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Choose a paint for the bathroom

Many, while doing bathroom repairs, asked questions about what to do with walls. Material for processing can be used differently. It can be both ceramic tile and paint. Recently, painting of walls is becoming more fashionable. The paint for the bathroom

must be of high quality and have a certain characteristic characteristic of it.

Choose a paint for the bathroom

Advantages and Disadvantages of Painting

Painting has its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of dyeing is to save money on repairs, since ceramic tile is a rather expensive material.

Various invoices and shades of moisture-resistant paint give you the will of your imagination and allow you to realize the most diverse and bold designs. The work on painting the walls can be done independently, without having any special knowledge that is needed, for example, when decorated with ceramic tiles.

The main disadvantage is the complexity of the preparation of walls for painting. Knowledge and experience, though not great, but will be needed. From the properly prepared surface will depend on the whole effect of painting, so, without experience, it is better to entrust this business to professionals. After all, the walls in the bathroom will look good only if they were well prepared before painting.

Painted walls in the bathroom require more frequent care than those treated with ceramic tiles.

It is generally accepted that the bath should be clean, resistant to moisture and resistant to mold. Only in this case, you will receive a full effect of relaxation from taking the bath, without causing harm to your health.

The interior and the choice of paint in the bathroom

When making repairs in the bathroom, you can use any decoration material. There is no definite interior style you must adhere to. It all depends on your taste and preferences.

Choose a paint for the bathroom

Some use a variety of newfangled technology and materials, others paint walls using a traditional brush or roller. Any paint technology can be applied. The main condition is to keep an eye on the humidity of the room, where the walls will be painted.

When making repairs in the bathroom, it should be taken into account that the bath will be used not only for washing and bath procedures, but also as a place where you can relax, relax after a hard day of work or get a charge of vigor in the morning.

Any material is porous, but the size of the porosity is different, for example, comparing plastic and wood. The walls in the bathroom are made of concrete and therefore absorb moisture.

What kind of bathroom paint to choose?

First of all, it should be moisture-proof. Water-based paints for the bathroom, like any other water-resistant paint, are best when painting damp rooms. In order to prevent the formation of fungi and mold on the walls, it is better to choose a water emulsion containing different fungicides. Water-based paint is a deep penetration paint, but it must be applied on dry walls. It does not crack even after repeated moistening and drying the wall, resistant to water, it is easy to wash and clean, and also meets SNiP.It is currently the most widespread.

The main component in the water emulsion is a material called acrylic resin, hence its name is water-emulsion. As an additional component, a latex is added, due to which such water resistance is achieved. The surface can be washed with water and not be afraid that the wall in the future will crack or be washed away. With the help of water emulsion can close microcracks on the wall to 0.1 cm. The best paint is applied to wooden, metal, glass and concrete surfaces. Does not have a pronounced smell and quickly dries.

Sufficiently widespread water-based paints for a bath with silicone resin. With the presence of this component of the fungus on the wall can be forgotten for many years. There are also mineral water bodies, which differ in the addition of lime or cement in them.

Bathroom design may not allow the use of water-based paint. In this case, any waterproof or moisture-proof paint for walls in a bath can be used. But, before applying it, be sure to treat the wall primer, at least 2 times. Then you can start painting the walls.

The color of the paint is better to pick up in a specialized building shop paint system. With it, you can achieve virtually any shade that best suits your bathroom design.