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Built-in bath sinks: varieties and materials of production

The final stage in the renovation of the bathroom is the installation of plumbing equipment, including sinks. Built-in bathroom furniture must meet all technical requirements. First of all, the built-in furniture should be functional, stylish. Secondly, the

built-in furniture should have exact dimensions. To date, bathroom furniture is presented in a huge variety of models. Any buyer can choose the most suitable model for him in the form and style.

Built-in bathroom furniture is in great demand. Such furniture can be installed quickly and care for it is also easy. Most admit that built-in bathroom sinks are the most affordable option. The built-in furniture has a number of advantages.

What are the advantages of built-in furniture?

Built-in sink has a lot of advantages over ordinary bathroom furniture. Let's consider the main advantages of built-in furniture in the form of a sink:

  • Ergonomics and practicality. After installing the sink in the bathroom there is plenty of free space. In the closet you can put a variety of personal hygiene items, or detergents and detergents. A spacious type of countertop can visually increase the model of the shell, and the mirror from above will give the interior refinement and originality.
  • Built-in furniture has additional protection against various types of mechanical damage due to the fact that its bowl is drowned. Such bathroom furniture will not be quickly polluted.
  • Easy and quick installation. Any built-in furniture, including a sink, is installed fairly quickly. During installation there are no special problems. Among other things, the washbasin has a rigid fixation.
  • Attractive appearance. The built-in sink has a beautiful appearance and a different design. Such built-in furniture can hide bathroom communications that can spoil the overall look.
  • Great demand. Popularity is due to the fact that the washbasin looks impressive and original. The simplest model can complement the interior of the bath, while decorating it.
  • There is no need to attach bathroom furniture to the wall. This is a very important advantage, as often the walls of the bathroom are fragile or when you do not want to spoil the beautiful treatment for the installation of a wash basin.
  • What are the types of built-in shells?

    In the construction market you can buy a built-in bathroom sink in various configurations, styles and shapes. There are following types of shells in the form:

    Built-in bath sinks: varieties and materials of production

    • rectangular;
    • round;
    • oval;
    • square;
    • is asymmetric.

    The traditional form of the built-in shell is a bathroom furniture, streamlined with a round edge. It is suitable for small children's home. Around the round edge can be seriously injured. The square form is an economic variant. With this form you can add to the interior rigor and conciseness. The round shape of the shell can bring harmony into the interior.

    Asymmetric forms of the built-in shell are suitable for installation in a corner. Rectangular shells are considered most comfortable. Depending on the form, the types of installation of the shell are distinguished. Each model of the sink has special features during the installation in the bathroom.

    Some varieties of bathroom sinks can be completely dipped into the surface, others have beams above the surface, and only one half is drowned in the third. Different surfaces in the form of pedestals, tables, countertops serve for the cutting. The furniture built from above has features in the form of a lining of a bowl with sides, the purpose of which is to keep the sink on the countertop itself. This type of installation is by far the easiest and fastest.

    Washbasins, built-in to a level, represent a sink that is completely dipped in a table or pedestal. If a small clearance is formed, it is removed by means of a silicone mixture or a zinc. Masters must adhere to the exact size when they set the wash basin from below. All steps in the instruction must be strictly observed. Built-in half the furniture crashes only from the back, and the front side is on the weight. All about choosing a sink with a pedestal look here.

    How to choose a built-in sink for a bathroom?

    The built-in furniture has a very long operating life and should be selected correctly. Therefore, when buying a washbasin, pay attention to all the installation of sanitary equipment. First you need to know the exact size. The sink should fit perfectly into the countertop or to another surface of your choice.

    After the size of the washbasin you should pay attention to the methods of fastening. This is acceptable to the sink itself and to the mounting method. Some models require an additional siphon. When buying a washbasin, it is necessary to pick up a faucet and other sanitary accessories. After all, some models of a wash basin may not be suitable for foreign plumbing.

    The most important aspect in the choice of a wash basin is the material of its production .The material affects the price and the appearance of the equipment. Built-in furniture is ceramic, porcelain, glass and marble. Sinks of artificial stone, copper and brass are also in demand in the construction market. But it should be noted that the built in porcelain and acrylic furniture is in high demand, as it has the following characteristics:

    • is an acceptable cost of plumbing equipment;
    • wide assortment of various models;
    • strength;
    • long service life.

    The most expensive models are marble, copper, gold and silver. In the bathroom they look very refined and expensive. Such an interior will not leave anyone indifferent. At the same time, according to the products is difficult to care. Cleaning can easily damage the surface.

    If you decide to do a high-tech bath, the glass will be an excellent built-in sink. She will look stylish. However, it is worth remembering that the glass is built-in bathroom furniture is fragile, so to handle such plumbing equipment is extremely cautious. At present, the most demand is the sanitary equipment of German, Italian, Czech and Swedish production. The popular brands include the following brands:

  • IFO.
  • Gustavsberg.
  • Laufen.
  • Jika.
  • Villeroy & Boch.
  • Materials for the manufacture of built-in sinks

    Ceramics is a common material used in the manufacture of washbasins. To ceramics include plumbing faience and porcelain. The best quality material is porcelain, the value of which exceeds other well-known materials. Due to the fact that porcelain has practically no porosity, it is a smooth surface of the shell. Natural marble is also an expensive material, but it has an attractive appearance. It should be noted that he has some disadvantages. Natural marble has small structures of microscopic pores, which accumulate dirt quickly enough. So, if your bathroom furniture is made of natural marble, then you should often take care of it.

    Artificial marble does not have external distinctive features of artificial stone. But the cost is much lower. The main advantage of shells made of artificial marble is the fact that their surface is very smooth. It follows that such shells are less polluted. Corian is a solid composite material, which contains mineral filler, acrylic resin, pigments. It is from corian get various forms of shells. By itself, the material is light in the finish, so the forms can receive the most diverse.

    The expensive plumbing equipment is a glass sink. They are not only expensive, but also aesthetically attractive models. It is possible to break the sink from glass, but only if there is a tremendous effort. Mainly in production only high-strength glass is used. The original solution is to install the built-in furniture for the bathroom from the metal. Such washbasins are strong and hygienic, and most importantly have a long service life. Metal built-in furniture should not be treated with abrasive detergents, as there is a possibility that scratches will remain on the metal surface.