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How to squat right to pump buttocks, not legs?

How to squat right to pump buttocks, not legs?

Every girl dreams of seductive forms, especially of elastic and rounded buttocks. But there is little dream, it is necessary to act. Let's take a look at how to become a good butt owner.

Squats are so primitive in their performance that they do even children in the garden. Why does an

grown girl not learn this technique? The answer lies in ignorance, how else all the same you need to squat, to pump buttocks, not legs.

Many girls are afraid that they will "pump" by squatting their legs and ass and will look masculine. This will not happen, unless you are going to take special supplements in addition to exercises. So, how to pump the buttocks?

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  • 1 What are the benefits of squatting
  • 2 How to properly squat for the buttocks
  • 3 Squat technique
  • 4 When to wait for results?
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  • 5 Contradictions to Squeeze
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Squeezes Muscle Groups

  • :
  • Buttocks
  • Back
  • When properly applied, squeezing is threatened with good health and a slim figure. Do you want this?

    Squats will not only give you good buttocks but also improve the health of , namely:

    • strengthen joints and tendons
    • relieve back pain
    • improve heart health by adjusting the rhythm of its work
    • will promote good blood circulation and burn extracalories

    How to properly squat for the buttocks

    Possible variants:

      How to squat right to pump buttocks, not legs?

    • with a rod
    • with dumbbells
    • with weighers
    • simple squats

    Dumbbells and weights choose based on what weight is comfortable for you. For beginners it is usually enough 1-2 kilograms. It is best to choose collapsible dumbbells, the weight of which you can increase over time.

    By the way, if there is no money for dumbbells, and you need to squat, take 2 1/2 liter plastic bottles, fill them with water - free dumbbells are ready!

    Squatting Technique

    Exercises for squatting masses - this is a ploy, and a swallow, and curtsiders. Of course, each of them is good, but classic squats give the most desirable and fast result. So, how is it right to squat for girls?
    How to squat right to pump buttocks, not legs?

  • Legs set to shoulder width, socks should look forward
  • Tighten the muscles of the press, hold back straight
  • Begin squatting. Your knees should not extend beyond the socks, and your feet should form a straight angle
  • See straight, not down
  • Squat on the inhalation, Return to the exhale position of the
  • If you are new to yourself, do not try to do a lot of exercises right away, so you just hurt yourself!

    Trainers recommend starting with 10-15 exercises per day. When your muscles stop ill( and they will first get sick if you are not used to physical activity), you can increase the amount of squats and approaches. For example, according to the scheme: add 5-10 squats once a week and do exercises in 2-3 approaches.

    When to wait for results?

    How to squat right to pump buttocks, not legs? This is probably the most demanding question for all girls. And right, we squat down to see the result. You will notice the first changes not earlier than in 2 months .Yes, that's a long process. The main thing - do not stop and continue to squat, gradually increasing the load and keeping in control your diet.

    Contraindications to Squatting

    If you have such health problems, then you first need to go to an doctor, and after you squeeze:

    • hypertension( high blood pressure)
    • injury to the joints or bones
    • hernia
    • varicose veins expansion
    • scoliosis

    Remember, there are not enough squats! To achieve the perfect figure, you need a comprehensive approach, including healthy eating.

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