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Haircut July 2, 2016 by lunar calendar. Favorable period for haircut on 07/22/2016

Hair Grooming July 2, 2016, today, or the date you are interested in for the lunar haircuts calendar. What is the phase of the moon, the visibility of the
east, west and the occurrence of the moon in the zodiac sign You can look at this page, and all about haircut for the whole month
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haircuts for July 2016.As well as favorable and unfavorable days for haircuts and hair dyeing for today or any other date.


Haircut July 2, 2016 by lunar calendar. Favorable period for haircut on 07/22/2016 July 2, 2016




Shattered Moon

Visibility: 6%

Moon Specifications July 2, 2016

As of Date 02.07.2016 in 12:00 The moon is in the phase "Shroty Moon" .This 27-month-old day is in the lunar calendar. The moon in the zodiac sign Gemini ♊ . Percentage of the Moon's illumination is 6%. The east of the moon at 02:29, and is the event at 18:43.

Chronology of the lunar days

  • 26 month day c 01:51 01.07.2016 02:29 02.07.2016
  • 27 month day from 02:29 02.07.2016 and until the next day

Effect of the month on the haircut July 2, 2016

The month in the zodiac sign Twins(±)

Moon in Gemini .the general condition of the hair under the influence of this sign will not change. Haircut today will accelerate the growth of hair, but hair will become naughty, the quality of hair is almost not affected, but the hair itself can begin to cough.

Hairstyle today should be lightweight, airy, do not bother it with too much decorative elements, it is better not to give up at all.

A day suitable for curling, including chemical, dyeing, toning.

27-month-old day( +)

July 2, 2016 at 12:00 - 27-month-old day .Shrinking today means to increase your charisma and charm, it will allow you to become more successful among others, increase your popularity.

A cardinal change in the color of the hair will allow you to stock up on the energy of health and money welfare.

A beautiful, in a way a special hairstyle, will increase the inflow of positive energy, it should be neat and concise.

Day is characterized by emotional impulsivity. You are forced to do something unusual, to abandon the usual routine and do something extraordinary that goes beyond. You are ready to make a feat, turn the mountain. All this day is lightning fast. But you should not forget that active actions lead to high energy losses, to restore energy balance, you will help with the correct interaction with hair.

Shrouded Moon( ±)

The moon is in the phase of the Shattered Moon .Hair can only be worn if you want to slow down hair growth and strengthen the hair roots.

Day Effect Week( +)

Day of the Week - Saturday , haircut helps to get rid of loneliness, self-esteem, self-esteem. It is also believed that it helps to remove part of the problems that arose from the guilt of others.