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How to remove stretch marks on the chest

Sometimes all the beauty of a delicate female bust can spoil such small chestnuts as stretch marks, and contrary to the widespread belief that they are the companions of only pregnant women, strings may appear even in adolescents. Why do they arise how to remove stretch marks on the chest and how to prevent them from warning the

- these are the questions that concern not one million beautiful half of mankind. Again, we will look for answers in this article.

Reasons for the appearance of strokes

The nature of the appearance of stretch marks is quite simple. For some reason, the skin is sharply stretched and injured areas fill capillaries that give pink or purple color to young striyam. Over time, they are atrophied and converted into connective tissue. Only after this stretch marks become white and become similar to a scar, especially they are noticeable after sunburn.

How to remove stretch marks on the chest

Stretch marks for adolescents

The factors that caused the skin deformation in girls during puberty may be as follows:

  • The most common cause of strias is abrupt growth of the mammary glands. In order to avoid this trouble, it is necessary to pay special attention in a timely manner to prevent their occurrence;
  • Weak immunity. Against the background of general weakening of the whole body, the skin elasticity is significantly reduced, which leads to its deformation;
  • Heredity. The genes are our all to know for certain you will have stretch marks on your chest, it is worth taking a close look at your parents. If they have one, then pay attention to prevention. This is probably the only way to avoid stretch marks;
  • Changes in hormonal background. Virtually all girls of the puberty period undergo global hormonal changes, and this can also affect the appearance of stretch marks, not only on the chest, but also on the whole body.

Stretch marks with abrupt change in body weight

Streams can appear with a sharp set or weight loss. Therefore, stretch marks during pregnancy, or global and rapid weight loss - this is quite common. Even if they did not appear during pregnancy, but only after childbirth, the change in hormonal background may be the fault.

How to remove stretch marks on the chest

Stretch marks on a female bustium can also cause mechanical damage when performing too intense chest muscle exercises or with negligent breastfeeding. Also, stretch marks may appear on large breasts if the bra has not been properly selected or for some time absent.

Prevention - better weapon

Preventive measures are fairly simple, but the full effect of them can be seen only after regular and systematic simple procedures.


So, what can be done to make such an inconvenience like stretching out with us? First, during pregnancy, lactation and diet, you need to monitor your diet, which should be rich in so-called vitamins of youth and beauty - and E. A Also do not forget about the protein that stimulates the production of collagen and elasten, preventing tissue rupturethe skin and helps keep the weight in the normal.


Be sure to look after the skin. For this purpose different nutritious creams for stretch marks and butter are suitable. To use them with confidence, you should consult a doctor and not forget about allergic reactions.

How to remove stretch marks on the chest

Water Treatments

Do not refuse to use a cool shower. Nothing tones or strengthens blood vessels like water procedures. Drive a stream of water with circular movements around the entire surface of the chest for no more than 2 minutes every day, but do not overdo it - overcooling is threatened by the appearance of inflammatory processes in the mammary glands.

It is possible to carry out home preventive lifting, for this purpose apply a chest with small pieces of ice. This procedure will not only give you the effect of tightening, but also make the skin firm and young.

Very effective rubbing with a wet towel. To do this, you will need two towels: one soaked in water at room temperature and the second dry is a little warm, you can put it in advance on the battery. Now, thoroughly rub with a damp towel, and then gently and gently wipe the breasts dry.


It is thanks to the constant soft massaging movement, the work of vessels is improved, rejuvenated and are constantly in tone of the muscles. When doing massage you can use oil from stretch marks. There are several types of mammary gland massage:

  • Taoist. His essence is as follows: the chest should be taken in the palm and make several circular movements by hand, in the direction from shoulder to chest. After that, carefully grasping the palms of the chest, press a little on her. But not much;
  • Manually, its technique is reduced to several stages: first, it is necessary to prepare the mammary glands. To do this, make gentle circular strokes with the tips of your fingers from the nipple to the shoulder across the surface. After that, take your chest into your arm, and the other work out the bouncing movements. The second exercise - also hold the chest in the palm, making oscillatory movements, to complete the massage can be light strokes.

Physical Load

Of course, the most striking effect on youth and beauty of the breast is physical exercises. Good for women regular hikes to the pool at any time, at any age and in any position. If there are usually no contraindications. You can not replace them with a trip to the fitness room or perform these simple exercises at home:

  • The most effective exercise is a spin, if you still have trouble doing it, you can replace it with an easier option. Standing face to wall, hold hands on her face. Resist it 10 times;
  • Connect the palms in front of you, and squeeze them with all force, do 10 approaches for 5 seconds;
  • Lift your arms to the width of the shoulders and spread them apart. Extend the palms of the outside and make small waves back, returning to the starting position. Do it for no more than 1 minute.
  • How to remove stretch marks on the chest

    Most importantly, do it regularly, only then you will feel the effect.

    Good linen

    A perfectly chosen bra is the key to the health and beauty of your chest. Do not buy too tight and bring models, choose the size of linen. Pregnant women can buy special models that will be comfortable in feeding and will not allow them to drop their chest.

    How to remove stretch marks on the chest

    Rescue from

    Stretch Breaks If you do not succeed in avoiding strains, you should start taking measures to resorb them. There are many miraculous ways, and some of them can be used at home, they will only work for young, red binders. Against rough strias can only help salon procedures, but everything is in order.

    Golden rules for treatment of stroke

    For those who have decided once and for all to get rid of skin ruptures, the following should be borne in mind:

    • Stretch marks are effectively removed only by systematic procedures for more than one month. It is not necessary to throw a course of treatment, it is only necessary to gain patience and to work hard in this direction;
    • Strias are only rude over time, so they need to be battled immediately as soon as they appear;
    • If you have a genetic predisposition to the stretch marks in your family line, follow the whole set of preventive measures, whether you are pregnant or you, or overweight.

    Home Removal of Stretch Marks

    When self-healing is important to realize - if in doubt, do not do it and consult a specialist, but if you are full of determination and faith in yourself - forward for beauty!

    How to remove stretch marks on the chest

    Masks and scrubs

    To apply a mask, you need to prepare the skin, for this we will clean it with a scrub. It can be purchased at the store or made by yourself:

    • 1 dessert spoon of natural honey and 1 teaspoon of white sugar should be thoroughly mixed and warmed in a microwave oven. Warm-up on chest for several minutes, and then wash off;
    • A couple of spoons of vegetable, refined olive oil must be mixed with oiled flakes in a cooking machine. The consistency of the scrub should resemble the cream.

    Such scrubs not only effectively cleanse the skin, but also toning it, giving the elasticity, and reducing the risk of stretch marks. Using a mask, know what to apply it on the entire surface of the chest apart from areola and nipple. For greater effectiveness masks, chest rotating film.

    The mask of oil and spices

    The first and most effective means for its preparation are the following components:

  • 1 glass of sugar and salt;
  • Half the same glass of olive or palm oil.
  • Grab everything and beat it. The mask is applied by massage movements while taking a shower. Keep it for at least 15 minutes, then rinse off. With regular use, the result is visible in a month.

    Carrot Mask

    For this mask we will need 1 pc.large and juicy carrots and a bit of almond oil. Clean the vegetables, grate on small gravel and pour cold water for 20 minutes. After that, thoroughly squeeze and add the butter, in such quantity, that the grains come out. It is applied to problem areas and is kept all night.

    Oatmeal mask

    A couple of spoons of oatmeal flakes need to be poured in a glass of boiling boiling water, to give them a mush-like condition. When the mask leaves the well cooled, apply on the chest, wait until it is dry and rinse with warm water.

    Professional Procedures

    For removal of outdated strium it is better to contact qualified skilled beauty salons and plastic clinics. They will choose the best treatment option based on your overall condition, preferences and financial capabilities.

    Chemical Peel

    A rather painful, but very effective procedure. To split scars and stimulate cell regeneration, use a special acid that is injected into the stretch marks.

    Video - Instruction for Chemical Peeling at Home

    Laser Peeling

    The essence of this procedure is the following - a special laser removes the persistent cut off stretch marks. This is a painless procedure, which is characterized by short lead times and no severe consequences, subject to precise instructions.

    Meso Therapy

    This is the most natural procedure, which uses mineral and vitamin preparations that stimulate resorption of stretches in the problem areas, all of which should be done in 10 sessions. With coarse stretch marks, this method will only partially remove them, and will save them from the young strias forever.


    Having achieved positive results, do not stop there! Conduct a complete set of preventive measures that will not only protect you from the appearance of new strias, but also guarantee you the health and beauty of your chest.