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Fighting Dogs: Photos and Names, Malverx Bulldog, Gul Dong

Fighting Dogs: Photos and Names, Malorx Bulldog, Gul Dong

The term "warrior" refers to breeds that are predominantly used in battles. But from birth, warrior dogs do not become, even if the owners are sure that their dog is created for this. Fighting breeds of dogs were withdrawn to participate in battles.

  • American pit bull terrier: the most dangerous on the planet
  • English mastiff: the largest on earth
  • Alano Espanyol: dog rooted from antiquity
  • Brindisi warrior dog: mysterious breed
  • Bordeaux dog: dog with an iron grip
  • Bulterrier - a child of the strict age
  • Bulldog -Cat's Fighting Dog
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  • Gul-Dong - Favorite Dog of Pashtuns
  • Presso de Canarrio - Dog Which Is Better to Keep on the Chain
  • Cordoba Fighting Dog - Silent Assassin
  • Cuban Dog - Asylum seeker
  • Ka de Bo - Beagle dog with English root
  • Tos-inu - Japanese warrior dog
  • True like the Brazilian fillet
  • Sharpei - "sand skin" with folds

The breeds of fighting dogs with photos and names we will considerin this article.

American Pit Bull Terrier: The Most Dangerous on the Planet

Fighting Dogs: Photos and Names, Malorx Bulldog, Gul Dong Many countries have been banned from breeding and content. Other owners are subject to a special high tax.

This breed was brought out in the XVI century in England, where dog battles were quite popular. It was an invincible fighter in the ring. As a result of crossing the bulldogs with the terriers, a breed came to mind, combining atheism and enthusiasm( first from the bulldog, the second, respectively, from the terrier).

The settlers took her to America and made a lot of effort to develop and improve the breed to guard the house and hunt for a great game, chase the rats that were on the farm everywhere, and was an excellent companion.

In the eyes of many people, this is one of the most dangerous creatures.

Actually, this dog is devoted and loving, full of energy and a desire to please the owner. Training the pit bull is easy. But coping with his upbringing is possible only by a person who has a strong character.

English mastiff: the largest on earth

Fighting Dogs: Photos and Names, Malorx Bulldog, Gul Dong On the planet, this breed of dogs is greatest. Their ancestors made a glorious fighting career. Bound in armor, they fought in the squad of fighting dogs of the armies of Alexander of Macedon and Julius Caesar, fought to death in gladiatorial battles. It is believed that their origin is taken from Tibetan mastiffs.

These giant dogs need solid hands. The owner's right is to educate and train. Learning mastiffs is easy. Out of them there are excellent guards, companions, guard. These good dogs love their masters with love, obedient and compliant, and will never bark without reason.

Alano Espanyol: dog rooted in antiquity

Fighting Dogs: Photos and Names, Malorx Bulldog, Gul Dong The Book of Hunt( 1311-1350 in.) Contains the first mention of Spanish bulldogs.

Simultaneously with the tribes of the Alans who invaded Pirna in the 4th century, dogs with short wrinkled face snapped here. They have become extremely in demand in curbing bullies that take part in bullfighting, in the protection of economic possessions, even hunted on Indians. Later, by the end of the XIX century, with the ban on the participation of dogs in the "curb", alano was not so popular. And by 1939It was believed that the breed completely disappeared.

Breeding began less than half a century ago. Modern Spanish bulldogs - protectors, shepherds, nurses for children. And there will be a critical situation, they will quickly make a decision and restore order in the territory they are guarding.

Brindisi Fighting Dog: The mysterious breed of

Fighting Dogs: Photos and Names, Malorx Bulldog, Gul Dong The breed is rare and its information is not too numerous. It is known that it was brought out in Italy by crossing Rottweiler, Pitbull and Kane Corso. It is also believed that in its creation, participated and brushed down. The Brindisi and Albanian mafia directly controlled the breeding of the breed, it was under their patronage that bloody dog ​​battles were organized. A really rush mixture came out.

But not only the success of the arena made this dog so popular. From it came the great watchman.

He will need tough training. The dog must always feel the strong hand of the host. He will be loyal to him, but not to others. From him you can always wait for an attack. Yes, and for the role of a companion, he does not fit.

Bordeaux Dog: Dog with an

Iron Grip As early as the nineteenth century in France, this breed, derived earlier, gained true popularity. Dogs became participants in gladiatorial battles, hunting for a large beast, harassing animals, even wars, solved by great rulers.

And today the dogs have to fight dogs of other fighting species, however, on illegal battles. One can only glad that they often meet in loving their families, that the manifestation of fighting skills from them is necessary only when there is a real threat to someone from the family members in which they live.

Dog is rather enthusiastic about his duty to guard the house. Dog quarrels are not for him. In addition, the Bordeaux dog is hurt and very offensive, does not tolerate shouts and punishments of unreasonable. The owner will have to pay close attention to his cumbersome nurse.

The lack of attention, the promotion of malicious attacks will lead to the fact that instead of a reliable friend next to it will be an aggressive dog.

Bulterrier - a child of the severe age

Around the dogs of this breed, which was brought out in England in the middle of the XIX century, many legends travel, the reason for which was the aggressiveness of dogs.

The negative attitude to the breed in the population has been shaped, first of all, thanks to newspaper summaries and news releases. But in fact, in the past, there were times when some representatives of the bourgeoisie took part in dog battles, hundreds of rats were thrown at the public's eagerness.

A modern representative of this once-fighting, breed - a good defender, a reliable guard. The main thing - it's right to bring it up.

Bulldog - Grazing Dog of Bloody Sports

The motherland of the breed is England. His ancestors were the fighting dogs of Ancient Rome( without them they could not do battle with the bulls), so still pickling. The very name of the breed in translation means "bullish head".That looks like this shabby dog ​​convincingly.

Reasonable dogs, loving comfort and sleep, have long been transformed into decorative companion dogs. The bulldog will play with children with pleasure, walk, maybe, of course, be lazy, but will quickly understand what the host demands from him.

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Gul-dong - favorite dog of Pashtuns

This breed was brought out in Pakistan during the period when it was an English colony. The history of the breed is similar to the withdrawal of pitballs. Gul-Dong is similar to him and with fighting qualities. Especially because in their homeland they participated in hunting for a large beast, they had to fight bears, even now they are used in dog battles.

Only the correct education allows a person to have such a dog in the role of a good friend and a trusted bodyguard. Especially since the security qualities are developed in them as an instinct. These dogs are excellent watchdogs and will always help to feed cattle. They are not suitable for home maintenance.

But for a person with a weak character, for a dog dog beginner this dog is not recommended. Its size, strength and difficulty in learning require a strong hand and a rich experience of working with combat rocks.

Press de Canarrio - a dog that is best kept on the chain

It is also called the canary dog. It is even believed that in the Canaries, these fighter dogs were known in ancient times by other ancestors of the Spaniards.

Never attempted to produce a breed artificially. Ancestors of Presso de Canarrio are island shepherd dogs and canary dogs. Someone even thinks this breed is the strongest.

Only a few centuries ago, when the Canaries imported huge quantities, their genes were added to the Canary Islands. Dogs became more aggressive and fearless. Until now, this is one of the dangerous breeds of dogs on the planet. It is impossible to get out of her mortal grasp.

Its strong body and massive dimensions allowed the Press de Canarrio to actively engage in dog battles, and with the abolition of fighting, the spread of breeds ceased.

They are quite hard to train.

Cordoban Fighting Dog - Silent Killer

It is brought out in Argentina specifically for participation in battles. In Cordoba, all the merciless mastiff, bulldog and bulldog united. The breed was excessive "ideal" with a very high pain threshold.

Such a dog was unbalanced and aggressive, it was without any reason was able to break into parts of a relative. It is believed that this is why she is now among the extinct. These dogs were not to create offspring.

Cuban Dodger - Asylum seeker

This breed of dogs was displayed as a fighting cross between the Old English Bulldog and the Old Spanish Mastiff( Perro de Pessa) imported into Cuba during the reign of the Spanish King Philip II and his wife, Queen Mary I, in the middle of the XVIcentury.

She is also known as the Cuban Mastiff. She was used both as a bodyguard and as a shepherd dog. And in order to improve the quality of the seeker in it, the dog crossed with hunting dogs. Because they found a new appointment - the pursuit of escaped slaves.

A breed is considered to be extinct.

Ka de Bo - a bull dog with English roots

The mention of Ca de Bo was found on bas-reliefs of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries of almost the oldest arena in Majorca, which also knew the bullying of bulls. Incredible endurance, devil's agility, hard grip - all these qualities are inherent in Malaria bulldogs to the fullest. Without them to resist angry bulls, other dogs would not have them.

Undeniable obedience to a person from this dog is always necessary. Today they come from devoted guards, an indispensable watchman.

They are obedient, peaceful and unobtrusive next to the master. These are smart dogs with a strong psyche, very capable and successfully trained. And in the trifles Ka de Bo will not bark, but patiently waits when the owner pays attention to him.

Tosa-iu - Japanese warrior dog

This breed is brought out in the principality of Tos specifically for participation in battles. Local breeds were crossed with mastiffs, bulldogs, boogie dogs, even the Serbs who brought them from Europe. The goal was quite certain: to create an ideal fighter-sumoist from the world of dogs, a beast possessing an incredible endurance, capable of a long battle, boldly attacked.

As a result of the competent breeding work, Tos-inu appeared, fearless dogs with a hot hole, fight without blood as sumo fighters. Tasa-ing, shows aggression, definitely removed from the ring and more were not allowed before the matches.

This dog will become an excellent companion, watchdog, guardian, and its owner must be a real leader for her. Especially because they are learning easily. It is necessary to begin training at an early age and to engage in it constantly.

Believers like the Brazilian fillet

The Brazilian National Dog. It was brought there by the Spanish conquistadors. Among his ancestors are bulldogs, mastiffs and even blacksmiths.

There were plenty of things for these dogs: to protect the homes and settlements of the colonists, their fields and farms, to accompany the railroad through the jungle, to watch the slaves, to throw the livestock in the units or to help catch half-dead, to be involved in hunting for large animals( including wild cats: jaguars andpanther)

By the way, and today they use the filo as a cattle dog. She is able to calm down any reckless animal.

In the family, this is a faithful and faithful friend, a full member of the family who, moreover, becomes her guardian. They work great with children. But the best watchman and guardian can not be found.

Sharpei - "sand skin" with folds

They are from China. For a long time, the Shar Pei served as mascots for scaring away evil spirits, but it contained a true combat character of the watch dog, familiar with the fighting rings. Just a few dozen years ago, this breed, as the most rare, was included in the Ginnes Book of Records.

Sharpei will live with other animals, but will not tolerate any disrespect for herself and may even throw at the witchcraft. These dogs have high intelligence and are able to make their own decisions.

Training these dogs are easy and able to become a reliable protection for your home and family.

First of all, training and upbringing can form the nature of any dog ​​and its relation to a person. You can raise a beast with the most innocent pussy, and historically a fighter dog can become an adequate, loyal friend.

All photos and names of dog breeds can be specified from an experienced breeder.