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Growing greenery in a greenhouse all year round as a business

Before deciding to grow greenhouses in greenhouses for sale, you need to try to take into account all the advantages and disadvantages of such a business so that speed does not come to understand that growing greenery in the greenhouse as a business is easy and not only expended

at first glance. In each case, there are both pluses and minuses that need to be taken into account.

Some Advantages and Disadvantages of the Year-round Green Business

Growing greenery in a greenhouse all year round as a business The apparent prerogatives of growing green for sales are credited:

  • is a real opportunity to harvest several harvests in a year;
  • green cultures are generally unpretentious and their conditions of cultivation are compatible;
  • in the winter and first spring months the demand for this kind of goods is increasing, which means that the sales price increases;The
  • plants in the greenhouse are protected, thus reducing crop losses.

Green business needs to be taken into account, they will further influence the final result of profit:

  • Growing greenery in a greenhouse all year round as a business to build or buy a greenhouse for growing green all year round will be cheap, winter heating is also high-cost;
  • greens - the product is perishable, the part of the harvest will go at a lower price or be rejected;
  • growth of transportation costs for the export of greenery to sales sites;
  • should not forget about high competition;
  • for stable high yields requires constant introduction of organic and mineral fertilizers in the soil, installation of lighting system, purchase of guaranteed quality seeds, which have significantly increased in recent times.

Nevertheless, farmers are convinced that growing green for sale will always be a cost-effective and highly prospective business, greenery to the table is needed every day throughout the year. The most profitable is the growing of greenery in areas with mild climates, where production costs are reduced and profits are rising.

A brief overview of green crops for growing in greenhouses and their growing technology

In local markets and in stores, greenery is practically always, but some herbs can be bought all year round, other crops appear seasonally, demand is higher, they are more expensive, but, it may be necessary to spend more on their cultivation. It is worth carefully studying consumer inquiries and providing the market, determining the species and varieties of greenery for cultivation.


Growing greenery in a greenhouse all year round as a business

Advantages: is unpretentious, cold-resistant, rapid seed resemblance, yield of finished products in 40-45 days, is not susceptible to pest attack, resistant to diseases.

Disadvantages: its requirements for additional refreshment, short shelf life.

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Growing greenery in a greenhouse all year round as a business

Advantages: a month after the stairs selectively suitable as a sheaf of greens, resistant to cold temperatures, when sown with seeds yields several harvests, not demanding on the soil.

Disadvantages: prolonged germination of seeds, the need for regular irrigation and feeding, in cloudy weather, it needs phytolamines illumination, at low temperatures, stops its growth.

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Onion on the pen

Growing greenery in a greenhouse all year round as a business

Benefits: is a fast-paced( high speed dipping pen), unpretentious, gives up to 5 crop cuts to cut, comfortable in crop rotation.

Disadvantages: high nutritional requirements for complex fertilizers, the choice of the correct varieties for distillation of greenery.

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Salad Sheet

Growing greenery in a greenhouse all year round as a business

Advantages: short vegetative period, high demand( especially popular Frisi, Kucherievets, Iceberg), gives excellent crops on hydroponics, which reduces its cost - it is not necessary to continuously import nutritious soil.

Disadvantages: high requirements for soil, abundant irrigation, preventing water from falling on the leaves, the plant badly tolerates heat, does not tolerate limited plantings, is problematic in transportation due to very gentle leaves.


Growing greenery in a greenhouse all year round as a business

Advantages: is non-reciprocating, fast-moving, cold-resistant, fast-moving stairs.

Disadvantages: soil for curly need loose, well-groomed, constantly moist, it can not be overexposed, trying to use before the beginning of the flowering period.

Growing greenery in a greenhouse all year round as a business The greenhouse growing technology in the greenhouse all year round requires initial investments in the construction and equipment of greenhouses by heating, lighting, ventilation and watering systems. It is also necessary to study the rules of planting and growing green crops under shelter.

In order to grow greenery in the greenhouse yielded income, the rate should be made on fast-growing varieties, harvest will have to collect more often, but will increase profits.

It is advisable to calculate the periods when the demand for greenery is particularly high, for example, before holidays, to direct their efforts to grow more qualitative harvest by this time.

How to prepare a greenhouse for greenery growth during the year?

Greens can be grown well because they can be placed on shelves, so even in relatively small greenhouses in the area, experienced gardeners collect good harvests. After the first successful results, the area can be increased, if desired. The main thing when choosing the type and dimensions of greenhouses - to be guided by which crops will be grown, which is the owner's budget.

Growing greenery in a greenhouse all year round as a business A greenhouse for growing green all year round, as has been repeatedly proved, should be of natural materials: a wooden frame, covered with two layers of film( from inside and outside) to reduce condensation and better heat preservation.

For the stability of the greenhouse, the protection of the internal space from overcooling, make the foundation, it is installed on the frame. On the perimeter of the pipe, which will flow hot water from the gas or solid fuel boiler, also put biofuels in the soil, so that in winter, not only the air in the greenhouse, but also the beds on which the greenery was heated.

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