Cold hydrating( face cleansing with cold hydrogenation)


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Procedures At first glance, the phrase "cold hydration" sounds a little daunting. Nevertheless, it is a very useful and effective cosmetic procedure. It is a way of cleansing the

skin without the use of hot steam. This is just the perfect option that suits those who do not like the steaming procedure or those who are contraindicated.

Cold hydrating( face cleansing with cold hydrogenation)

In which cases cold hydrogenation of

is shown. Cold hydrogenation will be useful in the following cases:

  • - in the presence of dilated vessels or vascular networks( when traditional hot steam can further aggravate the problem);
  • - excessive dryness of the skin;
  • - Sensitive irritated skin;
  • is a susceptibility to allergic reactions, as well as rashes that can be exacerbated by high temperatures.

The essence of the

method is the homeland of the cold hydrogenation method is Israel. Its essence is to clear the skin without the effects of high temperatures and the use of special means for decontamination. Cold hydrogenation is a real salvation for those who have too sensitive and subtle skin, as well as in the presence of pyrexia, acne and other problems.

The procedure is based on the use of special cosmetic gels, which are based on natural plant components. Most often it is cactus and aloe, which have hypotonic properties. When contact with the skin, the gels actively moisturize and soften it. As a result, intercellular connections weaken, which makes it possible to effectively clean the epidermis from contamination. Thus, it is only with the help of a wet wipes it is possible to remove dead skin cells and other contaminants from the skin.

Drugs for cold hydrogenation have calming and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, they have a healing and bleaching effect, which allows you to restore the skin and cope with pigmentation.

Cold hydrating( face cleansing with cold hydrogenation)

Stages of the

Procedure As with any other cosmetic procedure, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned from cosmetics and other contaminants before cold hydrogenation. After that, the direct application of the hydrided gel occurs, accompanied by a light massage. Next, you should cover the skin with a film, excluding those areas where there is a vascular mesh. To make the gel work faster and more effectively, sometimes resorting to a warm compress, if there are no contraindications. Once the time taken for the procedure is over, it is enough to rub your face with dry or damp napkins, which will remove all dirt, along with the gel from the skin.

Preparations for cold hydrogenation

It is worth noting that the means( namely - gels) for cold hydrogenation can be purchased not only at specialized sales points, but also at home. The main requirement for such a product is not less than 80% of the plant components in the composition. It is important that these substances are natural, not restored or concentrated. The general property of such gels is a gentle action on the skin, as well as the absence of allergic reactions. That is why cold hydration is used in cases where all other methods of cleansing a person can be strictly contraindicated.

Cold Hydration Gels can be used not only for peeling, but also for skin regeneration. This may be necessary if the skin has been over-dried or damaged under the influence of aggressive chemicals or in the presence of burns. After the procedure it is quite possible to use your usual skin hydration and nutrition.

Cold hydrating( face cleansing with cold hydrogenation)

Positive aspects of

The main advantage of cold hydrogenation is that it allows you to deeply cleanse the skin without heating it. This is very important, since the "hot" methods have a lot of contraindications. The gel gently and effectively removes even the strongest contamination, without injuring tissue.

If the cold hydrogenation procedure is performed correctly, the skin after it will become smooth and tender. You will be able to boast a healthy and fresh face. The effect largely depends on the professionalism of the wizard and the quality of the drugs. Therefore, you are very careful about choosing a cabin, and do not be tempted at the low cost of the procedure.

Cold hydrogenation is simply an irreplaceable procedure for those who suffer from acne or can not cope with the stains after them. Preheating can further exacerbate this problem. But cold cleaning stops inflammatory processes and helps to illuminate dark spots.

Hydrating gel deeply cleanses the skin, while gently affecting it, as a result, after the procedure on the face, there will be no redness or irritation, as it happens after other types of peels. Therefore, you can do the procedure before important measures, without fearing that your face will look unpresentable.

Many ladies who tried the procedure can no longer refuse it, leaving only positive feedback.