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Scrub moths with your own hands from a plastic bottle

Scrub moths with your own hands from a plastic bottle The theme of the fight against moles in the area for summer residents is very relevant. She is interested in many. And here, as they say, the road is all its own. Someone just goes to the store to buy special devices to scare these small animals there, and someone climbs to the Internet, hoping the

is there to find information on how to get rid of them with their own, simple methods and gadgets. It turns out this option is quite possible, I wrote a little about this topic( read here), therefore, today will be some kind of continuation of the already raised theme.

We make a simple scrubber of molds

Here we will help a simple plastic bottle. The thing is also very multifunctional, from which craftsmen do a lot of useful things. Everything is very simple and does not require any tricky drawings and operations. Just take a bottle and cut it out, and then we cut the pins-shovels. Then from below, in the bottom, we make a hole for us. And put the bottle on the tube( diameter about 1 cm) or on a thick steel wire( or something similar).

At the slightest wind, such a bottle with blades is very good on the tube, while creating a noise that also resonates into the tube( which is why the tube in this case is preferable).And this noise, through the tube that goes to the ground, that is, in the walled tunnels. Insert such a tube with a bottle in the underground voids, along with a fresh moss ladder.

Scrub moths with your own hands from a plastic bottle

In order to further enhance the efficiency of this technique, it is possible to further improve the design of such a self-made device of a plastic bottle roller.

For this we will need a plumbing, metal pipe. The diameter of this pipe may be mm 1/2 and 3/4 mm, there is no particular difference here. We kill this tube deeper, that is, the lower part( that is, the end of this tube) was slightly deeper than the level of the underground passage of the moth. Then in this tube( that part at the top) we insert a suitable pin from the metal. And that this pin does not hang in the tube, it will need to be strengthened in the center of a wooden plug. Then we throw a plastic bottle on the pin, having previously made a hole in her hood, a hot needle or a nail. The diameter of such a hole should be slightly larger than the diameter of the pin itself. On the bottle, we also make pocket-blades, which we bend outwards. Everything, the scrubber is ready. When the wind blows, the bottle will rotate, and the hollow tube will again resonate this unpleasant sound. This creates a noise, which is very afraid of the moles, they just do not stand up to this constant and very much for them not pleasant noise and leave your area.

Scrub moths with your own hands from a plastic bottle

You can organize the same effect, if the small pegs from any material( 25-30 centimeters), have already pulled out a tape from the video or tape tape. With its fluctuations, it also creates an unpleasant, slightly whistling sound. A similar sound is also good at scaring these blinders. In moles, such a device to be afraid of birds, the same sparrows, for example.

There is also a video in jail where you will be shown the technology of manufacturing this device. We look

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