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Haircut on January 30, 2018 by lunar calendar. Favorable period for haircuts on January 30, 2018

Hair Grooming January 30, 2018, today, or the date you are interested in for the lunar calendar of haircuts. What is the phase of the moon, the visibility of the
east, west, and the occurrence of the moon in the zodiac sign You can look at this page and all about haircut for the whole month
monthly calendar

haircuts for January 2018 year. As well as favorable and unfavorable days for haircuts and hair dyeing for today or any other date.


Haircut on January 30, 2018 by lunar calendar. Favorable period for haircuts on January 30, 2018 January 30, 2018
14 Months Day

Ascent 15:38

Event 07:28

Ascending Moon

Visibility: 98%

Moon Specifications January 30, 2018

As of Date Added 01.30.2018 in 12:00 The moon is in the phase "Growing Moon" .This 14-month-old day is in the lunar calendar. The moon in the zodiac sign Cancer 内 . Percentage of the Moon's illumination is 98%. The east of the Moon: 15:38, and is the event at 07:28.

Chronology of the lunar days

  • 14-month-day from 14:29, January 29, 2018 to 15:38, 30/01/2018
  • 15-month-day from 15:38, 30.01.2018 and the next day

Effect of the month on a haircut January 30, 2018

Month in the zodiac signCancer( -)

Month in the sign Cancer .the effect of this sign on your hair will bring you a lot of inconvenience. The hair will become naughty, almost all manipulations for the purpose of hair styling and giving them the necessary shape will be unsuccessful.

If you want to get rid of excessive care of your loved ones or stop yourself too caring for your loved ones, today it's worth knitting. But if your relationship is not the warmest and most trusting of a haircut you should refuse.

For dry and damaged hair, it will be extremely successful to have a well-being and nourishing treatment.

14-month-old day( ±)

January 30, 2018 to 12:00 - 14-month-old day .haircut in a 14-month day can have a negative effect on peace of mind, lead to depression and even fear.

A slight change in the color of hair can contribute to victory in affairs.

The hairstyle should be as natural as possible, it is desirable to leave the parting, it will allow you to get the energy of regeneration and recovery.

Today is day of active actions and realization of the planned plans, the more that you will have enough strength and inspiration at all. But everything can prevent banal laziness, you should not regret yourself, spend energy in vain. Today's day is under the influence of the energy of creation. Do not be afraid to get tired of the plans that fell on you, in the fourteenth month of the month the flow of your forces and energy is practically unlimited.

Growing Moon( +)

The moon is in the phase Growing Moon .If you want hair to grow faster, their quality improves, and the roots are strengthened, cut hair on that day.

Day Effect Week( +)

Day of the Week - Tuesday , can protect you from unexpected surprises, protect yourself from troubles and even help you get help.