Face masks from flax seed: recipes, results and reviews


  • The use of flax for skin
  • Mask recipes

Flax is an ancient plant that gives a lot of useful things to a person - from various fabrics of different function, to seeds. From flax mankind learned to make the finest fabrics for clothes and bed linen, as well as rough

and very durable products of technical purpose. Flax seeds are a real source of vitamins and nutrients. It is successfully used in food, serves as a medicine and can be used as an effective cosmetic product. Due to the high content of mucous membranes, flaxseed helps to improve digestion, and the content of healing oil in it makes it even more valuable in various fields. Lime cuts can be used as a means of weight loss, and masks from these wonderful small seeds have the properties of softening, nourishing, moisturizing and tightening the aging skin of the face.

Face masks from flax seed: recipes, results and reviews

The effect of flax on the condition of the skin of the face

Positive effect on the skin of flaxseed can be explained by its extremely successful composition. Linen contains oil that can perfectly nourish the dry, fading skin, and also act as a soft regulator of salivation for greasy. The composition of linseed oil includes omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, vital for the health of not only the skin, but also the whole human body. Since ancient times, people used linseed oil for various purposes: it went into food, it was used to create paints for painting, for technical purposes, they greased their hair. And nowadays, flaxseed oil is not forgotten. It perfectly helps in cleansing the body when taken internally and is actively used in the composition of the means for the face, body and hair.

Layer seeds contain a large amount of mucous membranes. When breeding seeds, they are covered with a thick transparent mass, which has anti-inflammatory, nutritional and softening properties. In folk medicine, boiled flaxseeds were treated with burns, including sunscreens, dry eczema, dry skin, and peeling.

This is a wonderful soft and harmless remedy for the elimination of constipation, so even the use of flaxseed as an internal remedy necessarily affects the condition of the skin of the face and body. The stabilized stomach improves digestion, which affects the facial rash and fatness, cleanses the skin, becomes less greasy, coarse and porous.

In flax seed, a lot of vitamins and antioxidants, therefore the use of masks of flax gives a pronounced effect of freshness and rejuvenation. For stable and expressive results of masks it is necessary to conduct courses - at least 15 procedures in a row, for 2 - 3 masks per week.

Face masks from flax seed: recipes, results and reviews

How to use linseed seeds for home masks

Flaxseed masks are perfect for any type of skin, as they have the property to regulate sebum secretion. Especially pronounced will be the effect of a mask on a wrinkled, dry, aging skin of a person with pronounced sagging. Since flax secretes mucus, then, dampening, this mask pulls and tightens the weakened skin, making a pronounced lifting effect.

Also very good this mask removes various surface damage caused by drying and winding the skin, for example, after a long stay in adverse weather conditions or when surfaced on the beach. This mask eliminates the feeling of contraction, nourishes and softens the skin, reduces redness and inflammation.

For lift masks, flaxseed seeds are often brewed to produce a dense mass of mucus, and for other purposes, seeds can be crushed in a coffee grinder. Flax perfectly combines with other cereals, for example, in a pair of oatmeal, it gives a wonderful universal nutritious and refreshing mask for all skin types. In flax it is possible to add different oils, yolk, honey, aloe juice and other natural substances.

From a flaxseed or flaxseed powder, with added yolk and honey, as well as a few drops of any vegetable oil, you can get a classic nourishing mask for aging skin, which in addition will have the effect of tightening mask and light scrub. After drying, such a mask gently squeezes the facial tissue, giving the lifting effect, and at the time of washing, the smallest particles of the seed gently polish the surface of the skin, removing the contamination and dead cells.

Face masks from flax seed: recipes, results and reviews

Flaxseed Mask Recipes

  • Lifting Mask

The most simple and effective mask for facial skin lifting is extremely easy to prepare. A small amount of flaxseed is poured into boiling water and leave to be infused overnight. During this time, the seeds will swell and give a thick, bundle of mucus. The resulting substance needs to be strain, pouring seeds into a manual strainer, placed on a glass or cup. When the mucus is collected, it should be applied in a layer on a well-cleaned face and neck. If the skin neckline requires increased attention and tightening, the linen mask is applied to it. The number of layers should be at least 5 - 6, otherwise the substance will not be able to manifest itself in full force. To make the mask work properly, you need to take a position lying in a relaxed state.20 - 30 minutes of full relaxation and now your skin is soft and tender, the contours of the person are tightened, and the number and depth of wrinkles is reduced.

  • Mask-peeling

It requires 2 teaspoons of flaxseed and 1 teaspoon of oatmeal. All this must be shredded in a coffee grinder and, depending on the condition of the skin, pour hot water, milk or cream. With irritated and inflamed skin you can use a decoction of chamomile or flowers of calendula, turnips, and in the summer heat - mint. This mask is applied by a thick layer on the face and neck, leave for 15 -20 minutes, then it is moistened with water or herbal broth) and this composition carries out a light massage on the skin lines of the face and neck. Such mask is both nutritious and cleansing, it lightly illuminates the skin of the face and frees it from dead particles. After a mask, the woman looks younger and fresh.

  • Nourishing Mask for Dry Fading Skin

This mask can be used for those women who suffer from allergic reactions, as it includes yolk and honey.

Take 1 tablespoon of flaxseed, take it through a coffee grinder to a flour condition and add 1 fresh egg yolk, half a teaspoon of natural honey and 1 teaspoon of unrefined vegetable oil. This can be a good cold olive oil, corn unrefined, linseed, pumpkin, grape seed oil, and with very dry and fading skin - avocado oil, jojoba or whatever. The resulting mixture is thoroughly rubbed, left for 5 minutes to swell the flax and cause either a thick layer, or in several steps in a row. For this mask it is necessary to completely relax the facial muscles, so 15 - 20 minutes is better to lie down peacefully. At the end of this period, the mask is washed gently, trying not to stretch the skin, but refresh your face with cold water or wipe a cube of ice, if there are no contraindications( kuperoz).

Face masks from flax seed: recipes, results and reviews

  • Rejuvenating Mask

For this mask you will need 2 to 3 teaspoons of flaxseed powder and high-quality creamy cream. If the skin is very dry and peeling, rough and wrinkled, the finished mixture can be dropped by 1 - 2 drops of vitamin E and A. They are fat-soluble, so they will be well bonded with the finished oil mixture.

There are two ways to prepare this mask. At first, the flax seed is boiled with boiling water and boiled until the formation of the clump. The mixture will be viscous and will tighten the oval face well, but during heat treatment some of the beneficial properties of flax seed will be lost.

In the second way, flax is not cooked, but turned into flour, poured cream to form a thick paste and lightly heated in a water bath. The finished mixture should be pleasantly warm, but not hot. If it is decided to add vitamins in a mask, then it is necessary to do it before the very moment of applying the mixture on the face. Very good under this mask use tonic or serum with hyaluronic acid, collagen. A warm mask will enhance the effect of the "substrate" and as a result the skin of the face will look much more fresh, tightened and denser, traces of wrinkles will disappear, and the texture of the skin will be more homogeneous. The course of such masks will turn the skin velvety and elasticity, eliminating dryness, peeling and coarse areas.

Application of flax seeds in home cosmetics is justified and very useful. The course of procedures will help to trim the face after the winter colds or dry up on the beach at a minimal cost of the means and time.