High-pigeon pigeons: description of species, photo of breed

For centuries, the purposeful selection of pigeons and systematic training have done their job. The people, captured by the beautiful long flight of these representatives of birds, have made that high-flying pigeons become a decoration of the sky.

High-pigeon pigeons: description of species, photo of breed High-pigeon pigeons - the fruit of long

training and breeding - is a real decoration of the sky.

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Characteristics of the breed

Long and high flight, crossings and figures of "higher aerobatics" fascinate not only one generation and pigeons, and just fans of preverbee-poison

No matter how interesting they were, they were considered a bug for long-term pigeons."Figures" took away the forces that are needed for height, so they tried to discard them. Now rarely there are turmans( pink pigeons), but they are already classified into another category.

Long-distance pigeons need:

  • flight time;
  • Limit Height.

In the past, the beauty of high-end pigeons was not so important; they were supposed to be strong, enduring and refined in flight. However, in the future, the desire for apparently beautiful shapes took the top, and some breeds began to take "flying" positions. When buying decorative forms, they completely lost the skills of high summer.

High-pigeon pigeons: description of species, photo of breed Each breed of high-pigeon pigeons has a maximum height and duration of flight.

A generous one-hour continuous flight currently does not withstand a lot of breeds. The world record is 20 hours and 10 minutes, but the average flight time lasts from 2 to 6 hours.

Variety of Flight

By the style of flying birds are divided into:

  • circular. Flying circles, gradually rising, and circling at high altitudes for several hours;
  • is a durable summer pigeon. They climb up, not making any circle, and are already high in the sky as if stationary.

The majority of high-end pigeons are characterized by excellent orientation and unpretentiousness.

For them a special approximate height scale is created:

  • bell tower - 100-120 m;
  • lark 150-350 m;
  • sparrow - 450 - 650 m;
  • butterfly - 640 - 840 m;
  • flicker - bird as a point - 1250 - 1550 m.

High-pigeon pigeons: description of species, photo of breed The maximum height at which these birds can raise are 1,5 thousand meters.

Characteristics of the main rocks

Budapest high-flying circular

Flying with a dense flock. The best flocks should be so tight that no single individual can tear them off, and the Budapest high-flying flight should continue for at least 5 hours in the field of view and another hour outside of it.

This bird is a living temperament, averages. Head is a smooth, medium-thick beak with a curved tip. The neck is planted vertically. Wide chest, slightly uplifted. Wings, although medium in size, but powerful and strong, the ends reach extreme tail feathers. The tail is a continuation of the back of the line, evading down, but with the floor there is no collision. Extremities are short. Proportionality is not a stable indicator. In the color scheme there are: white, wicker, white with a wreath on the neck, the belts.

High-pigeon pigeons: description of species, photo of breed Budapest Pigeons love to fly dense flocks.


Permian high-flying flight without performing figures. In the sky above the Urals and Siberia, they can be seen more often than other breeds, and, as a rule, in solitude. Medium-sized bird, with a very well developed muscular system. A characteristic low landing of the head distinguishes this breed from others.

At high altitudes, Permian pigeons can hold up to 6 hours.

Among the Permian there are also whiteheads, flying at medium altitude groups.

High-pigeon pigeons: description of species, photo of breed Permian breed birds fly highly, but are not capable of performing complex figurae in the sky.

Pigeons Dipper

Dipped Pigeons Daisies have different subspecies, but all these birds are small. A good spatial orientation, a variety of flight styles, and excellent parenting instincts make this breed valuable and desirable.

A fly of a butterfly and a flying flight is something that pigeons value and keep breed. And the simplicity of the content, unpretentiousness in the stern and conditions allow it to conquer new and new habitats.

High-pigeon pigeons: description of species, photo of breed Prikamsk pigeons are serpentine, so they are very beautiful during the flight.


Birds of this breed are colorful or have a white plumage. Excellent orientation and long circular flights up to eight hours at medium altitudes. Sustained high flight is not peculiar to them, but sometimes these birds from medium heights pass up and "melt" in the sky.

High-pigeon pigeons: description of species, photo of breed Birds of Mordovian breed distinguishes a motley feather and small sizes.


Chubby and holocanoid tourists, according to some, were taken out in Belgrade, but other experts claim that they were imported by Turks.

A bird that can carry out a 10-hour flight. Of course, this applies to individual instances, and the average time is 5 - 8 hours.

Pigeon has a medium-sized head with bangs on the occipital part. A very tight short neck quickly passes into the chest. Wings are long. Limbs are bare, of medium length. One-color coloration, often black, red, blue.

High-pigeon pigeons: description of species, photo of breed Serbian breeds can be found in the sky for up to 10 hours in succession.


This breed is also called "griffin".The standard for it is not developed. On a purely white background, a black lion is painted. Sometimes there are birds and monochromatic coloring. Elegant and at the same time hardy, with a strong constitution.

Flying bugulma( sometimes called this bird for a long time, first the flock is flocking together, then the most experienced and strong take off, and the weaker ones fall down. Bulgarian pigeons are not only beautiful brass but also have attractive appearance.


Hungarian pigeons are simple in appearance, but have a strong body. These birds "stand on the wings" for 8 - 10 hours.

The breed is often kept as "feeding"With good memories and orientation, almost always return to their pigeon, even a few tens of kilometers.

High-pigeon pigeons: description of species, photo of breed Hungarian pigeons are unpretentious in care and are well cared for by the offspring.

Military Pigeons

It is impossible to mention the long-standing pigeons of the pigeons without slaughter, a peculiar flight under the scorching sun with a whirlwind across his head and a loud flutter of wings - this is what distinguishes the pigeon pigeons from everyone else.


Pakistanis can be attributed to mortal pigeons. Sometimes they are also called Indo-Pakistani. They can be colorful, marble, blue. The entire body of this bird is dry, but the breasts are wide and powerful. This pigeon is perfectly guided and always returns home.

Sometimes the slave watches and years of freezing. This sight is very interesting. The bird stops, reveals the tail of the fan, and then rises upwards with simultaneous wings fights. The boys are very good to hear, although pigeons are at a fairly long distance. The bird has a pronounced personality of the summer. Their game lasts 5 - 7 hours, alternating with the summer in a circle. For landing, they sometimes fly down like a bullet, and only before landing open.

These pigeons are unpretentious. However, such years take a lot of energy, so the diet should be balanced well.

High-pigeon pigeons: description of species, photo of breed Pakistan's pigeon pigeons have a great variety of colors.


The most widespread view. White and whitish, colorful, white, black, but the color is not important to them, the main thing - a game or a fight. The flight of these birds is by right considered to be the most beautiful among high-end pigeons.

Over time, the breed has changed from the outside, but the work of pigeons left its imprints on flying qualities.

The bird's body is very strong, streamlined, spindle-shaped is said about it. The head is also lengthened, the forehead is pulled out. The tip of the beak is slightly curved. The neck with a slight bend, at the base of the head is thin, then smoothly, proportionally expands. Curves are naked. Breast is medium, the back is long.

The exit to the pillar and the battleship - all this bird is doing, flying the flying and displaying their individual game.

If in the middle of the last century the main population was in Baku, then it began to be exported and spread to vast territories.

High-pigeon pigeons: description of species, photo of breed Birds of the Baku breed differ in their elongated body, which is reflected in their flying characteristics.


There are pigeons in Russia, about which the dispute has been going on for a very long time. Both experts and amateurs came to the unanimous opinion that the breed should acquire official status. However, while the Pugachev pigeon remains unregistered, this has its own reasons.

High-pigeon pigeons: description of species, photo of breed The Pugachiv breed of pigeons is not officially registered, but it does not prevent breeders from breeding such pigeons.

Six hours of high flight, perfect orientation and unpretentiousness - so fans of them speak about them. However, species diversity does not yet allow for a complete description. They are of different colors and physiques, with different pedigrees and genetic instincts, and all in their own way are beautiful. They are all called "Russian pigeons".

Interest in high-end pigeons does not diminish over time. New generations of lovers are coming and they are also fascinated by contemplating the great flight of a pigeon.

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