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What is the qualitative treatment of the walls in the bathroom?

Everyone begins their day with a visit to the bathroom. Here he sets himself in order before the next day. Therefore, the surroundings in the bathroom, furnishings and furnishings play a role in creating a mood all day long. Do not forget that the bathroom

must meet certain sanitary and hygiene requirements. So, how to handle the walls in the bathroom?

For high humidity rooms, the market provides a huge amount of finishing materials that you can use to treat walls in the bathroom. All these materials are united by one common feature - they are moisture-proof.

What is the qualitative treatment of the walls in the bathroom?

Ceramic tile - nuances

To date, the most popular material for finishing the walls in the bathroom remains the ceramic tile. It combines high properties and characteristics. The tile is easy to pick up the right color and size, it is cleaned with a variety of detergents, so it is easy to care for. Together with all these positive qualities the tile is strong and moisture-proof. A skilled wizard can easily translate with the tile the desired design.

  • Laying tile tiles - the process is not easy and requires the wizard to have certain skills, experience and the availability of special tools. Plus is the speed of learning the laying of tiles.
  • Work begins with the alignment of the walls. This is necessary, as though the tile itself is a leveling material, it hides only small blemishes on the walls.
  • Masters with a long experience in finishing work are laying tiles on the walls without using any gadgets. New layers laying the tile for the first time should set the levels to create an even surface of the wall. After doing the markup, it starts with a free corner.
  • To ensure that the first row of tiles holds well, attach a horizontal rack to the floor slightly above the floor, which is then disassembled. Use the slope to plot the vertical line.
  • Adhesive can be applied on a tile or wall. Which option to choose depends on you. In the first case, a toothed spatula is applied glue or mortar on a tile, level it, press it against the wall. In the second variant, it is better to put tile in sections of 0,5 m2.
  • Following the technology between the tiles, it is necessary to install crosses, create seams. The ceramic tile on the walls in the bathroom is placed immediately around the perimeter.

After finishing the laying of the tile on the walls, allow the solution or glue to dry, and then you will only need to rub the seams, for this purchase a mastic zatryku.

Plastic Panels - Features of

Appearing in the market of finishing materials, plastic panels immediately gained popularity in the processing of walls in various premises. Particularly appreciated their functionality by home craftsmen. Installation work on the walls in the bathroom is very simple and does not require special skills, complicated devices.

What is the qualitative treatment of the walls in the bathroom?

The plastic itself has a number of advantages, which include practicality, a large assortment in the color segment and size.

  • The main part of the wall decoration in the bathroom is the frame. It is made of wooden rails or metal profiles. Wooden rails must be treated with antiseptic. The rail of the rails is made easier, besides, it is cheaper than metal.
  • Usually, the walls of the bathroom are trimmed with plastic panels in the upright position, but the process is possible either in a horizontal or in any other configuration, it will depend on your imagination.
  • Wooden rails of the frame are fastened to the aligned wall of the screws. Mounting step - 1 m. Vertical rails check the slope. When the frame is ready, you can start installing plastic in the bathroom. If you are installing plastic panels for the first time, then install a plastic profile vertically, fastening it to the rails with a stapler or small cloves. Insert it into the original plastic panel, which fasten to the rails. This process is repeated until you close the entire wall. Often the last panel has to be cut, after which it is inserted into a vertically-set finish profile.

But if you use wallpapers?

What to do in the bathroom wall? There is a simple answer to this question - wallpapers. Manufacturers produce vinyl wallpaper, which has excellent moisture-proof qualities. Bonding the walls in the bathroom, you can not worry that they get wet and torn.

But to do this work, you need to align the surface of the walls, and it will take a lot of time. If the walls of the bathroom are plastered, then be sure to check it. Detected defects correct. Cover the walls with a primer and a double layer of putty.

  • Before laying the wall with wallpaper, align it with a fine needle and re-apply the primer. The wallpapers are glued to the side, but the glue is applied to the walls, not on the wallpaper. Make it a roller, so that the glue lay on the walls in an even layer. The prepared wallpapers are stacked and disassembled from top to bottom. Push them to the wall with a spatula and a roller. With its help you expel evenly all the glue under the wallpaper and dispense from under them hit the air there.
  • The next layer of adhesive is lacquered. Difficulties in the laying of wallpaper should not arise any. Newcomers may have trouble stacking the canvas in corners. Do it this way. Put the wallpaper in the corner at the top. Take a knife and they cut the corner strictly vertically. Remove the edges that are obtained from the trimming. Remain lubricate with glue and tightly press against the wall. Then rolled roller and smooth with a spatula.

Additional Options

1. Paint

What is the qualitative treatment of the walls in the bathroom?

The paint has traditionally been used in the treatment of the bathroom and other rooms with high humidity. It is necessary to know and remember that latex paints should be used for wall painting in the bathroom. They have high moisture resistance.

Previously, you have to do all the work on the preparation of walls under painting, adhering to all rules and technologies, and then apply a paint in two or three layers.

2. Mosaic

Excellent looking walls in the bathroom if they are decorated with a mosaic. The mosaic pattern you made will look beautiful and original.


mirror tile To make the bathroom look more than yours, you need to make the walls mirrored in it. To do this, use a mirror tile. The bathroom with mirrored walls will be filled with additional shine and light. A small minus of such walls is the need for constant care of them. Mirrors reflect the smallest dust and dirt.

4. Gypsum board

What is the qualitative treatment of the walls in the bathroom?

The walls in the bathroom can be treated with drywall, but it should be waterproof. The sheets are attached to the metal profile, then they are finished, selected finishing material. Small bathrooms are not recommended to handle this material, it visually reduces the size of the bathroom.

Industry produces a sufficient number of alternative materials along with traditional ones. The walls in the bathroom can be plastered with self-adhesive film, marble, linoleum.

Make the walls and your bathroom beautiful will help you with various finishing materials. You need to choose the right material correctly. If you are processing yourself, then follow all the rules and follow the technology. Bathroom - a room with high humidity, violation of the process of performance of work can lead to a significant reduction in the operating life and quality of work.