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Russian to-terrier: photo, smooth-haired, price, feeding, vaccine, how

Russian Terrier: photo, smooth-haired, price, feeding, vaccination, how

The Russian Thai Terrier breed has a miniature size, cute appearance and energetic character. They are very cheerful and can easily find a common language with any creature. The photo of Russian to-terrier will not show how tiny they are.

  • Characteristics of the breed: peculiarities of the breed
  • History: from English to Russian
  • Russian terrier - communication lover
  • Character of breeder representative
  • Choosing the right pupil
  • Useful video on topic
  • Walking dog according to rules
  • Method of correct combing of a pet
  • Feeding: correct
  • diet is common among
  • breeders Vaccinations that need to be made
  • How to knit dog

Characteristics of the breed: especiallythose breeds

As can be seen from the name, these dogs were born in Russia. They are used as companion dogs. In the adult adult, the adult reaches a height of 20-30 cm, and the adult adult can reach up to 3 kg. To live such a dog can be 12-15 years.

The color of these dogs may be brownish-black or blue-fired, red with brown or black bloom.

History: English to Russian

The beginning of the twentieth century in Russia became a breed of English-made toy-terrier, the peak of popularity. Along with other decorative breeds such as pug or pti-brabanson, these dogs were adorable and beloved.

Approximately in the 20's breeding breeds practically ceased, and the 50th years were marked by the lowest index of the purchase of dogs of this breed.

Then the case came to Russian cynologists. They began to rebuild the breed. Most English tees turned out to be non-thoroughbred. As a result, dogs of the other breed, which was named the Russian to-terrier, appeared and became popular.

In 1958, two individuals who had a smooth wool were crossed. But the wool one was slightly elongated. As a result, a puppy appeared on the limbs and ears of the head.
Russian Terrier: photo, smooth-haired, price, feeding, vaccination, how

The spectacular appearance of a puppy dog ​​made the cynologists save this variant in the breed, and soon crossed it with a bitch that had a slightly longer coat. From this union were born long-haired puppies.

Today the breed has two varieties:

  • The smooth-haired toy-terrier.
  • Long-haired toy terrier.
  • Russian terrier - amateur communication

    Indifferent such small cute dogs will not leave anyone. They are graceful and light, very fragile. The breed members have very distinct eyes and highly planted ears that make them look like small deer and stir all around.

    These dogs are very sociable and cheerful. For children and other animals, they can become a good friend. These dogs are trying to leave their owner for a second for their owner. They love to ride in handbags or baskets.

    The character of the breeder

    Even if the owner never had a dog before, the terrier can still be safely set up.

    Such dogs have distinct character traits:

    • mobility;
    • devotion;
    • energy;
    • obedience;
    • non-aggression;
    • Commitment.

    For any member of the family, this toy may become a good friend. Other animals can live next to such a dog. It does not show any anger to animals or humans. A dog will never be forced or aggressively demanding that its desire be sure to be fulfilled.

    Such a dog is very easy to train - starting with a dog is necessary at the age of one month. The upbringing of this dog is a very important process. Representatives of the breed are friendly and playful, however, sometimes they deliver some troubles to the owners.

    If a dog has been mistaken in the upbringing of a dog, and it begins to consider itself the main, then the behavior of such a dog will be present "Napoleon's complex". The dog needs careful attention, it will be difficult to cope with it. The dog has the impression that she should serve. This problem arises when the dog's education has not been given proper attention.

    There are several rules in dog training that a good owner must follow: the dog

    • can not be allowed to jump on other people;
    • Rick and barking dogs should be stopped without any reason;
    • requires a dog to understand that people need to have a personal space that can not be broken if the person is not ready to communicate with the animal;
    • can not allow the dog to enter the host's bed.

    Choosing a puppy

    It is not recommended to buy a puppy in the market. This can lead to consequences that the buyer will regret - the dog may be ill or mentally unbalanced. Puppy must be purchased in the nursery. It is better if this kennel specializes in the breeding of a particular breed. When buying, you need to pay attention to the conditions under which the kennel is kept and it is desirable to look at the documents confirming the health of the dog's parents.

    Puppy should be active and mobile, should contact people. These are signs that the puppy is healthy. When buying, you need to examine the puppy for the purpose of third-party selections.

    The most optimal age for the purchase of a puppy is three months from the moment of birth.
    If a dog is bought for participation in exhibitions, it is imperative to check for defects, due to which the dog can be disqualified.

    Such defects can be:

    • presence of an incorrect bite;
    • too short paws;
    • oblique eyelets;
    • presence of balding in smooth-haired representatives;
    • lack of wool on the ears and curly hair in long-haired dogs;
    • presence of white dots.

    It is best if a high-quality puppy is selected by a qualified specialist.

    Useful video on topic

    Walks dog according to rules

    At care of dogs of this breed are not selective. They are accustomed to the tray since childhood and do not require constant walking. Nevertheless, walks perfectly affect the mental well-being of dogs. Overdoing an animal during walks is not desirable. For a long time to jump and run such dogs can not, a kind of occupation, as the Adjilite is unlikely to fit the pet.

    If walking in warm weather brings joy to the dogs, during the frosts it is better not to bring the dog to the street at all. Dogs are very afraid of cold. In cheesy or cool weather, before going for a walk, you need to wear a terrier in a suit.

    It is better for a pet to take a walking stick. You can release a pupil only if the place does not pose a danger to the dog. There should not be machines, other dogs and other potentially dangerous factors.

    The time for walks should be about an hour. If the weather is warm, then the dog can be taken out for a walk every day. You can buy a special collar for a dog during the walk.

    Method for correct combing of a pet

    For long-haired dogs, this procedure is needed every day. The smooth-haired Russian to-terrier, a photo and the price of which we will consider a little further, needs to be combed once a week. In the period of active molting to care for the wool pupil help fuminator. Professional grooming is not a necessity for a dog. Undercoats do not have such dogs, which means that molting is practically eliminated.

    Sharpen the claws of this terrier is required every 2 months.

    A specific smell, which many dogs possess, is not the same terrier. But once a month bathing is necessary for them. The eardrum during the process is to be stopped, otherwise water will enter them.

    Eyes and ears are a weak spot for those terriers. Regularly they should be inspected for the presence of diseases and periodically carefully and carefully clean.
    Russian Terrier: photo, smooth-haired, price, feeding, vaccination, how


    proper diet

    A dog can be fed with a dry premium premium or super premium class. The nutrients needed by the dog are contained in these feeds in full, so no nutrition is needed.

    While the puppies are only 1-2 months old, feed it 4 times a day. In the period from 2 to 6 months, the diet should be received three times. When the dog is six months old, it can be fed twice a day. Breeding representatives of this breed is not desirable.

    If the owner chooses a natural diet, then you must follow several rules:

    • 15-30% of the diet should be meat - chicken or lamb, beef or offal, before feeding the meat to boil it with boiling water;
    • egg yolk and fish should be given to the dog 3-5 times a month;
    • 30-35% of food are porridge - buckwheat or rice;
    • vegetables should be 20-25% of the diet: it may be zucchini, cucumber, carrots, peppers, and tomatoes and cabbages can be present in the diet if they are well digested by the dog;
    • rarely and in small quantities you can give the dog sour milk products that are suitable for baby food;The
    • fruit can not exceed 10% of the total diet: it may be a pear or apple, peach or banana.

    Russian Terrier: photo, smooth-haired, price, feeding, vaccination, how

    Common among

    breeders If you give the dog due attention, do not worry and walks correctly and do not worry too much for a dog, then the dog's comfort and good mood will be ensured. However, nobody is immune from various illnesses.

    In those terriers, the most susceptible to diseases of the body such as knees, ears and eyes. Allergies such dogs practically do not suffer.
    If a family has a small child, their communication with a dog is better to restrict. Being careless and curious, a baby can injure a dog that is a very fragile creature.

    Vaccinations to be made

    In 2-2,5 months, the puppy must be instilled. Vaccine BIOVAC needed for a small one two times. The interval between procedures should be from week to 10 days. During a walk, the puppy can be withdrawn only after ten days after the second procedure. Within two weeks after vaccination, the terrier is not allowed to bathe.

    A second vaccination should be performed when the dog is six months old. And after 21 days it is necessary to put the terrier of vaccination from rabies.

    After this, vaccination should be carried out every year throughout the life of the infant.

    When the vaccine remains a week, the dog must take the wort. It can be Drontal. To give such a pill the dog needs in the morning on an empty stomach, after which it is impossible to feed for two hours. As a prevention, such a preparation should be given to dogs 4 times a year.

    How to knit dog

    Short-haired terrier can not be crossed with long-haired. In the bundle, the role plays and the color of the parents.
    If the viscera was misused, puppys may be born with defects, due to which they can be disqualified at exhibitions. Knit the bitch is only possible after the third leg.