Vertical wrinkles on the forehead - how to get rid of?

Vertical wrinkles on the forehead how to get rid of? The location of wrinkles on the forehead can talk about certain features of the character or even about the fate. It is possible to argue with similar considerations, but the two truths remain indisputable: most often it is an age-old phenomenon, and early wrinkles - from the harmful habit of curvature.

It has been noticed that the earliest changes in skin tone are manifested in women of two types - in laughter and, conversely, gloomy people with ever-dampened eyebrows and squeezed lips.

So far not too late

What can be done, while the rings have not yet turned into deep grooves? First of all, learn to control your facial expressions. Not one hour will have to be held near the mirror, studying herself, beloved, in all manifestations: laughing, frowning, grimacing. How do you behave with the facial muscles, where they are intensely stretched, and where are they going to fold? Proceeding from this, it is possible to warn many problems before the appearance of vertical wrinkles on the forehead - how to get rid of them - this is the second, more difficult stage.

Specifically about wrinkles on the forehead. Due to the features of this part of the person - the lack of fat under the skin and excessive mobility here, the muscles lose their elasticity early, and the skin - elasticity. Do not wait until the process becomes irreversible, it's best to start acting immediately. And start first with special gymnastics. It needs to be adjusted psychologically, because its basis is changing habits.

Many of us barely wake up, literally "scratching their eyes" while picking up their forehead in harmony. So, we buy a new, useful habit. Even without opening the eyes, the pillows of the fingers press the skin over the eyebrows, and then lift the eyelids. Gradually you can learn to open your eyes without the involvement of the frontal muscles.

Another easy exercise. Put your fingers on the superciliary side to meet each other. Slamly pull your brow's skin down while trying to raise your eyebrows - this is a counter effort. It strengthens muscles well.

When performing any exercises, it must be remembered that the skin has a custom to stretch easily, but it is reluctant to return to its original state. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid sharp movements, excessive zeal and improper massage.

Vertical wrinkles on the forehead how to get rid of?

Nutrition for a forage

Nourishing cream is a daily wash, a usual procedure. But even the very good cream is not enough to influence the vertical wrinkles on the forehead - how to get rid of them without resorting to additional efforts, such as masks?

For hardy wrinkles we recommend heavy masks - paraffin, honey-protein, honey-flour. The dried mask on the forehead gives you an unpleasant sensation, but you have to wait 20 minutes. After removal, apply a light moisturizer to give the skin a sense of comfort.

Many women use nutritional bandages on their foreheads. Everything is very simple: soaked in nutrient form, sometimes - a liquid paraffin strip of tissue bind to the forehead and hold for half an hour, with time increasing time. If you do not slip and perform this procedure every day, wrinkles on the forehead will be significantly reduced.

There are radical ways of

Yes, they are, and they all are in charge of plastic surgery. The easiest and bloodless way is to inject botox. You can treat it as you like, but two obvious benefits are obvious. First, wrinkles on the forehead are smoothed, which was needed. Secondly, for the six months that the effect of the drug continues, a woman gets used to playing with eyebrows in a harmful manner, wrinkle her forehead, frown over and without reason. Of course, this is provided that the injection is made in a specialized medical institution, rather than in the hairdressing salon, and a proven drug.

In short, good and all means are needed to preserve beauty. Good luck to everyone on this noble field!