the overall condition of the skin significantly deteriorates);
    • - Always use sunscreen and cosmetics with ultraviolet filters, even if you do not go to the beach, but just go outdoors in open clothes.

    White Spots on Children's Skin

    Not only adults, but also children are at risk of getting white spots for prolonged exposure to the sun. Often, the causes of this are lichen or vitiligo. But there is another serious disease, which is called hypomelanosis. It is quite rare and is often the result of transmitted infectious diseases. In case of the slightest changes in the skin of the child, immediately contact the hospital to find out the cause and purpose of treatment. The seriousness of the situation is exacerbated by the fact that, in addition to the cosmetic defect, hypomelanosis can lead to damage to the central nervous system, which will inevitably lead to deviations in the psyche and development.

    When traveling with a child on the beach, it is worth noting that his skin is much more subtle and tender than an adult, and therefore the sun's impact on it is much more aggressive. Kid should be as much as possible under the canopy or be dressed. In addition, it is always worth using special baby cosmetics to protect against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

    Tan spots. Why are white patches on the skin after sunburn, how to get rid of them

    How to get an even and beautiful tan

    There are some useful tips to help you get even chocolate tan:

    • - Always rub the skin with a rigid washcloth to remove deadly cells of the epidermis( this will help make the structure more even);
    • - once or twice a week, be sure to make a peel with home or shop scrubs( this is necessary for a deeper cleaning);
    • - in the beauty salon or cosmetic room you can make procedures using the fruit acids, which allows you to align the skin tone( similar measures will be effective both before and after sunburn);
    • - if you have not been able to prevent the appearance of white spots, it is worthwhile resorting to laser therapy, which will help to return the skin to its original appearance.

    The sun is a source of vital energy, and therefore contact with it is just necessary for a person. Nevertheless, the sun baths should be clearly limited in time. Otherwise, you can earn serious illnesses, as well as cosmetic defects. With the onset of summer heat, you need to take care of your health to minimize the probability of unpleasant consequences of contact with ultraviolet radiation.