2017 Year

New Year's puzzles for adults 2017. Funny puzzles with New Year trick

New Year

Just a little left before the New Year holidays. Many prefer to celebrate New Year 2017 in noisy companies or among their friends. And in order not to miss, it is necessary to somehow entertain. One such way is the New Year puzzles for adults 2017.

After all, the rich table, chic outfits are often not enough to make the New Year is as much fun as possible. Riddles and contests for the New 2017 should be prepared in advance.

Let's look at the most ridiculous puzzles with a trick for the New Year 2017.

New Year

New Year's riddles for adults with gags.

Does a New Year's Woman Gift Congratulate the Most? Hint: the length of this item is 15 cm, the width is 7 cm. And the best thing will be if it does not one, but several.(Reply: Stodolar bill)

Without which New Year's celebration will be boring?(answer: Vodka).

Eating it a little, practically does not drink and gives gifts to all. Who are you talking about?(Reply: Santa Claus)

Who is sober in celebrating New Year?(Answer: New Year's Eve)

When the crackers crack,
At a break at the animal,
When the fir-tree is gay bumper
Drew in our bright house,
It follows after it is very possible,
In the house will come. ..( answer: emergency)

New Year

Before the New Year this morning bring home.(Reply: The Man from the corporate party)

If during the celebration of the New Year this very loudly scream and call it, then it will surely appear. What is it about?(answer: Police)

She has magnificent chests, narrow waist and very smooth legs. What it is?(Answer: The glass)

It is low, with oblique eyes, walking in a white coat and boots. Who are you talking about?(answer: Chukotsky Santa Claus)

Name the birthplace of a snowball.(answer: Zimbabwe)

Name the joint between gynecologist and travel agent.(answer: They both work in places where ordinary people have a rest)

Name one difference between expensive necklaces and a man.(answer: The expensive necklace will always be able to satisfy a woman)

What will eventually turn out if you turn 3 times in a row to the right?(answer: Turn to the left)

What can end faster than a long-awaited vacation?(Answer: Long-awaited
First, he just hangs, in fact, he is standing, and after that, to become wet. What is it about?(answer: Umbrella)

Blue Gold. What is it about?(the answer: The woman got drunk on the New Year)

You can see the head, then the head is not visible, then you can see the head, then the head is not visible. What it is?(answer: Lame fence)