Amber Amino Acid For Orchids: Why Use It

While growing orchids at home, some florists do not know that a flower needs a certain amount of care. It consists in putting in a pot of a preparation such as succinic acid. For these compact plants, this drug is important. This article will tell you about what an amber

is an acid for orchids and how to use it.


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What Is Amidic Acid

Many people seem to grow orogenies phalaenopsis at homeit's a pretty hard lesson. But in reality, taking care is not so terrible. Therefore, even a novice flower gardener will be able to cope with it in the presence of such a desire. But there are situations when the flower for some reason suddenly ceases to blush and change such a state of affairs does not even help the revised version of care. In such a situation, one can only hope for the secrets of growing orchids. One of these secrets is amber acid. This substance, which can take the form of a tablet or a solution, plays an important role in the cultivation of orchids. Most often ammoniacal acid for these plants is sold in crystalline form. Also, a solution can be prepared from the powder. The acid itself has no color.

Amber Amino Acid For Orchids: Why Use It

Depending on the shape of the drug( solution, tablet or powder), the way it needs to be cooked and used depends on it. Usually, to prepare a solution, it is necessary to dilute the powder or tablet in pure water or alcohol.

Video "Orchid Reanimation"

This video shows how to revitalize a plant at home.

The action of the

product, growing at home, often requires the addition of succinic acid. This drug for flowers is an analogue of the growth regulator. Therefore, it should be added to the soil in a situation where phalenopsis began to lag in development, grow poorly or cease to blush.

Amber Amino Acid For Orchids: Why Use It Amber Amino Acid For Orchids: Why Use It Amber Amino Acid For Orchids: Why Use It

Amber Amino Acid for Orchids is used for:

  • to improve the process of soil absorption of useful components that are fed there with the help of fertilizing with organic and mineral fertilizers;
  • increases the adaptive properties of the flower when it is transplanted into a new pot or climate change. In this way, the solution of amber acid should be used as an anti-stress drug, which helps the plant to cope with stress.

As you can see, this solution has strong, stimulating and supportive properties that are very important for a flower flower. If the non-flowering phalaenopsis is treated with amber acid, then new buds and flower stalks will begin to develop quite actively, which will result in a rapid flowering. If there are problems with growth and development, then after treatment, phalenopsis will begin to actively release new roots, as well as actively increase the green mass.

It is worth noting that this indoor plant needs such an additive to maintain a constant and continuous root formation. The fact is that any orchid has one vulnerable place - the root system.

Amber Amino Acid For Orchids: Why Use It

If the root is damaged in the process of transplanting, irrigation or placing in the home, the flower may perish. To prevent such a sad development of events due to damage to the roots and developed such an add-on, which must necessarily be applied, growing phalaenopsis at home.

Under the influence of this substance there is the formation of new roots, which in turn increases the healing of flowers, as well as their adaptation to any changes in conditions of growth. At the same time, your beauty will bloom much more often, more beautifully and longer.

Another reason why it is necessary to use such an additive at home is that amber acid can enhance the vitality of indoor plants of this species. After processing the roots of the flower, the orchid becomes more durable and stable.

It is worth noting that this solution is often used to increase yields, like indoor fruit crops, and garden plants, as well as to neutralize toxins in the soil. In this case, it is not necessary to worry about the overdose of growth stimulator, as even in a large concentration does not cause harm to living organisms.

Amber Amino Acid For Orchids: Why Use It

It is necessary to know that this preparation also has regenerating properties, as well as protective properties. For example, after processing, the flowers become more resistant to pathogenic microflora. But in order to achieve maximum effect, it must be applied at a certain concentration and at a specific time.

Due to the presence of such diverse properties, the growth stimulator can handle not only the roots through their watering, but also seeds, as well as seedlings. But most often the substance is used to treat plants through root watering.

How to use

Use amber acid as follows:

  • spray phylogeny. Spray with a spray can roots, leaves and stems;
  • soaks in the solution seed( seed);The
  • is diluted in a certain concentration and introduced into the soil through watering the roots. In this case, watering should be carried out according to the rules established for these indoor flowers.

Amber Amino Acid For Orchids: Why Use It

If you have a tablet of this drug, you need to dissolve it in one liter of water. But, for better dissolution, the dragee should first be placed in a small amount of warm water for a while. To stimulate the root formation it is enough to dissolve one tablet in 500 ml of pure water.

Growth stimulator is required once a month. It should be kept in mind that the drug is not a substitute for nutrition, which should be carried out in due time.

All manipulations with this substance need to be done in gloves and gauze bandages, even in spite of its harmlessness for humans, flora and fauna.

Very often, putting in an amber acid orchid pot will help you solve the problems with the flower. This procedure is not complicated in carrying out, but almost always turns out to be very effective.

Video "Home Care of an Orchid"

How to keep a house plant properly in the video.