Useful properties of eggs of cats, their photos and videos

An interesting product - guinea pig eggs. It is about him that we propose to find out in this material. What are the useful tsesarinye eggs, their appearance and nutritional properties - this and other read in our review.


  • 1 When do birds start to bear?
  • 2 What are the guinea pig eggs?
  • 3 What are the benefits?
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  • 4 Video "The King-Bird - What Is It Useful for Man?"

When the birds begin to bear?

Under the conditions of households, standard yards, the guinea fowl starts to be aged up to eight months. However, in factories where the process of reproductive maturation of birds accelerates, this opportunity becomes real for up to six months of guinea fowl. Time of masonry falls in the spring, especially when the bird has reached maturity in the fall or winter.

Useful properties of eggs of cats, their photos and videos

The ability of the socks varies depending on the weather, the duration of the light day, as well as the ration and amount of vitamins in it. In general, it is possible and necessary to regulate the process. The more qualitative conditions will contain a bird, the more comfortable and productive it will be carried. On average, the productivity of one individual is 80-120 units during the sock period( up to six months).

The modest result that our lady shows is that the product keeps a high appreciation for the price. The popularity of this type of eggs exceeds even the demand for quail. And in the USA, guinea fowl is a favorite poultry, many times more popular chicken.

How do guinea pigs look like?

The shape of eggs is close to the triangular, if you look at it from the side. The weight of one egg averages up to 40 grams. Chicken eggs can boast a very strong shell. It is for its hardness that this species has long been popular with travelers and naturalists. In ancient times sailors, going on the road, necessarily loaded on the ship stock of eggs of guinea fowl.

Useful properties of eggs of cats, their photos and videos

The egg color is light, with a brownish or reddish tinge. Scattered small spots around the perimeter. The surface is always rough. It will be difficult to confuse this product with other product varieties. On sale can be found only in delicatessen shops or in markets, from single sellers. For incubation, objects with no damage and defects on the shell are suitable, only clean.

What are the benefits?

First of all, they can be eaten by people with food allergies on chicken eggs. Hypoallergenicity and high protein content are the main features of this type of product. They have low levels of bad cholesterol, as well as protein in a perfectly assimilated form. Due to the dense shell, such a product is not exposed to the high risk of the development of salmonella or other microorganism.

Product is well absorbed, however, its calorie content is low - about 45 kilocalories. Relatively low nutritional value, but the ultimate benefit is that in such foods, a minimum of fats and high protein content. Useful features do not end there. Nutrient content exhibits properties of the regulator and peripheral nervous systems, replenishes iron stores. That is why you need to enter this product in the diet of pregnant women who are breastfeeding, as well as when there is a decline in strength.

Useful properties of eggs of cats, their photos and videos

Equally useful in the shell. The clean and carefully washed shell has no less useful properties than the content itself. It contains the following types of minerals: potassium, iron, phosphorus, calcium. The vitamins of the groups RR, E, D make the shell a very valuable product for hair and skin.

Interesting facts

  • The cooking time of such a product is longer than for duck or chicken because of a thicker shell.
  • When American polar explorers went on an expedition, they necessarily took with them this useful and nutritious product.
  • Due to the record keeping period, the quality of eggs is much higher than chicken, but they are flushed three times slower.
  • A thin Caesar's shell - the first aid for skin and hair. It is not inferior to calcium in pills, and, apparently, works more efficiently. Very useful for elderly people.
  • In nature, smooth shell is practically not found.
  • Cold chainsaw eggs with sugar are one of the most popular and useful refreshing desserts in the USA.
  • Video "The King-Bird - What Is It Useful for Man?"

    This video shows an excerpt from the cognitive program. Find out expert opinions about the benefits of guinea fowl.