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How to charm the guy proven methods 2017 tips

What is a spell? And what's the difference between black and white magic? The classic version of the definition of a curiosity is the energy effect on the object through various means, which makes the loved one begin to feel sympathy, and after strong love( or rather its similarity with the

to the one who made or ordered the spell.otherwise it would all be rushed to arrange a private life in this way. It is believed that there are two types of magic - black and white. So, and spells can be done in one way or another. The difference of enthusiasm is that with the help of black magic there is violencebut the binding of the object of desire to the "customer." Even in the words of the conspiracy it is said that he must dry, and his life is impossible without the one who enchants.

How to charm the guy proven methods 2017 tips In the case of the use of white magic swears, the charming object is not soIt is strongly tied to the customer, his feelings begin with sympathy, and in general, the whole process is much softer. Any attraction you use is suppressing the will of man, deforming and destroying his inner self, especially if a person is weakgenetically and spiritually, so it is difficult to do itresistance.

How to charm the guy proven methods 2017 tips

How to adore a guy with white magic tips 2017

A great feeling in our lives is love. In the name of love, wars took place, mountains were covered, they made hapless deeds. But in our time it often happens that our potential second half does not correspond to us reciprocity. Directly magic will help you draw attention to yourself, the person you love. In case you agree with the statement that in the war all means are good( and love is a kind of "war"), we will tell how to admire the boy, the one who likes himself and at home.

How to charm the guy proven methods 2017 tips White magic rituals are as safe as possible when used at home. Let's consider how to charm a boy without consequences: white magic, in contrast to black magic, does not destroy the energy field of man and the love "signal" is gently embedded in the field of men and affects his thoughts, actions and in general on the fate. Nevertheless, at all without consequences, even when using the ritual of white magic is difficult to do, if the conspiracy itself and safe, then the performer can independently distort the technique of its execution and thereby cause to itself and the object of desires side effects. Need to be prepared for mild weakness, headache, to small troubles at work and in communicating with loved ones. But let it not scare you, the symptoms of poorly conducted spells are easily removed after visiting the church, reading prayers and confession.

How to charm the guy proven methods 2017 tips

Threaded Necklaces

Very effective ancient rituals capable of realizing a dream even at a distance. Depending on the goals pursued by the girl, the thread should be selected accordingly.
It is important - the thread should be natural. In addition, such material is the best conductor of live energy, it has symbolic meaning - to give a sense of true, not artificial emotions.

  • The linen thread is suitable for young girls, woolen - women may want to turn extinct love into marriage.
  • Cotton will bring ease of relationships, silk will awaken the passion( especially red, red hues).
  • The color and composition of the thread will form the basis. Yes, white thread is used for marriage, blue makes the boy all the time think about this girl, and red will fill passionate desire. Do not use black thread in white spice.

How to charm the guy proven methods 2017 tips

How to flatter your ex boyfriend tips 2017 photo

One of the important conditions is the lack of a new relationship between your ex boyfriend. If you neglect the given condition and conduct a ritual, then as a result, you will get side effects in the form of deterioration of well-being and problems at work, so make sure you really need to do this before trying to charm the ex-boyfriend. The spell on the return of the ex boyfriend is as follows:

  • On the third night of the growing month, light a red candle.
  • Take a photo that you depicted together during your relationship, it would be nice if this photo has not been associated with you since some kind of quarrel of those times.
  • Put the gift on top of the photo, this should be something small, such as a ring, a key ring or a pen.
  • Cover the item with your palms, close your eyes and read the conspiracy three times:

"There was a time, you loved, and gave presents to me! How to be with you, and I will receive you! "
During the entire ritual, do not forget to represent you again with your young husband and love each other. It is important not to present pictures of the past, try to come up with new scenes that connect you two. Returning thoughts in the past can lead to a re-establishment of relations and those problems that provoked separation. At the end of the spell, make a photo.

How to charm the guy proven methods 2017 tips

How to fall in love with guys tips 2017 Proven methods of

A good spell can be made on spoiled drinking water. Tilt over a water tank and say: "Water-water, my sister,( name of loved one) in the heart help me( your name) to join. As you flood everywhere, moisturize the land, so help me, bring love. " Put the water spray on the window and insist for three nights, then give it a sweetheart.
With the help of a flower flower
You can also admire a loved one, simply get a new room flower. The plant should be called the name of the beloved and take care of him, as a living person, while presenting your beloved. It is necessary to buy a plant without a surrender, on a new or growing month. Such contactless spell will help those who can not make it on a person's thing or spontaneous food, which it is impossible to offer a favorite to eat. Even sloping the braid, you can "lure" the desired person, weave it with words and hands in your life. Or, when you wash, say that you wash your failures, call love, that from you "flowed a drink to your favorite to wash."This is still the great-grandfather's methods of home grooming for the groom.

How to charm the guy proven methods 2017 tips You will have to prepare yourself to entertain a guy with whom your heart and soul stretch. And specifically for this enthusiasm will need:

  • saucer white;
  • bought a wax candle in the church;
  • is a beautiful crystal glass( or a conventional glass beaker).

In addition, you have to buy a gift for the boy. It is advisable to make a purchase on the day when the month increases. It is in this phase of the night of the sun come true spells, love magic helps to combine fate. It is important that this item is necessary for him and very much liked it. After all, using the gift you regularly use, the beloved will surely begin to feel the connection, and a feeling will come to you in his heart.

How to charm the guy proven methods 2017 tips When purchasing a gift, it is necessary to calculate the amount so that the seller will surely give the pennies a surrender. Of the returned coins, you need to select only one that has more value. You need to pick it up, leaving the others on the counter. When everything is ready, you can start the ritual and reading the enthusiasm. In the beginning, fill with a bowl of water prepared. Cover him with a saucer on top. Next, install a candle on the saucer bought in the temple. After that, you need to say the following words: "Let me make sure that what I'm conceived is sure to happen." After you say, light the candle. Looking at her flame, imagine herself and her beloved boy together. Visualize the desired with full confidence that it will soon be completed.

How to charm the guy proven methods 2017 tips Wait until the candle burns up and goes away naturally. Only after this is necessary to remove the saucer, and in a vessel with water to put a coin, which was taken from the surrender. At the same time, the following magical words should be read: "As dependent people from money and ready to give up their souls, so let the servant of God( the name of the beloved) begin to mourn as a servant of God( his own name) and will soon fall in love with me. Amen". Repeat this text three times, sprinkle with a small amount of spatula fluid for a guy. The water left needs to be washed. It is desirable to present the gift to the victim the same day. Execution of this condition will help to quickly attach a guy to himself.

How to charm the guy proven methods 2017 tips