How to get rid of loose cheeks: gymnastics, massage and makeup!

If previously loose blushes were considered one of the main signs of beauty, today girls are eager to get rid of them to show the world their distinct sculptures. And even though puffy cheeks today cause feelings, the beauty of the

is hard to convince. To deal with this problem is not so simple, with the help of makeup the amount of hiding is almost impossible, and plastic surgery - this is too radical method for solving such a small issue. Nevertheless, there are a number of methods that can produce visible results with a patient and careful approach.

How to get rid of loose cheeks: gymnastics, massage and makeup!

Facial Gymnastics

Gymnastics for the face( or, as it is called - feisaerobika) - this is one of the most effective methods to get rid of loose cheeks, which should replace distinctive shins. Just as you can simulate your figure by doing physical exercises, a similar effect can be achieved by exposing some muscle loads to the face. This will not only allow you to give the cheeks the right shape, but also improve blood circulation, which has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the skin.

The basic rule for facial gymnastics is regularity, otherwise it simply will not bring any visible results. And even when the desired goal is achieved, training can not be left in any way; the result should be constantly maintained.

Fighting Cheeses

For those who want to simulate beautiful cheekbones and slightly reduce the amount of cheeks, developed a special exercise set:

  • To begin, you need to sit on the chair evenly and throw your head back. Then lower lip try to grab the upper, helping yourself with the lower jaw.
  • Sit straight and push forward the lower lip, trying to move the jaw to the minimum.
  • Without changing position, try to lower the corners of the lips as low as possible. Connect to this movement also the cheeks and muscles of the neck.
  • Bend your head so that the chin touches the chest. Now as much as possible drag them in turn to the right and left shoulder.
  • Take the tip of a pencil or a wooden stick to the teeth and bring out words or patterns in the air in the air.
  • Standing straight, hold your shoulders firmly. Pull the neck as high as possible and stay in that position for a few seconds.
  • Standing straight, straighten your shoulders. First, lower your head and pull your chin down. After this you should throw your head back, with the chin should strive up.
  • Pull the lips forward and rotate them with a tube. Start fluttering loud sounds( chanting) without squatting your lips.
  • When exercising, you must feel muscle tension. If you do everything right and regular, then the first results will be seen in a month.

    Face Massage

    An effective method in the fight against fluffy cheeks is face mask. In order to make the procedure on its own, it is enough to master two basic techniques:

    • - with large fingers it is easy to massage the lower jaw, moving from chin to earlobe;
    • - pillows of your fingers is easy, but it's very intense to pat the area of ​​the cheeks, nasolabial folds and chin.

    During massage, be sure to use any vegetable oil to facilitate the slipping of your fingers on the skin.

    Water Procedures

    To speed up the effects of massage and facial gymnastics, it is necessary to regularly conduct water treatments for your cheeks. The simplest option is to have cold flushing, which can be carried out both by ordinary running water and by herbal decoctions. You can also moisten in a cool liquid terry towel and lightly massage their cheeks. Excellent effect of contrasting washes or compresses, which greatly improves the tone of the skin and facial muscles.

    The proper diet of the

    The fluffy cheeks are largely the result of swelling or subcutaneous fatty deposits, so in the fight against this defect, food plays a role. To avoid excessive fluid in the body, it is necessary to restrict the use of such products as salt, sugar, alcohol, strong coffee and all kinds of smoked foods.

    Nevertheless, trying to remove excess moisture from the body, you can not restrict the use of water. It is necessary to strictly adhere to the daily rate of 2 liters. Also, include in your menu as many vegetables, fruits, cereals, nuts and dairy products.

    How to get rid of loose cheeks: gymnastics, massage and makeup!

    Makeup Correction

    Makeup is a versatile weapon when you need to quickly and painlessly change your look. So, it's not necessary to expect the effect of gymnastics, diet and massage to boast of lean cheeks and expressive model cheekbones. With the help of simple techniques and cosmetic means you can achieve the desired result.

    To make your cheeks look less rounded, you need to use a dark blush or a special dark shade modeler. Also, you need to slightly emphasize the bottom of the cheekbones in the same tone. When the strokes are executed, you need to take a soft brush and blush the dark correction with the patches.

    It is possible to make the face visually more slender and stretched, darkening the area near the temples. At the same time, under the shanks, it is necessary to apply powder of a lighter color to make them more voluminous. Do not forget to rub everything neatly.

    If you are concerned about the problem of loose cheeks, then you should not immediately lie under the surgeon's mouth, even if you have enough money to do this. There are more conservative methods that, if properly used, will not only help to achieve the desired effect, but also will have a general positive effect on the condition of the skin and the facial muscles. Also, do not forget about such a powerful tool as makeup.