2017 Year

Where to go to New Year's Eve 2017 in Moscow? A review of places

Where to go to New Year

The most important winter holiday is coming soon - the New Year 2017. Residents of the Russian capital are already aware of where they will celebrate this long-awaited holiday. But the guests of Moscow, especially those who are there for the first time, have no idea where you can go to New Year's Eve, and what

holiday events will take place here. Probably many people ask the question - where to go to New Year's Eve 2017 in Moscow?

Most residents of the capital spend their New Year holidays, riding a skating rink, attending New Year's Eve parties and other events that make this time a special pleasure. Indeed, on the eve of the New Year Moscow is very changing and transformed into a truly winter fairy tale. Even the most skeptical phlegmatic will become here to feel like a child and wants to plunge into the world of a magical childhood. Celebration of the New Year in Moscow should be seen with one's eyes.

Let's take a look at places and activities where you can have a good time at New Year's holidays in Moscow.

Kremlin fir tree.

On December 25, the Kremlin Christmas Tree will begin to host its young guests and their parents. This is a traditional event for over 60 years. Every year, the best musicians and theater artists participate in the event. Such a sight will leave little to anyone indifferent, especially children. Here guests can enjoy fun dancing around the fir-tree, various contests and games, stunning cartoons and performances. The theme of the event until the very last moment is not disclosed, so guests are waiting for a pleasant surprise.
Where to go to New Year
Buy tickets for such a New Year's event is ahead of time. The ticket price includes a New Year's surprise gift.

Ice Show "Alladin and the Lord of Fire".

This show will take place on an ice rink. Participation in it will be taken by the best Russian skaters. Such a spectacle will appeal not only to small guests, but also to their parents. The show will be held at the Luzhniki Palace of Sports. Days of the event - from 2 to 11 January inclusive.

Shows "System" from the brothers Zapashnyh.

Already January 1, 2017, you can visit an exciting show of the Zapashny brothers. Such an event will be not only circus numbers, but also a laser action. The main actors of the show, of course, will be Askold and Edgar Zapashni. Unforgettable experiences will bring wildlife to their audience and the game of actors.

Ice skating rink in Moscow.

Well, which New Year can do without skating? !Guests of Moscow should know exactly where such places will be organized this year.
Where to go to New Year
Skating rink on Red Square will be waiting for your guests during all New Year's holidays without a weekend.

In November, its doors will open a skating rink at the VDNH.The skating rink will be installed between the fountains "Friendship of Peoples" and "Stone Flower".

Also in November a skating rink will be opened at TsPKO named after. It is this rink that is the most powerful and best in the whole capital.