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Why the beard grows bad: what's the reason and how to fix it


  • Bad Beard Growth: What Causes
  • Nutrition
  • Hygiene And Care
  • Preparations Additional Methods
  • Conclusion

Why the beard grows bad: what Many representatives of the strong sex want to have a luxurious thick beard - one of the main characters of courage. Beard has been popular at all times, and

today is an important part of the male image. But what if the growth of the hair on your face is extremely slow, or does not happen at all? Before proceeding to solve the problem, you need to understand the causes of this phenomenon.

Bad Beard Growing: What Causes

  • Malnutrition is one of the main causes of poor beard growth. Lack of nutrients can greatly complicate hair growth.
  • Stress. It has long been known that overloading the nervous system negatively affects many processes in the body, including the growth of tissues. And hair loss after a stressful event is an ordinary case.
  • Propensity. It is necessary to take into account the specifics of the skin of each person - in one hair grows quickly, in others - no, in someone thick, and someone - not very. Heredity also plays an important role: it is not always necessary, but if the father or grandfather did not have a special vegetation on his face, then there is a high probability that the son( grandchild) will be the same.
  • Age and maturity of puberty. For all their time, some young people already in 15 years have a good bristle, and someone in only 20 there are her rudiments.
  • Violations in the hormonal system. The growth of hair directly depends on the level of hormones, any deviations can damage this process.
  • Incorrect shaving with damaged skin.
  • Disregard for hygiene. Hair and skin require proper care.
  • Skin Diseases.
  • Nutrition

    If you notice that the beard is growing badly, then you first need to analyze your diet. For a good condition of skin and hair, you need a sufficient level of vitamins( including vitamins B, E, A), minerals and amino acids that need to be obtained from natural products. It is necessary to include in your diet on a mandatory basis beef, chicken, eggs, fish, milk, fresh fruits and vegetables. We can not forget about the benefits of nuts, legumes, cheese and seafood. Why the beard grows bad: what

    Next you need to pay attention to the amount of liquid consumed - this is a very important factor in the process of hair growth. Lack of water can be crucial in this matter. You can not name the exact number for each person, it depends on the structure of the body, the mass and the level of activity. But you can use the approximate formula: 1 liter of water for every 30 kg of body weight.

    And one more thing: it is desirable to get rid of bad habits - alcohol and smoking. The fact is that both of them break the metabolism and impede the absorption of trace elements from food, and this again leads to a reduction in their flow to the skin - the beard is growing worse.

    Put your food in order - here's what to do from the start!

    Hygiene and care for

    Beard, as well as all other body, requires some care, and if it grows badly, it gets a special significance. In addition to the direct cleaning of her and the skin under her, you should periodically apply peeling creams and scrubs. This is necessary to effectively remove the layer of keratinous cells, which can hinder normal growth - another reason why the beard grows slowly. The hair itself can be washed with shampoo and air conditioner no more than twice a week, otherwise they will become dry and brittle.

    Why the beard grows bad: what It will also be good to regularly use oils that nourish the hair, make them stronger and accelerate the growth process. As a rule, the remedy is applied after thorough cleansing of the skin of the face and its evaporation. The most common are castor and rapeseed, sometimes using snake.

    The next moment is combing. It needs to be done daily and better twice a day. Firstly, it is maintaining the aesthetic type of vegetation on the person, and secondly - giving the hair the right direction of growth, and thirdly - it is a massage of the skin. It enhances the flow of blood to it, that is, increases the flow of nutrients to the hair follicles - that's why you need to do this.


    So, if the diet is well-formed, regular hair care is taking place, but the beard grows badly what to do next, because the causes are difficult to determine. You can get help with special medications.

    Divide them into three categories:

  • Means for Inner Injection. These are drugs that consist of a complex of vitamins, minerals and various amino acids. Why the beard grows bad: what
  • spray. Very comfortable and often quite effective. One of the most famous is "Minoxidil", which activates potassium channels in blood vessels and improves blood microcirculation in the skin and onions. The effect of such means is visible to the naked eye, they really work, but most often the growth stops sharply at the same time as the end of admission. It is also possible to return to the original state.
  • Hormonal drugs. Hormone analysis is required and in case of deviations, it may be worthwhile to use these drugs. By the way, such violations in the body can explain why the white beard grows rather than black( for example, already at the age of 18-20 years).
  • Additional methods

    As a secondary way to improve hair growth and to provide a comprehensive impact on their condition, you can use the following means:

    • Face massage. This is a simple and effective way to improve blood circulation in the chin and cheeks. You can do it anywhere and anytime at your own discretion. With the influx of blood into the skin, and the flow of nutrients to hair follicles increases, which positively affects their condition.
    • Dragging masks. Another method of increasing the flow of blood to the face. Special mixtures are prepared on the basis of natural products, Why the beard grows bad: what having an irritating effect: red pepper, cinnamon, garlic, onion, mustard. The solution is applied at the root of the hair and held for a while, to the feeling of burning. After that the beard is washed thoroughly. This procedure can be done once or twice a week.
    • Vitamins will be a good addition to a balanced diet. In pharmacies, specially developed
    • complexes for sale are being sold. Sports lessons as a means of raising the level of testosterone in the blood of the hormone, among other things, affect the growth of hair throughout the body. You can attend the gym, play sports games or at least just do a rehearsal.


    It is worth mentioning another very important condition necessary for growing a beautiful beard: it is patience. Perhaps this is the most important condition, because many have not enough excerpts, and they throw started or unsuccessfully looking for reasons. It is not necessary to hurry up the event and do too much: if it grows noticeable, the process is going, then not worry about anything. It will take a while, and after the necessary care and correct haircut the beard will acquire the same kind as it needs.