Sanitary Engineering

Bathroom shower room

There are currently a huge number of ways to equip shower enclosures. And do it quite simply, even on its own, without the help of experts. To date, the podium for the shower cubicle

serves as the most beautiful and original of them. Using it in the bathroom is well emphasized design solution and beautiful outlines not only used sanitary ware here, but also the room as a whole.

The practical purpose of the podium application is that this design is great for hiding all sorts of sewer pipes and other constructions for the shower.

Recommendations for installing a podium under a new shower cubicle

The comforts and comfort conditions created by the installation of a shower cabin are indisputable.

To implement the podium erection:

  • to install the pallet;
  • connect it to the drain channel;
  • connect the shower to the water supply;
  • to carry out the necessary wiring;
  • mount wall and ceiling panel cabin;
  • to install the door for this purpose;
  • secure the handle, mirror and other decorative fittings;
  • seal all seams.

However, in the process of implementing such an idea, as a rule, a number of difficulties arise. Everything is determined by the fact that the tees that are used in the sewage system are often set high( it is about 10-16 cm above the floor level).In order to get a good drain of water it is recommended to observe the angle of inclination( this is a horizontal section) within 3 ° and not less. So the use of erection of a special podium is an original and beautiful solution to this issue. At the time of the technical calculation of the podium design it is worth paying attention to the fact that the length of the gap between its surface and the drain pipe should reach the marks of 6-7 cm and no more.

Bathroom shower room

Pallet Container Any pallet, regardless of the manufacturer, consists of parts such as siphon, screw, screed and waterproofing. This is necessary to ensure the absence of the effect of constant stagnation of water and rapid clogging of the drain.

Also, do not forget about the minimum distance to the ceiling. The construction of such a design should guarantee a displacement of about 20 cm. At the same time, the distance to the wall should be observed according to the design requirements of the booth itself. They are usually indicated in the relevant instruction manual for the installation of the shower cabin. In accordance with these indicators and calculated characteristics of the podium, including its design solution.

As the load on the patio podium itself will be quite serious, as it includes the mass of the shower cabin, the mass of the person and the water used in the pallet, the design of the pallet should be stiff and stable.

In this case, the tile tile for the podium surface is the most suitable version of the material.

When installing a podium under a shower cabin on its own should use the following tools, such as:

  • wooden bars and plastics;
  • concrete mortar;
  • brickwork.

Necessary materials and materials for podium design

During the process of podium erection, the following types of materials can not be avoided:

  • corresponding type of brick,
  • iron fittings,
  • timber in the form of formwork boards,
  • metal profile,
  • boards
  • cubes,
  • building level,
  • measuring tape,
  • yellow sand,
  • rubble and silicone sealant,
  • markers( black or colored),
  • tile tile.

Wood bars are a great option to build a podium. On them and it is recommended to install a shower cabin. The space between the floor and the pallet should be covered with plastic. Despite all its simplicity and efficiency, this solution has one significant drawback, the essence of which is the need for constant processing of wood antiseptic. The damp environment has an adverse effect on this type of material during its operation.

Bathroom shower room

Shower booth installation

The drain is embedded in the cement podium itself for the shower cabin, for which all contours, according to the design, are transferred to the floor and walls respectively. If necessary, the tile is removed. At the end of this procedure, waterproofing is carried out by installing a formwork and a metal frame to prevent cracking of the cement. For successful installation of a drain it is recommended to anticipate the space in advance for its installation.

Prepare the solution for pouring

To prepare the solution under the fill, you need to evenly mix 1 part of the cement with 3 parts sand in small size and 3 parts of yellow sand. Water is added gradually, so as not to miss the moment of obtaining the consistency of non-lean sour cream. Important is the condition for the correct filling of the prepared solution, that is, keep the distance of 25 mm under the level of laying ceramic tile. To ensure the correct horizontal position, it is checked using a special level.

At the end of solidification of this solution( it is about 2 weeks), the drainage system is installed and all joints sealed. It is best to feel the operation of drainage structures before laying on tile podium.

masonry techniques The most common and popular today was the installation of a podium under a shower cubicle using a brickwork. Efficiency and a beautiful contour are the main distinguishing features of this method, which are especially noticeable in the large number of bends in the construction of the podium. As a rule, for this purpose a podium of stepped form and architecture is made.

When using and installing a brick structure, it is also recommended to provide in advance for creating a drain channel to avoid unpleasant situations. In this case, the brick is laid out on the entire area of ​​the structure. And only after a thorough inspection and testing of functional readiness, put tile tile.

It should be noted that the at the time of the final installation all the input and output nodes are recommended to be securely connected to certain design details, and verify the correct functioning of the electrical network.

In addition, the assembly of the shower enclosure on its own should fully comply with the rules and regulations of safe working techniques. And especially when it comes to shower hydromassage cabin, because here are used and pumps, and the corresponding compressors. The shower cubicle must necessarily be grounded and equipped with devices for protective shutdown of the mains.