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Bathroom repair: work under the bath

Bathroom repair is a complex process that affects and decorates the surfaces and chooses the right sanitary ware. Particular attention when performing such work should be given to the floor of the bathroom and the area under the cup of the bath, which is often simply thrown and blocked by the screen.

How to put a tile in the bathroom, without leaving out this piece of space? One of the main problems is high humidity. To do the repair of the bathroom properly, you will have to use not only the relevant materials, but also solve the issue of waterproofing. Today, the modern bath can even have a warm floor, it allows you to create a comfortable atmosphere and dry the room.

How to do waterproofing the floor?

Before placing a tile in the bathroom or using other options for the floor unit, it is necessary to ensure the correct waterproofing of the entire base, paying attention to the area under the bath bowl. In this case, you can use the following materials:

  • special rolls that are sufficiently tiled to the base surface. This material is intended for various floor coverings, is distinguished by high quality and easy installation;
  • If there is a need for more thorough protection, when moisture is actively penetrated into any cracks, it is better to use lacquer waterproofing. The composition is applied to the surface of the floor, the corners, all joints with a regular brush. After drying, a robust protective film is formed that prevents water from penetrating inside building materials. But to apply the protection, you need to completely remove all floor coverings to the base.

Advantages of this coating are many:

  • high performance, floors do not lose color, they are not exposed to the negative effects of moisture, which is characteristic for the bathroom. Coatings are up to 15 years old;
  • is highly hygienic. The filler floor will be the best for the area under the cup of the bath. The layout of another material will not provide such simplicity of cleaning and durability;
  • repairs the bathroom quickly. If necessary, a warm floor system can be installed under the cover. The surface itself turns monolithic, without seams and joints;
  • decorative. No tiles in the bathroom will be able to provide such an attraction and originality as bulky 3D floors.

Bathroom repair: work under the bath

When the bathroom is being repaired, special attention is paid to the choice of floor covering. Here the value has almost everything, ranging from durability and ending with attractiveness, but one must pay close attention and waterproofing. That is why even the use of tiles in the bathroom has long been not a benchmark for protection and decoration of the floor, although it still remains popular. Modern flooring is not only an attractive coating, but also a reliable waterproofing at the same time. When deciding how to put a tile in the bathroom or fill the filling floor, it is not worth leaving the area under the cup. This extra space will never be over.