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How to independently align your beard


  • Correct washing
  • Needed for cutting things
  • Adhesives for haircuts
  • Specificity of using a trimmer
  • Clear fringing
  • Beard healing method

How to independently align your beard For each person, the shape and style of beard can be individual and be a distinctive feature of the appearance. Another

from history knows that beard is a symbol of courage and was worn by all men. To date, for many young beards, the beard has nothing to do with physical force.
A stylish and well-executed beard provides a man with a certain charisma and brutal look, which women love so much. Today there are many different options for designing a beard. Below we will review the main rules that should be followed during haircuts.

Proper Cleansing It is very important to wash your hair's face correctly so that the haircut is easy. Any adjustment and haircut of a beard are carried out exclusively with washed and dried hair. Only so can you get a truly high-quality result. To wash a beard you need a good shampoo. There are also some drugs for the beard and the whiskers. You can easily wash your beard at your own home.

How to independently align your beard When the beard is finished, the bristle must be thoroughly wet with a clean towel. Shampoos that can dry skin can not be used. After drying the bristles or beards, it should be well combed. Only this way you will be able to straighten your hair. And if they are straight, adjust the beard or cut it will be much easier. In addition, the form will be correct.

Combine vegetation on the face with the best ridge. It is also necessary to note that combing is necessary in the course of hair. Start from the top of the face and keep the comb down the jaw. It is better to start from the ears and move to the chin. According to the statement of the leading hairdressers, combing ford against its natural growth is not recommended. When the comb is finished, the beard can be rolled up slightly with your hands.

Needed for cutting hair

Shave your beard yourself before the mirror. Naturally, it is desirable that it was quite large in size.

First, make sure that you have everything you need for cutting things.

We need the following items:

  • comb;
  • scissors;
  • towel;
  • trimmer;

How to independently align your beard The key to successful adjustment of the person's vegetation( mustache or beard) is a good trimmer. The better the device will be, the easier it will work with it, and the better, accordingly, will be the result. Do not regret the money on the trimmer, since the most expensive cars are the most reliable and convenient, buying a cheap analogue from China, in a few days you can be very disappointed with it. Battery Trimmer will be the best choice.

Another very important factor is the mirror. Well, if it has a triple or polygonal shape. Only then will you be able to see your face from all sides. Prepare a place for a haircut, make sure that you can then easily pick up your hair. If a haircut or beard adjustment takes place in the bathroom, close the water drain with a stopper. It will save it from clogging.

clippers. For proper correcting of the beard, special attention should be paid to trimmer nozzles. Almost all of their models are equipped with replaceable plastic nozzles. Only with their application can you make the right haircut like mustache and beard. The high quality attachment will make the length of the hair the same, and you will not have to, then subtract them. If you are not sure about the nozzle number, use a larger length. Better then shave is superfluous than to do very shortly.

Each of the trimers is equipped with a detailed instruction manual, which describes all types of attachments to it, and the speed modes with which they can work. If you want to shave your beard, use a trimmer without any nozzles.

Specificity of Using the

Trimmer After all the cooking is completed, the trimmer is turned on and the selected nozzle, you need to start shaving. Drive the machine from side to side, against the growth of the beard. Use the method of long bonding. Hold the trimmer symmetrically with the previous passages. Move from the ear to the bottom of the jaw. The nozzles regulate the length of the hair, as well as protect your face from irritation.

After the beard is shaved, you can start the mustache. Start shaving from the nose, and gradually shifts to the corners of the lips. Further, it is possible to handle and chin. Pay special attention to places located directly under the nose. If the length of the hair is too large, you can use scissors too. The scissors should be sharp enough not to scrub their hair, but they could reflect clear cuts. You can align the beard line with a trimmer without any nozzles, but it is better to do it with a razor. The ideal option is to use a dangerous shaver, but if it is not there or you can not use it, you can use a conventional machine and foam.

Clear rendering

Not every one of us will have a clear beard contour. Many men and without it have a contrasting bristle. But hair, on the same neck, of course, needs to shave. They spoil the whole image of her husband and so and ask for a trimmer. And the man whose hair, whose face moves smoothly in the chest of hair, is quite like a monkey. But on the other hand, someone can like it. How to independently align your beard

A good option is to shave the lower part of the beard, it is each individual individual in size. This will be useful for those of us who are going to give our beard a classic look, otherwise you can choose a different, more complex option.

Beard heeling method

In order to align the beard and create a cantilever along its perimeter, there is nothing complicated. It is best to take in the hands of a fairly large mirror, which can be moved, and thus consider your beard during adjustment. Align, turn your head forward and move according to the following rules:

  • needs to imagine a bow-shaped line that connects the earlobe that passes through the jaw and connects the area where the chin is connected to the lower jaw. This point lies directly on the adam's apple;
  • now imagine another line, it passes along the side of the face, perpendicular to the first, it is it that outlines the edge of the barbell backseat and passes to the neck. It is through the intersection of these two lines that you can determine the correct contour of the beard, both at the ear and on the chin. Sharp the sharp edges, so the beard will look more natural, not so square;
  • just divide everything that goes beyond the imaginary lines.

Our congratulations, beard correction is finished with