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The combination of gray in the interior of the rooms

The combination of gray in the room interior Color - one of the most important components of the interior. Proper color selection will create not only the comfort of the

in the home, but also the ability to arrange each room with taste and pleasure.

Therefore, it is necessary to decorate the interior with the understanding of all the intricacies not only in the selection of color schemes, but also the combination of colors. It is the complex of your decisions on the color scheme and will guarantee a harmonious and holistic interior.

Today we will talk about the right choice of colors when creating the interior, ready-made tables of combination of colors and, of course, about the psychology of color.

Gray color, in fact, is one of the most sophisticated colors in the interior. Why is he asking you? After all, all colors are complex. Believe me, everything is a bit wrong. There is one "but".Gray is distinguished by hypersensitivity to other colors, as well as a variety of shades. Therefore, think carefully before choosing a gray color.

The combination of gray in the room interior Gray wallpapers in the interior of the living room

If you still decided to arrange the interior in gray tones, remember, if you take one unobtrusive step - everything will go naught. Boredom and even depression are guaranteed to you. We propose to evaluate your strength and think about everything before the scales cup prevails in favor of the gray color.

Grayscale Component As the is a gray color neutral , its can be used with many shades of .Specialists distinguish two types of combination. The first one is with soft tones , the second is with muted .

The combination of gray in the room interior Gray with beige and even creamy looks very stylish

Working in Provence style, classical or aristocratic, use the following colors - white( classic version), milky cream and beige. In addition, the pastel colors will fit well into these styles. Quite often is used with light shades of natural wood.

If you want to make an Art Deco, Hi-tech or Art Nouveau style, then you should connect the with gray and juicy and bright shades of the , such as purple, yellow, red, pink, orange, blueand blue. Such a strong friendship of gray with a bright palette will make the room stylish and very interesting. See everyone.

Interesting! As you know, each color carries a certain psychological load, one way or another, affects others. Note that light gray acts very easily. He expresses the will and exalted state, the willingness to contact with people around you, calms down.

A dark gray color affects calmly and hardly. In people who prefer such a shade, increased sensitivity, the need for mental and physical satisfaction prevails. In such a tonality, the gray color expresses the struggle of the mind with an unreasonable anxiety. And this struggle is constantly. Such people, for example, suffer from their own sensitivity.

The combination of gray in the room interior The combination of gray and white - the classic of minimalism for spacious rooms

The combination of gray in the interior of your home

Despite its drawbacks, the gray color will fit into the kitchen, in the bedroom and in the living room. And it will also look good and children's, an anteroom, even in the bathroom.


When working with gray in the kitchen, you must adhere to the basic rules that apply to the harmonious perception of the room. Note that the gray color in the kitchen interior can be used in the design and in its pure form.

The combination of gray in the room interior Lush-gray wallpaper perfectly contrasts with milky white

If you want the room to look more spacious then the walls and ceiling should be in bright colors. You can, for example, use white and light gray colors( most often) and, of course, beige. Will look good and pastel shades. Particularly important this moment becomes when designing a small kitchen .

To reduce space, we do the opposite - we use dark shades. But in this option, do not forget that in the presence of dark walls of furniture should be light .

The combination of gray in the room interior Gray-green gamma is beautiful: dark gray furniture shades off the greenish pistachio color of the walls

If the monochrome is not in your taste, add bright details to the interior of the .For example, make a floor under the color of the tree, use laminate, paint the walls in a rich color, put interesting lights, illumination of the working wall.

In the case of gray, remember that the use of for a large number of light sources is just right. The bigger the better.


The combination of gray in the room interior Excellent combination of gray-colored bedroom walls with white curtains

Gray color in the bedroom interior - quite a good option. Most beneficial it will look in conjunction with other colors than with their shades. So, for example, a perfectly appropriate combination of its with cream and white , no less noble will look like gray-brown, gray-beige, gray-blue color, to achieve a special styling in the interior will help the lilac-gray and gray-green .

Gray wallpapers in the interior of the bedroom are suitable for light and light shades.

The combination of gray in the room interior Gray color in the bedroom will look more fun with bright d├ęcor elements

By combining gray and brown colors, you will get a rigorous but at the same time a cozy interior. We do not recommend combining with a bright orange color. But the cute will look gray with a bright yellow. Such a combination, like a sun, will add positive and joy.

Pink color will add tenderness, just do not overdo it. Green - freshness, red - a bit of classics, blue - calm and tranquility. Purple color, for example, will create a stylish and refined interior.

Living room

The interior of a living room in gray can be considered a classic option: gray is ideal for living rooms in a modern style, for example, for high-tech style. It is based on all the shades of gray, the general gray background is used, as well as the furniture of light or darker shades.

In addition, the interior of the living room in gray tones can be decorated in Art Deco, Modern, Loft or Urban style.

The combination of gray in the room interior Interior photo of spacious living room in gray color

In the living room, dilute the gray color with brighter colors.

The combination of gray in the room interior Yellow and Gray: Sunlight in the decor of the living room

Ideally will look like a gray one, for example, claret, purple, lilac.

The combination of gray in the room interior Pink and even crimson interior items will refresh the atmosphere of any living room

. Using gray wallpapers in the living room, carefully choose a picture: it may be a strip, flowers, ornaments of a brighter, more contrasting color.

The combination of gray in the room interior Elegant drawing on gray wallpapers will add the living room a little exalted

We also recommend using furniture with bright contrasting details .For this purpose, such colors as yellow, green, orange will fit.

Be careful! Using bright details, remember that they should be a bit, because their main purpose is to accentuate.


Has a Gray Color The Right to Live in a Nursery? The question is controversial, so it is up to you to decide. We just remind you that the gray tones are for peace and tranquility, but, unfortunately, not to development.

The combination of gray in the room interior Using a gray color for children's design, add more contrasting details to the processing of

. Therefore, the gray color for the children's room will not be the best option. It can only use the fragmentary , by diluting it with a brighter palette. So, for girls' children's room it is appropriate to use gray-pink , and for boys the appropriate duo gray and green or gray and blue .

The combination of gray in the room interior The original tree decorates a gray wall in the children's room The combination of gray in the room interior Gray and pink - the classic for the children's room girls

Do not forget about the combination of bright colors or interior elements. Gray tints recommend to use only for children's rooms hyperactive children : the ideal for them will be a child, the interior design of which is done in a gray-and-white color.


The next room to be discussed is the hallway. I'm glad there will be a little bit. For the hallway usually use the same style as for the living room, adhere to the same rules.

Remember that the walls in the hallway should have lighter tones than all the contents of this room.

For walls, we recommend only light gray shades. In addition, you do not need to place too dark furniture here, otherwise the hallway will look sad.

The combination of gray in the room interior A lot of looks in the interior of the hallway gray-brown color

If you want to achieve the maximum effect in the design of the hallway, use a variety of invoices.

The combination of gray in the room interior Gray shades will be well received in the small hallway

. The walls, floors and ceiling of the room, made in gray, can have a different surface - rough, glossy or matt. This solution will diversify the interior, making it more interesting.

The combination of gray in the room interior Refresh hallway gray-blue interior color

Live flowering plants will give the hall more picturesque view. They can be installed on the floor, wall or on a table.


When using gray in the bathroom, certain rules must be observed.

The combination of gray in the room interior Gray Bathroom Color - Impressive Impatience

This color is traditionally used for chrome plated parts, towels, stands, holders and other accessories on a warm, more beige-brown background.

The combination of gray in the room interior The duo of gray and white - this is the modern bath of

. However, the design trends of the XXI century dictate to us the absolutely opposite variant of design. He has the same rules as for other rooms( living room, entrance hallway).

The combination of gray in the room interior Gray bath: do you want for yourself?

In the modern version, the accessories of copper, warm or golden hues are commonly used in the gray background of the room. But this version of the bathroom is used quite rarely.

A bit about the combination of colors in the interior

All colors are conventionally divided into cold and warm gamut. This barely catches up, but still. The coldest tone is a blue color( causing an association with ice), and the warmest-orange resembles the sun).

Remember! A successful color palette can decorate the room, it's unsuccessful to spoil it.

Here, in fact, not everything is so simple. It is known that the color shades, which in the interior smoothly pass from cold to warm, can visually modify both the room and space in it. But, using this technique, follow certain rules.

Pay attention! There are four basic colors, and all others can be attributed to intermediate shades.

The notion of the right combination of colors does not exist. We can only talk about their successful combination.

The combination of gray in the room interior In the photo used gray polkoostrukturnye wall-papers for painting

If the room is large enough, then the comfort will help add warm shades, filling it with light and good mood. Conversely, if you want to visually expand the space - you need to choose cool light shades. There are special color combination tables for selection.

If it comes to the color of the kitchen, do not forget that there are colors that can enhance the appetite, and vice versa. Using interior furniture in gray, dilute the interior cocktail with bright wallpaper or with colored curtains .

The combination of gray in the room interior An interesting design solution is the processing of a wide wall with wallpaper with such an unusual pattern

. Choosing a color for a bedroom is a special approach, because it is, first and foremost, a place to rest - remember this. Romantic tones in the bedroom are welcome.
Pay attention to the lighting in the house: it also affects the perception of color. It will depend on the color of light, the presence of windows, changing the color scheme of the room under the influence of light.

Remember: color choices include many factors and should be taken into account. Then your home will serve you and your family with joy. And this is the main thing!