The skin around the lips - we care properly. ..

For the skin around the lips are characterized by the same features as for the skin of the eyelids: it is also very thin, does not have sebaceous glands, that is, it does not get natural lubricant, does not sweat and quickly dry. The sensitivity of the lips is due to a large number of nerve endings under the skin surface.

is also close to the surface of the blood vessels, which makes the lips have a characteristic red color. That is why there is so much blood in the trauma of the lips. Cancer on the skin of the lips appears more often than in other places.

The skin around the lips is well cared for. ..

The appearance of the lips is often a reflection of the general state of the body. If the lips are smooth and red, then the health is okay, and the sinuous lip shows cardiovascular insufficiency, poor lung condition, etc.

Due to the lack of sebaceous glands on the lips faster than in other parts of the skin, deficiency affectsmoisture, which inevitably reflects on their appearance: the lips dry up, dry up, bad lipstick lays on them. Most often, this phenomenon is observed in the cold season, when the skin of the lips is exposed to the negative effects of cold and wind in the street and dry air indoors.

Due to the absence of pigments, the skin of the lips is not protected from harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

We Care It Right. ..

  • To clean the lips you need very gently and neatly, using means for removing makeup and cotton wool discs.
  • Liposuction massage with oils and fingers. You can also lightly massage your lips with a baby's toothbrush.
  • Sloping bites of the upper and lower lip also cause active blood supply and, therefore, provide oxygen and nutritional components.
  • Once a week, you should do lip gloss to soften and remove dead skin cells. It is not necessary to bite and break off the exfoliated particles of the skin, you can injure your lips, and then long to heal the wounds. The peeling recipe is very simple. Combine 0.5 teaspoon of honey and soda, add a few drops of vegetable oil. Lubricate the lips with this stock, hold for five minutes, gently massage your finger and wash with warm water. Do not rub a towel, it is better to wet the water with a paper cloth.
  • At any time of year you should use a balm, hygienic or regular cosmetic lipstick.

The skin around the lips is well cared for. ..

Lip skin masks

Skin lips, like other facials, require regular care. For this purpose, masks that moisturize the skin, remove inflammation and help improve the appearance of the lips are well suited.

  • Honey Mask. To add lips tenderness, melt 1 chin.spoon of honey and grease them lips, stand for 5 minutes, and then remove with a damp tampon.
  • Mask of cream and cheese. To smooth the upper layer of lip skin, mix 1-2 teaspoons.spoons of cheese and a little cream, grease the skin of the lips and hold for 7 minutes, and then remove with a damp tampon.
  • Cucumber Mask. For natural glitter of lips and preventing their drying, mix cucumber or carrot juice, honey, sour cream, cheese and apply this mixture on the lips. After 15 minutes it is necessary to lubricate the lips with vegetable oil.
  • Add a few drops of lemon juice and vitamin A, bought in a pharmacy, to a tablespoon of olive oil. Lubricate the skin of the lips, hold for 10 minutes and remove the remains with a napkin.
  • According to your personal taste, or just alternating with each other, prepare the fruit base. It may be banana, apple, melon, peach, apricot or any berries. Mix the spoonful of fermented fruit pulp with a spoon of butter. Apply plainly to your lips, stand for 10 minutes and remove the remainder.
  • In the evening, use a greasy cream, applying it to the skin around the lips, this will help to prolong their youth and beauty.