How to make toys for rabbits

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  • Why animals spoil things
  • How to emit rabbits gnaw things
  • Why another rabbit can bite things
  • What toys can be made by themselves

Many people are unclear why rabbits are needed for toys. However, this kind of fun does not help the owners of the

with a fluffy animal, because the latter often damage the atmosphere of the apartment.

How to make toys for rabbits

Boredom is one of the causes of rabies's spoilage.

Why animals are spoiling things

Often, home-grown rabbits lead their owners to despair, starting to spoil the interior. Then, before the owners of the fluffy animals, it becomes a task to fool their pupils from bad habits. In order for this measure to give a positive result, it is necessary to identify the reason for such behavior.

How to make toys for rabbits

Balls and balls will help ease the rabbit from damage to things.

The first reason may be banal boredom. The rabbit simply has nothing to do, and from doing nothing, he begins to try on the tooth all that gets into the eyes. Animals living in wildlife have a lot of classes that take all their time. Wild rabbits dig into countless holes, get food, escape from predators. He is constantly busy: provide a place for a quiet life, equip mink, protect the offspring. The homemade rabbit of such care is deprived. Even in the case of the emergence of rabbits, caring for them most often take on the owners of the pet.

Most of the rabbit's life goes on in the cage. Maybe he runs - exactly as much as allow the hosts. Some people still do not close the pet in a tight cage, but keep it "at will" - that is, they allow him to walk around the apartment. But even with this way of life the main occupations of domestic beast remain food and sleep. Sometimes he, however, communicates with the masters, but only if he is accustomed to this.

As a result, the pet collects a lot of unused energy, which begins to ask outside. Getting a bit of freedom, the rabbit immediately tries to implement it. He can bite things, as if looking for food, or ward off claws furniture, simulating the nourishment of the nests. All these actions are nothing more than instincts, but do not show any bad character. The rabbit may even notice the territory that it considers to be.

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How to escape the rabbits gnaws things

To eradicate rabbits to spoil things, wallpapers, furniture, you need to find a lesson for him. Here and there you will need toys or gadgets that will enable the animals to satisfy their instincts and at the same time do not harm the economic environment. If desired, such things can be done with your own hands or purchased in the store.

How to make toys for rabbits

Boxes made of cardboard will serve as a great toy for rabbits

Interesting toys for rabbits may be different. For example, boxes made of cardboard with arbitrary openings - they can be gnawed, wound with claws, at a sufficient size even run inside. Put hay bunches in the cardboard sleeves that are left of the toilet paper, and offer the nurse. He will gladly pick up the grass, satisfying the instinct of extraction of food. If at home there are baskets, woven from natural materials and not treated with varnish, then they can also be given to the rabbit: gnawing them will be very useful and interesting for any rodent.

It should be as clear as possible to identify the territory of a person and a pet. If your pet does not spend all the time in the cage, make him a cage or even arrange a bedding. The rabbit must be given an understanding of which territory it can be protected and which it does not belong to. Otherwise, he will leave his labels throughout the house and sooner or later he will force you to put him in a cage.

Home rabbits can and should be brought up. For example, the pupil should be taught that a clear "no", accompanied by cotton in the palm, means a ban. After such a sign you can not continue to bite or interfere, which should not be.

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Why another rabbit can bite things

There is another reason why wildlife can spoil the owner's property. He may feel that his teeth are not stacked the way it should, and in order to correct this circumstance, he will begin to try them on everything that only gets into his eyes. Suffer from this most often plinths, wallpapers or furniture, that is, that the rabbit is not grizzled.

Here it is necessary first of all to ask yourself the question: how well your pet is feeding.

The rabbit diet is needed for hay. When it is eaten, the teeth are rubbed into the rabbit: this is due to the abrasive substance present in it. You can offer your favorite branches of trees, but they do not help enough. No branches, no special stones, do not stretch the rabbit's teeth as it should be - only the hay will help.


If you provide an interesting lesson to a rabbit, it will forget about the furniture and pads on which you once tried toothbrushes. Therefore, try to offer him more toys and do not forget to change them as they are used.

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What kind of toys can be made by yourself

If you do not want to buy toys for a pet in pet stores, then you can make them at home independently. To do this, you do not need anything special - you will use the simplest materials that you most likely have just so far thrown.

How to make toys for rabbits

Stages of manufacturing a house made of cardboard.

The easiest to use but very useful and interesting toy is the cardboard sleeve already described from toilet paper and paper towels. Put her in a hay and give it to the rabbit: it will take for a long time to pull and eat grass. Choose the bushes from the cheapest paper: the less likely it is that the cardboard is harmful to the pet's substance.

From cardboard boxes there are wonderful houses. Make an entrance in the box, and the animals will gladly gnaw and shake his edge, which will help protect your furniture. Many inmates adore sleeping in such tight spaces: they seem like they are buried in the earth.

Remove old unnecessary sock with baby soap and rinse thoroughly. After drying, fill the sock with hay, and the end tighten the knot. A funny toy that can be changed to a new one will emerge after the rabbit embarks on it. Try also to add pieces of carrots to the hay. Then the rabbit will look for them in the hay.

If the rabbit is contained in the cell, arrange it for entertainment by attaching a string to the cell and tied knots on it.

Most rodents are happy to play paper lumps that are best made from wrapping paper that is deprived of ink. You can tear it with shreds, and then the animal will dig in the passages, spit them and try on the tooth.

If your child agrees to give the rabbit an old soft toy, then, before giving it to the new owner, remove plastic parts from her: mustache, eyes, nose. Homemakers love to lick and toss these toys.

Offer rodents a non-colored wooden spoon. You can find it in one of the shops selling craftsmanship products.

When offering pet toys, try to protect them as much as possible. Use only materials that do not contain foreign pollutants. You can not allow the animals to munch the scraps of adhesive tape, plastics, grizzled painted wood. Exercise the pupil closer to the wires and cables. When playing games with paper, you must make sure that the animal does not accidentally swallow it.


https: //www.youtube.com/ watch? V = DwrgSrpQifM

Be careful about the food you put into toys. You do not have to use products that may soon spoil. Make sure that the objects offered for fun have no sharp edges.