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Unemployment Benefit in 2018 in Ukraine: Amount and Payments

The most urgent issue for unoccupied Ukrainians is the size of payments that can be obtained from the state during the search for a new place of work. Crisis in the economy has led to the fact that the army of the unemployed is replenished with frightening regularity - individual

entrepreneurs cease their activities because of excessive tax burden, and left afloat companies are reviewing staff in the direction of reduction.

Unfortunately, the size of this payment can hardly be called sufficient to buy food, clothes, medicines, pay for public utilities and travel by public transport. Permanent inflation leads to the fact that rising prices for these goods and services do not even make salary, let alone social payments from the state. However, it's better to get at least some money than nothing. Find out if you can expect growth in payments in 2018, and what does the Ukrainian government think about this?

Unemployment Benefit in 2018 in Ukraine: Amount and Payments

Who can get unemployment benefits?

According to the normative acts of Ukraine, assistance may not be received by anyone for a period while a person has no place of employment. Claiming for the status of the unemployed can:

  • persons who are of working age who are not able to receive a salary due to lack of work, while being ready to engage in work and have the ability to do so. Getting unemployment benefits is possible until the person is given a retirement benefit;
  • citizens who have not reached the age of 16, provided that they have worked, but were dismissed from the enterprise because of the liquidation or reduction of the number of employees;
  • citizens who have a disability who have not yet retired.

How to register with the employment service?

Getting the official status of an unemployed person is possible only in one case - if you register at the employment center. In accordance with the approved procedure, each non-employed citizen is given a card with the name, birth date, registration mark, passport data and information about the last place of employment. An unemployed citizen of Ukraine should provide a certain set of documents to employees of the employment center. The approved list consists of:

  • document certifying the applicant's identity( passport);
  • accounting records in the tax service, which indicates that a person has been assigned a taxpayer identification number;
  • employment record book or employment contract;
  • document certifying the received education( this may be a diploma of higher or vocational education, a certificate, certificates of courses);
  • military ticket;
  • certificate issued in the last place of official employment, which specifies the amount of salary received( this document is required if the person has officially worked for at least 6 months from the last 12).

Some people may ask for additional documents. For example, a disabled person who has not reached the age of retirement and receives social benefits from the state, it is necessary to attach to the listed documents a copy of the act obtained during the medical and social examination. Foreigners residing in the country are required to provide a residence permit, and migrants - a certificate that they are internally displaced persons.

Unemployment Benefit in 2018 in Ukraine: Amount and Payments The manual will not be counted until you register with the employment service

How do unemployment benefits accrue?

The unemployment benefit is calculated from the 8th day after the official registration in the employment service. However, this is not the case in all cases. If the unemployed person became such a result of dismissal on personal request, without valid reasons, or was dismissed by the employer for an article on violations of labor discipline, then assistance begins to be calculated only from 91 days after registration.

How long can I get help?

According to the regulations governing this social sphere, unemployment benefits can be received within 360 days for 2 years. However, there are exceptions to this rule:

  • persons who are at retirement age who, until retirement, remain two years old or less, may receive a payment within 720 days;
  • persons who voluntarily( and without valid reasons) retired from the last place of official employment, as well as those whose release falls under Articles No. 3-4, 7, 8, 37, 40-41, and 45, canget help for 270 days;
  • settlers, yesterday's graduates, and those who returned after the military service ended up claiming assistance for 180 days.

What will help in 2018?

Amounts paid in kind are different for different categories of recipients. Here you need to know the following:

  • , the minimum payment in the form of state aid falls on the following categories of Ukrainians: those who were released from the last place of employment in the article;settlers;young people who have just completed their studies and have no experience of work;men demobilized from the ranks of the Ukrainian Army;for people who have less than 6 months of work experience in the last year. This amount is 544 hryvnias;
  • for those who worked for the last year more than 6 months, as well as those who have ceased to work for a valid reason( army prizes, care for the disabled, etc.), the payment has a direct link to the average income andwork experience. Persons with a seniority of less than 2 years can receive 50% of their average income in the last 12 months, worked out from 2 to 6 years - 55%, with a seniority from 6 to 10 years - 60%, people with experience more than 10years - 70%.At the same time, the minimum amount of payment for insured persons is now approved in the amount of 1280 hryvnia;
  • others may receive a payment based on the official salary and length of service, but the benefit can not be higher than the amount equivalent to 4 living wages for the able-bodied citizens, that is 6400 UAH.

Unemployment Benefit in 2018 in Ukraine: Amount and Payments Subsequently, the manual decreases, stimulating Ukrainians to search for work

However, the last figure can be revised upward, because the Finance Ministry has announced a new budget resolution. It states that during 2018 the level of subsistence minimum will be raised as much as three times:

  • to UAH 1.7 thousand - from 01.01.2018;
  • to 1,788 hryvnias - from 1.05.2018;
  • to UAH 1,828 from 01.12.2018.

We will also remind you that sitting on the manual will not always work. The manual has a reference to the period during which a person is left without work:

  • during the first 90 days, unemployed persons may receive 100% of the amount of assistance;
  • for the next 90 days "funded by the state in the amount of 80% of the payment;
  • , after 180 days of unemployment, can receive only 70% of the targeted assistance.
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