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The ceiling in the bathroom, which is better to choose

At the time of repair, how well it is made, depends on the right choice of the type of treatment of ceilings, floors and walls. The bathroom has its own features, it has high humidity and, when deciding what to do in the bathroom, it is necessary to consider this and choose the appropriate materials for decoration.

The ceiling in the bathroom, which is better to choose

Characteristics of the materials used for the treatment of ceilings in the bathroom

Decide what it is best to do in the bathroom ceiling, after studying the characteristics of all types of processing.

The main features of a room like a bathroom are periodic temperature changes, high humidity, and the use of various chemicals.

Bathroom ceiling finishes should have the following properties:

  • have a high moisture resistance;
  • to be environmentally friendly;
  • have high water resistance;
  • be resistant to aggressive environments.

Which material is better to apply to the treatment of the bathroom ceiling, it is easy to determine, there is a large selection of them, and all of them meet the specified requirements. The most common materials for this are:

  • moisture resistant drywall;
  • tile;
  • tension or hanging constructions;
  • siding.

Bathroom Ceiling Options: Which Is Better

Not always the bathroom has a good exhaust, so there is a possibility of damage to the finish from the effect of high humidity. This can be avoided if only moisture resistant materials are used for the bathroom ceiling.

Longevity is important, because repair is often not only uncomfortable, but also inefficient and costly.

The most affordable option for the ceiling in the specified room is its coloring or whitewash. The disadvantages of whitewash is that it does not tolerate moisture, so it will often have to be restored. This processing method does not look very appealing and is used very rarely.

Tools needed to work:

  • brush;
  • building level;
  • screwdriver;
  • scissors for metal;
  • fasteners.

Coloring is carried out more often, but here are its nuances:

  • before painting, it is necessary to buy high-quality material, it is better to use acrylic paints for these purposes;The
  • ceiling must be perfectly aligned, which will have to spend not only time, but also money, only then you can apply paint with a roller.

You can make such a cover yourself, it's easy to work at a height. In addition, from a wide range of colors you can choose the most suitable.

The ceiling in the bathroom, which is better to choose

Using Ceramic Tile

This material has long been used to process the premises due to the following characteristics:

  • high strength;
  • environmentally friendly storage, non-flammable;
  • is not afraid of moisture, does not burn, wear - and frost-resistant;The
  • is easy to care for and is not afraid of aggressive environments.

The ceiling in the bathroom, which is better to choose

Now the ceramic tile is presented in a wide color scheme for the design of the ceiling, it is possible to take a tile intended for walls, since the floor is more massive.

The disadvantage of this type of treatment is that it is difficult to put a tile on the specified surface and not every wizard can do it. Also, it will not be possible to mount the spotlights in the bathroom.

Use of wet-drying drywall

Three-layer drywall is made and if it is properly installed and also has good ventilation, its service life will be at least 10 years.

Moisture resistant sheets are the perfect foundation for installing other finishing materials. They can take a different shape, while having good indicators of sound and thermal insulation and do not burn. Installation can be done by yourself, even a beginner in the construction business. An important factor is the low cost of the material.

The sheets can be mounted directly on the ceiling, for which use special glue mixtures, or to attach to the profile. After installing the sheets, all joints are first reinforced, and then put a putty. Now sheets can be painted or attached to them tiles and panels. All communications, wiring and ventilation hide behind the frame.

Siding as an option for handling

Siding or plastic lining are often used for bathroom finishing. He is not afraid of temperature fluctuations, it does not form a fungus, it is easy to care for.

The ceiling in the bathroom, which is better to choose

If desired, it is possible to handle not only a plastic lining, for this take a vinyl, metal or aluminum lining.

Using Stretched and Suspended Structures

A more expensive option is to use suspended or suspended ceilings for ceilings.

Suspended ceilings can be tiled or raily. When installing tile designs, use mirror or plastic tiles, and when installing rail structures the same rail.

This material is easy to carry with increased moisture and high temperature. If necessary, it is easy to replace the damaged parts, care for it is to wipe with a damp cloth.

A disadvantage here is that its installation takes away part of the height of the room and where low ceilings, it can not be used.

The opinion of experts about the use of tension structures in the bathroom is ambiguous. But the fact that they are not suitable for a bathroom is a myth. It's easy to withstand high humidity and temperature, tensioning designs are mounted without joints.

Spots are easily wiped off with a cloth, and if the surface is dull, then they are not visible. Installation is carried out quickly, without excess dust and dirt.

Thus, for a cosmetic repair is quite suitable paint. The tile can be put on drywall, this allows you to hide the communication and use spotlights.

The use of tension and suspended structures allows you to forget about the repair for 10 years or more. The ceiling must be harmoniously combined with other furnish of the room.

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