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How to choose a water towel warmer?

When repairing an old or new apartment, it often becomes necessary to choose a water towel for the bathroom. This appliance is connected to the hot water system and serves for drying clothes and towels. How to choose a towel warmer yourself? What is the price of such devices on

?What types of these aggregates exist? To choose a towel for a bath is necessary not only in appearance, but also on the strength of the material from which it is made.

The appliance must withstand water pressure fluctuations that may occur in the home heating system. These fluctuations can reach up to 11 atmospheres, therefore, in addition to the price you should also be interested in its technical data. Of great importance is the correct installation of this unit in the bathroom.

How to choose a water towel warmer? Major Types of Devices

The main types of equipment offered in the market of manufacturers are as follows:

  • water - executed as a coil tube, on which the flow of hot liquid flows. When you disconnect from the power of the water towel when performing various repairs in the bathroom, its operation will be impossible. Another disadvantage of such a water poltentsesushitel - is forced to cease at the end of the heating season, if it is connected to the city water supply system. Reviews of the work of such an aggregate are usually positive;
  • electric bath towel. Such devices are one of the alternatives for the above-mentioned variants. They can operate independently of other systems, they do not have a tight binding to the installation location. This allows you to put an electric towel warmer not only in the bathroom, but also in other rooms. The main disadvantage of such units is the high consumption of electricity, which slightly overwhelms the positive feedback about their work;Figure 2 The
  • combined bath towel racks have both of the above types and can operate in two modes, although the price of them is much higher than the equivalent of other variants. Reviews about their quality and work depend on which company towels was purchased by the consumer.

Based on family needs and its financial capabilities, taking into account feedback from people familiar with the operation of such units, you can choose one of the types of device. Basically, at the same time, the criterion for most buyers is the price of a towel, and therefore most often choose water.

The product purchased according to the technical parameters must conform to GOST.

How to choose a water towel warmer?

How to choose a towel warmer

To be purchased on the construction market or in the shop, the unit must meet the following requirements:

  • it must withstand the working and pressure pressures available by the guest in the water heating and supply system;
  • its fittings must withstand a working pressure of at least 8-12 atmospheres, depending on the surface of the apartment building and at least 4 atmospheres for a country house;
  • towel warmer should be made of high quality metal;
  • usually with it should be the elements for installation in the bathroom, and if they are not, then you will have to buy the parts separately.

If you need to choose a model of the water towel dryer of the imported model, it should be borne in mind that the diameters of their pipes do not coincide with GOST.By color scheme, these bath appliances are more diverse than domestic analogues and allow you to apply non-standard design solutions when designing a bathroom. They have a large number of shapes:

  • P-shaped water towel warmers;
  • devices, similar to the letter M;
  • combination of these two types;
  • stack configuration( sometimes with side connection to the water system).Figure 3;
  • other forms of bath towel.

There are quite a lot of popular in the Russian market turning patterns of Western companies. They can be rotated at an angle of 90 to 180 °( depending on the model).Their color can be of various colors: from white to golden. Such water towel warmers are a great decoration for the bathroom. Prices for such models are slightly higher than for domestic water towel warmers.

For the normal operation of the apparatus, in order to eliminate air congestion or high pressure in the water system, the selected model of stop valves is required.

Material of the towel case

As the quality of water in Russian water supply systems lags behind Western standards, the question arises: how to choose the material of the body towel for the bathroom?

The answer is simple: it should be made of stainless steel, and its outer surface can be painted, polished or chrome plated.

If you look at the prices of such products, then the cheapest - these are painted water bath towels for the bathroom. Other types are more expensive;the price of polished( chrome) products is 1.5-2 times higher. Usually such models are used in country houses and cottages with individual heating systems. When working in a multistory building, the shell of steel quickly corrodes corrosion, hard precipitation clog pipes and clogged with different salts.

The body on a water towel warmer is made of non-ferrous metals: copper, brass, aluminum. Such devices can withstand the pressure of water in the system and more durable, but their price is 3 times higher than colored options.

From the above it follows:

  • if at a choice of a towel dry the consumer is interested in the minimum price, then choose a model with a painted steel case;
  • if you need to choose a towel rack for operation in the case - a device with a housing made of non-ferrous metal is selected;
  • when the consumer is interested in a beautiful appearance, along with satisfactory technical data, it is necessary to choose a towel rail of the imported origin.

Installation of the

device You can install the device correctly on your own, but if you have never done the same, it's better to invite experts for the first time. The price they will pay for work will fully pay off during the operation of the device. How to choose a place for a water towel in the bathroom?

It should be mounted next to a heating riser.

To the pipe, the appliance is connected through the stop valve using a coupling of water plumbing fittings or squares( depending on the type of connection - direct or lateral).When installing the house should be switched off hot water. All threaded joints are thoroughly sealed with Teflon tape.

How to choose a water towel warmer?

If it is necessary to remove the old water vehicle beforehand, there may be two variants: the

  • device is welded to the pipes of the riser - it is cut down by a Bulgarian and made a new thread;
  • device is installed with couplings or corners - with the help of a sanitary key, turn them away, and clearing the carving of rust.install a new unit on this site.

In addition, there is a need to strengthen the towel dryer to the wall of the room. Many models have special holes on the body for this purpose. Pressing the device to the wall, note the places where they should be drilled, and drill them with a drill.

To the wall, the device is usually fastened with screws on plastic dowels( inserted into drilled holes in the wall).

When the installation is completed, slowly open the faucet so that the air can escape from the system and the liquid changes it.

Check the absence of leaks, and if everything is OK, you can start the operation of the water system.

Electrical version

Any free space is suitable for installation of this model. The device connects to the wall with screws or using special fasteners included in the kit.

How to choose a water towel warmer?

To connect it to the electrical network you will need a three-wire cable, a plug and a socket with a grounding and a safety device. If you are able to handle electricity, then installing such a system, unlike water, can be carried out within half an hour.

The advantages of an electric towel warmer include:

  • complete absence of leakage;
  • ease of installation;
  • unnecessary pressure control in the water system;
  • has complete freedom to choose installation locations;
  • control the temperature of the heating and switch on / off the device at any time;
  • beautiful appearance of the unit;
  • is a fairly decent price.

There are also disadvantages:

  • at high humidity it is impossible to mount the device in the bathroom;
  • need to use closed earthing sockets;
  • has high current consumption, which depends on the power of the heating elements.

Such units are manufactured by both Russian and foreign manufacturers, and the prices for them depend on the amount of automation within the model and the capacity of the Tents.

Applicable materials and tools

  • Water or electric towel dryers.
  • Sanitary fittings.
  • Stop valves.
  • Electrical cable, socket, plug and safety device.
  • Plastic Dowels.
  • Self-cut.
  • Thread-cutting unit.
  • Nut and split keys.
  • Bulgarka, drill with drills.
  • Pliers, screwdrivers, hammer, insulating tape.

The price you pay for a purchase( water or electric variants) of the instrument and its installation( if you do not do it yourself) will pay off the long and reliable work of the model you have selected. More about the choice and manufacturer of towel rails look here.