Why does hunger hurt my head and which measures to take?

In this article you will learn why a head may hesitate when it comes to starvation, which factors and stimuli cause a headache that needs to be taken and helps to cure a hunger strike. Read all this in the article.

Why does hunger hurt my head and which measures to take?

Headache has become one of the most serious problems of the

of all mankind. Medical preparations are presented in a wide assortment, which relieve pain. To get rid of pain is the easiest way, but it is very important to find out the reason for its occurrence.


  • Causes of headache during fasting
  • Signs of hunger headache
  • What measures to take?
  • How effective is a medical hunger strike?
  • Headache drugs
  • What conclusions can be drawn?

Causes of headache during fasting

  • stress;
  • external stimuli( odors, sounds);
  • improper vessel work;
  • migraine;
  • fasting;
  • unbalanced food.

If you visit such attacks with a certain periodicity, you can try to find a way to quickly stop them. In such manifestations it is advisable to consult a physician.

Doctors found that one of the common causes of headache is the feeling of hunger. Feel the feeling that, as a rule, diet or meals are spontaneous.

You can check if painful feelings last for three days after a hunger strike - it will mean that they are really caused by malnutrition.

Signs of Hunger Headache

  • from mild to moderate manifestations;
  • spreads pain from the middle of the forehead;
  • pain sensation varies evenly;The
  • sensation extends throughout the head.

All these sensations are very specific and, having tested them once, you will not confuse them with anything.

Scientists have found that headache-hungry attacks are inherent in people who do not suffer from it for any other reason. In the first place, such attacks can be experienced by migraine sufferers and sensitive to weather changes.

Fasting is a factor that can trigger headaches under favorable conditions.

Usually the first symptoms may begin to appear after fifteen, sixteen hours. But some people begin to feel discomfort after six hours.

Manifestations can begin with a feeling of weakness and nervousness. Some doctors are convinced that the amount of glucose in the blood may depend on headache. But conducting, deep research has found that brain work depends on glucose, and its lack can be expressed not only in the headache.

Headaches in adolescents may occur when consuming foods that are low in magnesium and carbohydrates.

Often patients with normal sugar content suffer from headache. Lack of glucose can exacerbate the pain and stimulate their appearance, but it is not the only cause. This circumstance, of course, must be taken into account.

A few helpful tips on how to fight hunger.

  • develop a habit of drinking from one and a half to two liters of clean water per day;
  • do not eat on the go;
  • do not overeat.

Some scientists came to the conclusion that with prolonged malnutrition or starvation, the area of ​​the brain responsible for saturation, works in an intensive mode. The body constantly alerts him with anxiety, he begins to get annoyed. Yes, and there is headache, with hunger. Such studies are still ongoing.

What measures to take?

The reason explained does not say that the problem can be cope. There are many medicines that will take off the attack. But this will last only for the duration of the drugs, and then all recover.

When compiling your diet, you need to take into account the number of useful and harmful products. Try to always adhere to the rules of healthy eating. When you remove from the body the state of the year, start with vegetables and fruits, dairy products, low-fat varieties of meat and fish.

Recently, the theme of dieting has become quite fashionable. But one must clearly understand that following any diet, your body gets into a stressful situation and you must listen to it.

If you have spontaneous headaches that have not been observed before, be sure to change your diet. Get advice from your dietitian. Try to quench the feeling of hunger with water. In the event that headaches go away with a sense of hunger, the cause is clear.

Experts believe that in order to avoid headaches during the diet, it is necessary to give preference to products containing protein. Include legumes, boiled meat and fish, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, herbs in your diet.

You can try to relieve headaches and make your hunger sweets, especially chocolate. The attack will retreat, and then reappear with renewed vigor. Cheese, semi-processed meat may also temporarily relieve headaches, but these products can increase blood pressure.

The system of proper nutrition recommends - often and slowly. Never bring yourself to a sense of acute hunger. If you can not fully eat a snack, you can blunt the hunger of peanuts, banana, drink water.

Headache can be a source of insufficient water intake.

How effective is a medical hunger strike?

Why does hunger hurt my head and which measures to take? There is a medical treatment like starvation in medicine. Pain sensations are concentrated in the occipital part. They are characterized by signs of pressure and a feeling of dismemberment. Such pain may not even remove medical products. This method is used to cleanse the body. Very popular for preventive purposes is one day a week devoted to hunger strike.

A human organism receives nutrition from absorbed food, and when it is not present, it begins to use internal reserves. Accumulated proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and with them also slags - begin to be excreted from the body.

It clears and slows down all its systems. The period of rehabilitation and recovery is coming. In this period, the use of alcohol and tobacco is strictly prohibited. During this period, the headache can be quite strong, but it is more intense, the greater the degree of slagging of the body.

Before choosing a purification of the body by the method of fasting it is necessary to apply cautiously and selectively. Start fasting only after consulting a physician. Any human body is individual and how it will react to predictable tests is very difficult to predict.

Along with fasting or before it, it usually carries out medical procedures that help to clean it. The quality of their conduct may be directly related to the frequency and strength of the headache. Many external factors can affect your well-being during fasting.

The difference in feelings depends on the general state of health, the emotional state and even the time of the year that is chosen for its conduct. This procedure requires some training. Side effects can be present, but with the right approach they are minimized.

In the event that you decide to carry out fasting therapy, but you have chronic illness, it is recommended that you undertake the preparation procedures under the supervision of a specialist and, if possible, the entire period in the hospital. At least one should be observed by an out-patient doctor. In this situation, a psychological mood is very important.

At this point your body is in a state of inactivity. Cancel all physical activity, do not make sharp movements. If your headache cures you, try drinking warm boiled water with honey.

Chills or thrown into heat may start. It is necessary to monitor the temperature regime in the street and always dress very comfortable. During this period, supercooling can adversely affect the general condition of your body.

In case of dizziness and unconsciousness, consult a physician.

Considering fasting treatment, it is very important to have plenty of fresh air, and to take sunbathing.

A very important point in the end of the medical hunger strike. Do not restart your body with greasy, sweet, smoked and salty foods. Gradually enter foods that are digested for a long time.

Begin with the intake of meat broths, sour-milk products, vegetables and fruits. Take food a little, but often enough - five, six times a day. In addition to tea and coffee, do not forget to drink up to two liters of water necessarily without gas.

Headache drugs

In case you have a bite, rest and breathe fresh air, you must use medical products.

In this case, it is recommended to use a group of analgesics - Panadol, Efferalgan, Baralgin. You do not need to use drugs that are prescribed to remove inflammation.

They can adversely affect the organs of the gastrointestinal tract and can be used only after eating.

Self-treatment can be dangerous, so it is advisable to consult a physician and then follow its recommendations.

What are the conclusions to be drawn?

Manifestations of headache during fasting or untimely eating are frequent. It is very important to find out the reason for their appearance. Choose schedules of medical hunger individually, after a medical examination and recommendations of a specialist.

A diet that meets different diets, which seems to be easy at first glance, can be harmful to the body. If you decide to get rid of excess weight by fasting and reducing the amount of food consumed - visit the dietitian.

It will compile and develop an individual schedule and diet for eating. Ideal if it becomes a lifestyle for you. After all, extra pounds may return after the diet is complete.

Choose a method of combating headache during fasting with medications only with the advice of a specialist.

Pay attention to phytotherapy and various folk remedies.

If you feel weak and have a severe headache during a hunger strike, perform a blood test and complete a medical examination to be exactly sure about the causes of it.