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NanoMax for hair: technology of procedure, results, pros and cons

All women want to be the most beautiful and unique. Quite often, this desire pushes them to all kinds of experiments with appearance, which, apparently, most suffer hair. Permanent dyeing, using a large amount of styling, drying hairdryer,

alignment and curling - all this leads to a significant deterioration in the quality and appearance of the hair. The situation is also aggravated by malnutrition, bad habits and bad ecology. As a result, it seems that the head is hopelessly spoiled, and the only way out is a short haircut. But, fortunately, there is one way out. The new development of hairdressers, called Nanomax, promises to bring back damaged hair to life.

NanoMax for hair: technology of procedure, results, pros and cons

Nano-mask procedure for hair

What is Nano-mask

Nano-masks is a procedure for full recovery of damaged hair. Many use a variety of care products( such as conditioners or serums) that allow you to visually make your hair beautiful and well-groomed. But, unfortunately, the effect of these products is too short, since external improvements are achieved only by the creation of a kind of film on the surface of the hair. The same structure of hair at the same time is not restored. As a result, you can only talk about a cosmetic effect that lasts for at most a few days. Even after the next washing of hair from a healthy shine will not remain and a trace if you do not recycle hair with nutrients.

The procedure for using nanomaterials is fundamentally different. For treatment of hair, special preparations are used, the structure of which consists of small molecules. It is much easier to penetrate such particles even in the deepest layers of hair, to revitalize it from the inside and eliminate damage. During the procedure, a special device is used, it turns the hair care product into pairs, which is deposited on the curls. The device is something resembling a comb, which is used to consistently handle all the curls. As a result, the smallest particles of nutrients fill the damaged areas, sealing and restoring them. At the end of the procedure, your hair will look as if you have never been exposed to staining or high temperatures. The shevelur again becomes alive, bulky and shiny.

As the

procedure is carried out Despite the fact that Nanomax is a fairly simple procedure, hair restoration should only be performed by a professional wizard in the cabin. The process of hair restoration using the procedure of NanoMax consists of three successive stages:

  • - to start the master cleans the client's head. Even if you have prepared in advance and came to the salon with a clean chair, you will have to go through the washing procedure again, because in the salon hair is treated with a special shampoo, which is part of a series of Nano-masks. This shampoo deeply cleanses the skin and completely degreases the surface of the hair so that the active substances can penetrate their structure as much as possible. After washing the hair is dried with a hair dryer and goes directly to the restoration;
  • - The next step involves the treatment of hair with a drug containing a large amount of nutrients and active ingredients. This process becomes possible thanks to a special device, which in its structure is very similar to the comb. The master consistently brushes each strand, so that each hair received its portion of nutrients. The comb generates special pairs, whose particles penetrate deeply into the structure of the hair. The peculiarity of this procedure is that the so-called "steam", in fact, has a very low temperature, so that the hair is not damaged and does not overheat;
  • - at the final stage there is a hair styling, so that all the useful substances remain inside. This process is something like lamination and is done with the help of special ironing, which glues hair scales. Despite the fact that the outside looks very similar to the usual rectifier, this is not quite the case. This device is equipped with special plates made of titanium, and its temperature does not exceed 120 degrees, so that the hair is not damaged and not dried.
  • The NanoMax procedure will be useful for any type of hair. In addition, it is advisable to carry out immediately after the hair has been subjected to some kind of harmful effect of a pattern of coloring or stacking with a lot of aggressive fixing agents. In addition to full recovery, you can take advantage of a number of opportunities provided by Nanomaks. So, there were tools designed to add shine to the hair, make them bulky, as well as protect the colored hair from the color lavage.

    NanoMax for hair: technology of procedure, results, pros and cons

    Comb Ninomaks

    Pros and Cons of the

    Procedure The NanoMax procedure, of course, can be considered a real breakthrough in hair care. It has a number of undeniable advantages, among which the following should be highlighted:

    • - Nanomax can be used to care for hair of any type and degree of damage. Even the most delicate and sluggish hair will look alive and healthy after this procedure;
    • - Restoring your hair with NanoMax will not take you too much time. Usually one hour is enough to completely treat long hair;
    • - Nanomax products are absolutely safe because they contain only natural ingredients. It is necessary to separately isolate keratin, extracts of red caviar, sea algae, wheat germs, as well as a complex of essential oils and vegetable oils;
    • - the effect of the procedure is noticeable after the first session. The hair is almost completely restored. And even after such aggressive procedures as chewing or radical coloring, the hair extensions will have a completely healthy look and shine;
    • - the process of conducting the procedure is extremely simple. In this regard, you will not have problems related to the insufficient level of your professionalism of the wizard. The technology of hair restoration does not represent any complications, it is 90% is in the natural composition of drugs, as well as a special device comb and ironing;
    • - apart from all the positive moments that characterize the Nanomax procedure, its low value is also worth noting. Complete hair restoration will cost you about 2500 rubles, which can not be called too high a fee for healthy and beautiful hair.

    The NanoMax procedure has already saved more than one head. Thousands of women have experienced this technology. It is virtually impossible to meet any negative feedback and thoughts on this procedure. And if they occur, then they are mainly due to the fact that there was not enough enough sessions to restore heavily damaged hair. In addition, if you perform this procedure practically healthy hair, the visual effect will not be so noticeable. Nonetheless, inside the hair will be completely restored.

    NanoMax for hair: technology of procedure, results, pros and cons

    The result after the procedure

    Of course, there are no ideal hair care products and hairdressing services, so there are some minor drawbacks in the Nanomax procedure:

    • - plan the procedure so that within 3 days after the restoration session you did not need toin the conclusion. The fact is that during this period, the use of any tools such as hairdryers, ironing or slippers, as well as means for fixing is completely excluded. In addition, you will have to spend on a shampoo without aggressive detergents, so as not to damage the protective layer on the hair;
    • - despite the fact that one session of the NanoMax procedure is not so expensive, in some cases this is not enough. If your hair is badly damaged and dried, be prepared to have about four sessions, a break between which should be 7 days long;
    • is neither the manufacturer of the NanoMax series nor the masters of salons can give a clear answer to the question of how long the effect of the procedure will last on the hair. It only depends on you. Try to use only high-quality hair cosmetics and minimize the influence of harmful factors.

    The NanoMax procedure is a real salvation for those who do not want to part with long hair, even if they have severe injuries and lost vitality. Summer heat, fierce frost, stacking, poor nutrition and constant stress do not have the best effect on the condition of the head. NanoMax will help you completely restore your hair and give them a healthy look.