How old do doves live: interesting facts and photos

Pigeons for many people are not just an ordinary city bird, but a favorite species of birds. Breeding and keeping them becomes a real hobby. Of course, for many beginners in this business, one of the important issues is how many pigeons live, since most birds die early on

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  • 1 Where do birds live?
    • 1.1 Places of residence
  • 2 How old can birds live?
    • 2.1 What affects the growth of the age?
  • 3 Video "Pigeons like a hobby"

Where do birds live?

Few people know where and how many pigeons live in nature in real life. It is worth saying that there are domestic and wild birds whose habitat is different. So, for example, wild pigeons live today for most of Eurasia. They are also found in the mountains of Altai, in India, as well as in Africa and near Saudi Arabia. For example, the most common type of pigeon - blueberry lives everywhere near human settlements. Today, these birds live mainly in large cities and settlements.

How old do doves live: interesting facts and photos

Places of residence

Many of us do not even realize that pigeons originally lived near the coast, most often in rocks. Also wild species of birds live in the mountains, for example, large populations are found even in the alpine belt at an altitude of 4000 meters and above. Doves are free-flying birds, therefore they love open spaces, oases. Some sinatropic populations on the contrary choose stone or wooden structures, limiting their viewing range.

Pigeons are sedentary birds, but in the mountains, for example, with the onset of cold, they can make a vertical pitch, descending closer to the foot. It is also worth noting that today wild populations of these birds tend to be reduced. This is due to massive urbanization.

How old do doves live: interesting facts and photos

In the city of

The city is the main habitat of pigeon residence in our country. In some megacities, the number of individual bird groups reaches several hundreds. Many live in specially built dormitories or abandoned houses. Others bite the roofs of skyscrapers, as well as city squares and parks.

In nature

If you look at the habitat of pigeons in nature, then these are often mountain gorges, coastal rocks, swift shores of reservoirs, thickets of shrubs or common agricultural fields. Some groups easily adapt to living next to a person by choosing settlements. Others continue to lead a semi-savage way of life.

How old can birds live?

If we speak in general, how many birds live, then the average age of pigeons reaches 15-20 years. But here it is necessary to take into account the kind of bird, conditions of its residence and breed. Most wild birds do not survive up to 5 years due to different circumstances. But the domestic tribal representatives are really old-timers. Their age sometimes reaches even 35 years.

How old do doves live: interesting facts and photos

Of course, the lifespan of a pigeon affects its living conditions, climate, food and access to clean water. If all these points are normal, even birds in nature and in the city can live long enough. That is why at home the birds live longer. This is due, firstly, to nutrition, with proper care, compliance with hygienic and sanitary norms, disease prevention. After all, infections and diseases are often the cause of the early death of birds in nature. It's no secret that city pigeons are often sick.

What affects the growth of the age?

Today, scientists point out some increase in the age of life of urban pigeons. This is most often due to the fact that birds often mate with domestic breeders. And these in turn have good immunity to diseases, more stable genetics, stronger organism. Many of these factors have a hereditary meaning. According to the latest data, the average age of typical inhabitants of the metropolis has increased to 13-14 years, while previously reached 10 years.

How old do doves live: interesting facts and photos

Scientists also explain this because in many cities they are warm and have a constant source of food and clean water. Water is found in fountains, and food is given by people in parks and squares. With the development of pharmacology and the emergence of various vitamin and specialized forage, increase their average age and domestic breed pigeons. Some breeders live 25 years.

In fact, you can determine the exact age of pigeons only in their youth. It is very difficult for adult birds to set the exact number. About 4 months, experts determine the age of the bird in the form of a beak, according to the color of the eyes. For example, in young chicks the beak is fairly mild and thin, voskovitsa small and dark in color, iris of gray-brown eyes. In adult pigeons, the beak is solid, short and wide, tuscus white, and eyes are yellow or orange. After adolescence to say, how much lived a dove is practically impossible.

Video "Pigeons like a hobby"

In this video you will learn how to keep and how to properly grow pigeons to have a long life. An example of breeding pigeons of different breeds is one of the former poultry farmers.