Headache for breastfeeding

In this issue you will learn why there is a headache during breastfeeding, which medicines you use, learn about non-medicated treatment, as well as traditional health advices.

Headache for breastfeeding

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

is very important for baby's health, and it can be quite complicated for mom. In such periods of life, a lot depends on the state of health and the mood of a woman.


  • General provisions and causes of
  • Lactational headache drugs
  • Severe headache during lactation
  • Non-medicated headache treatment
  • Preventive health during feeding period
  • Summing up

General conditions and causes of

Importantunderstand that at the moment you do not belong to yourself. A lot depends on your behavior and eating. Therefore, taking any medications should be done only with the consent of the physician.

Chest pain in breastfeeding can make you take medications or use herbs. First of all you need to find out the reason for the emergence of migraine attacks and try to get rid of them from the natural way. Headaches can occur due to:

  • overfill;
  • lack of sleep;
  • postnatal pathology;
  • increased blood pressure;
  • use of anesthesia in childbirth.

Taking this into account, the young mum needs to properly organize their day mode. Chronic lack of sleep can cause general weakness of the body, and as a result, headaches. Nourishing and caring for a baby takes all the power. Therefore, not always enough time to sleep. Headache may occur after sleep or rest. If possible, you can sleep with your child or help family members.

If attacks are frequent and strong enough, you must choose a way to fight them. When an attack manifests itself in the form of a ripple and is felt in the frontal or temporal part of the head, its cause may be stress or anxiety. Such signs are due to a malfunction of vessels. Increased pressure can cause pain.

Drugs from headache during lactation

Headache for breastfeeding Chest pain in breastfeeding is a common occurrence. But the methods and methods of treatment are rather limited. Adult pills can cause irreparable harm to the child's health.

For example, Citramon, which is widely used for this during lactation, is simply contraindicated. Acetylsalicylic acid in its composition can destroy the liver of the child and disrupt the brain. Aspirin can not be taken too. It is permissible to use Paracetamol, but only after consultation with a physician. He will help you choose the dosage and tell you about the rules of admission.

When taking "Paracetomol" it is recommended to ventilate the room, turn off the TV or computer, it is advisable to lie down or take a comfortable position in the chair. Possible use of similar drugs "Epheralgan", "Panadol", "Paracetomol-syrup".Such drugs are prescribed for the newborn to relieve the temperature.

It is possible to take "Nurofen", "Ibuprofen" because they are fed into the mother's milk in very small quantities and can harm the health of the future child. If such medications need to be taken for a long period, it is recommended to stop or discontinue breastfeeding.

Note! All well-known analgin to be taken during pregnancy and lactation is prohibited. In general, the group of analgesics should be treated with caution and strict adherence to dosing. Excessive intake can have a negative effect on the kidneys and liver.

A widely used "No-Shpa" drug is widely used, but it relieves pain in the abdomen better, and does not relieve a headache at all. When choosing a drug, be sure to read its instructions. The use of drugs during pregnancy and feeding, in general, is not desirable.

Dosages containing ergotamine may be particularly hazardous, even if expensive. But to suffer migraine attacks and headache can not. The brain passes a kind of stress during an attack. And prolonged and frequent attacks can lead to serious violations in his work.

It is necessary to choose the drugs that are most rapidly derived from the body and act in the right direction. In pharmacology, there is a group of triptans, based on these drugs such as "Sumatriptan", "Sumsmaygren".They are removed from the body for twelve hours and do not concentrate in milk. Other drugs from this group are not recommended.

It is possible to choose the method of stretching for taking medications and use milk until the withdrawal of drugs from the body. If the withdrawal time does not exceed the day it is possible to leave the position in such a way; in this case, the skimmed milk should be sufficient for this period. It is possible to feed the baby with a mixture suitable for his age.

Severe headaches during the lactation period

Headache for breastfeeding Possible cases of headache due to hypertension and the mother is forced to take permanent medicines.

In this case, you can choose artificial feeding from the start. Medications taken by hypertonia are strictly forbidden during lactation.

To avoid harming your child's health. There are uncommon cases of increased blood pressure, in the form of an exception you can take "Enalapril", "Captopril", which are also not very concentrated in milk. Frequent use of these drugs is not recommended. Their influence on the child's body is not fully understood.

Prohibited drugs during lactation:

  • all types of analgesics;
  • "Dibazol";
  • Ā«ReserpineĀ»;
  • "Kordaflex";
  • "Dopegit";
  • "Diasoxide";
  • "Verapamil".

This is a small list of popular drugs that you can not take.

Non-medicated methods for treating headache

Now we will give you some tips that may be needed:

  • strong black very sweet hot tea will help get rid of headaches( uncommon use will not cause diathesis in the baby);
  • master your head massage, or one of your relatives can help you, it can be done at any time and without limitations, no harm, one benefit;
  • can use breathing gymnastics;
  • you can soak your head with hot water and wind it with a towel;
  • is widely used for massaging needle applicators, it can be applied to the neck or neck, can be stored for about half an hour, if necessary, can be more;The
  • contrast shower is always useful, it stimulates the improvement of blood circulation or just a warm shower, masses simultaneously a large number of points on the body;
  • is positively influenced by hormones of happiness - endorphins.

No drug treatment is sufficient. You just have to choose the most optimal and effective for your body and circumstances option. Of course, there are cases when you just can not do without medications.

Before using any of them, you should carefully read the application manual and strictly follow it. Phytotherapy has its advantages, but during the feeding period there are possible restrictions. A doctor's consultation can help you in choosing the right method of headache treatment.

Preventive health during feeding period

Headache for breastfeeding Freshly squeezed potato juice, sturgeon and black currant can be drunk with honey. Green tea with cinnamon and mint.

Even ordinary garlic, if it rubbing the temple, forehead or neck, can relieve a headache attack.

It is very important to distinguish in such a situation the headache from migraine attacks.

If you have a runny nose, pain is felt in one part of the head - this may indicate a migraine attack. Such a diagnosis can be established by a doctor.

After that, establish their cause and prescribe the necessary treatment. At the reception of a doctor, you must definitely emphasize that during this period you are breastfeeding. This will depend on the choice of treatment method.

Water treatments relax the body and, under certain circumstances, relieve fatigue, irritation and fatigue. Use these procedures as often as possible to accompany them with massage and meditation.

Without medication, headache always brings positive results. They are completely harmless. Many use different methods of hardening, which greatly improves vital tone and blood circulation in the body.

For a long time, a simple recipe is familiar to all: the raw egg is broken into a glass, pour hot milk and drink immediately. After his regular intake, general well-being improves, attacks of the main retreats, high performance appears.

During lactation, it is necessary to abandon all harmful habits that can have a detrimental effect on the health of the newborn. Do not regret the time and effort for any preventive measures that can strengthen the immune system and the whole body as a whole. Spent time, strength and money will protect you from many unpleasant troubles.


Headache for breastfeeding The breastfeeding period is just as important as the entire period of pregnancy. A headache can accompany you throughout the lactation period. It is very important to find out the root cause of its appearance and, if possible, eliminate it.

The choice of method and methods of treatment must necessarily be agreed with the physician. These events suggest that at the moment you have a great responsibility for the health of your baby. Medications that you previously prescribed a doctor will not suit for the reason that all substances that enter the body accumulate in the mother's milk.

With the help of which can get into the child's body. All baby organs are under development and any chemical and organic matter can be harmful.

The most harmless ways to name:

  • various massages, body and head;
  • outdoor walks;
  • a healthy sleep and rest;
  • is a healthy and nutritious food, taking into account the recommendations for the nursing mother.

Teach your body to deal with pain naturally. However, this does not mean a complete rejection of medications. They need to be used with acute need. In certain cases, in the course of a serious illness, it is possible to better interrupt the feeding period and restore it after a course of treatment.

Analgin or any preparations containing it are prohibited. If you can not do without medication, select Paracetamol or Ibuprofen, but still after consulting your doctor. You can use soothing medications based on medicinal herbs.

Usually apply tincture of peonies, valeriani, thyme or St. John's wort. They are easy to cook. Usually just pour boiling water and insist for half an hour. Then take a dose before eating. Such procedures can be carried out within a month.

Particular attention should be paid to the amount of used vitamins. Their number should be balanced and do not cause an allergic reaction in the baby.

Basis of causes of headache during feeding period may be:

  • overvoltage;
  • Spinal Disease;
  • stresses;
  • chills;
  • malnutrition;
  • injury;
  • lack of oxygen.

Warning, any of these factors can prevent headache attacks in any period of your life.