Description of Verliako tomato varieties f1 and plus

Description of Verliako tomato varieties f1 and plus With the advent of spring every gardener has a lot of work in the garden. This is the period of planting seeds, seedlings and seedlings. Tomatoes are one of the most popular and popular crops grown throughout the world. Every year, breeders are happy with the variety of newly introduced tomato hybrids. One of these is Verliko Tomato f1.


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Description of the hybrid f1 Versioka

Description of Verliako tomato varieties f1 and plus This is an early-grated tomato with a maturation period of up to 3 months from the date of the emergence of the seedlings. Early maturity is the main advantage of a deterministic hybrid. The description of this tomato includes the possibility of growing it, both in greenhouse conditions and in open soil. Therefore, this variety can grow in all climatic conditions. The average adult bushes reach 1.5-2 meters in height.

Another advantage of this kind is the high yield. From an area of ​​1 m2 it is possible to collect up to 20 kg of tomatoes provided that they are properly cared for. The rounded tomato has a smooth surface. The weight of one flesh of bright red color varies from 60 to 100 g. Inflorescences are produced on plants, which contain 6-10 berries. It is a versatile hybrid, the fruits of which are consumed both in fresh form, as well as for various harvested vegetables, cooking and canning.

What gives the prefix "plus" or an improved version of

Recently, a new kind of tomato - Verlioka plus has become very popular. This is a low-growing crop with large fruits of flat-necked form.

The weight of one tomato Verlioka plus is 130-150 g. The fruits are very beautiful, homogeneous, enjoying very high market demand, especially among early tomatoes.

How to grow a hybrid?

Description of Verliako tomato varieties f1 and plus Verlionica tomato care f1 is simple. This is an extremely unpretentious look in the growing process.

  • The seedlings planted in the open ground are quite successfully rooted.
  • One of the main prerequisites for the care of this garden culture is the passinating procedure. It is carried out in order to form the main stem. After education on the plant, four inflorescences, pinch the main stem. Thus, the growth point goes to the stepchildren, which increases the yield of the bushes.
  • This variety is characterized by weak growth, which greatly facilitates the care of it.
  • Hybrid - a moisture-loving plant, which requires frequent and abundant watering. This vegetable culture is quite successfully growing in conditions of high humidity, lack of lighting and drafts.
  • It is resistant to various diseases and pests. This hybrid is not affected by vertex rot, mosaic, cladosporium and fusariosis.
  • Weak propensity to various diseases made this variety particularly popular and popular for growing not only in open ground, but also in greenhouses without heating.

Adhering to all the rules of agrotechnics, in the proper care, any gardener can grow this garden culture and get a high yield of tasty fruits.