Smoke device: how it works, its design


  • 1 Types of Smoke
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    • 1.2 Smokehouse for Hot Smoke
      • 1.2.1 Smoke Design for Cold Smoke
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In our time, modern technology is so confidently included in our lives that any dish to cook at home will not make any work. Now, to pamper yourself with tasty meat or smoked fish, you do not have to go to a supermarket and buy ready products there. All the delicacies that are once unavailable to us can now be cooked at home or in the country. In this case, be sure that the product is completely natural and without harmful additives, which are most often used by manufacturers. Cooking dishes on grills, stoves or smokehouses is a pleasure. But let's figure out what a modern smoke is and how does it work?

So, the smoke is a kind of metal casket, inside which there are grate and pallets. The products placed inside the smoke are exposed to smoke, which gives a stunning taste and aroma. In addition, dishes prepared in smoke are completely natural and have no harmful impurities.

Kinds of Smoke

Irrespective of the material used for manufacturing or construction of smoke, they can be of two types - hot and cold smoked. Let's consider in detail the principle of each of them.

Hot Smoke Smoke

Smoke device: how it works, its design

Portable Smoke Smoke Smoke

Hot Smoke is designed for a variety of products - bacon, meat products, vegetables, fish. The process itself is much easier and easier than cold smoking. Usually, the products are smoked at a temperature of 45-55 degrees for 1-6 hours. To produce all the delicacies at home, you need to get smoke. The modern market offers a huge amount of electric smokers of different sizes. But why waste huge amounts if you can smoke out for hot smoking yourself? So, the main advantages of smoke for hot smokers are:

  • is a simple smoking machine;
  • mobility smoke( you can use it anywhere);
  • is a simple and fast process of product preparation;
  • low financial costs when building smoke;The
  • product on the output does not require any further processing.

It is important to take into account the fact that all materials must be made of stainless metals when making smoked hot smokes with your own hands. In general, for this purpose, any hermetically sealed containers( boxes, wipers, buckets) can fit. Great requirements are put forward to the lid of the device - it should not only cover the capacity, but also quickly take off. This need is explained by the fact that during the cooking process it is necessary to regulate the output of smoke when the sample is removed.

Want to know what and how to smoke in smoky hot smokers? Smoke smoke design

This smoke is very simple. Inside the receptacle the grille is placed, if necessary - a few, on which the products are laid out( meat, fish, fat).To fix the lattices on the walls of the surface you need to make special corners in advance, as a rule, they are welded. If you use several lattices at one and the same time, the fat from the products will be drained directly to the coal and burn. To do this, put a special tray under the grid. Smoke device: how it works, its design Smoke device: how it works, its design

Smoke-Smoke Smoke-Smoke Smoke Product

Smoke-Smoke Smoke Smoke

A special substance is placed on the bottom of the tank, which, when heated, produces smoke. In most cases wood is used for this purpose( alder, oak, apple, cherry).Before the room, the tree is chopped into small brussels or chips. It is important not to overdo it and put the tree in sufficient quantity. For example, if the smoke is small, 1-5 branches are enough. When the bottom of the smoker is completely enclosed with raw materials, a pallet is placed, and the grates are filled with food - the smoke can be put on fire.

The source of combustion can be chosen by anyone, and there is no need to stop on one fire here. High temperature is required. For these purposes, you can use a gas or electric stove. The main thing - it's to reach in a container with a lattice of a certain temperature. Approximately 30-40 minutes after the start of smoking, you need to remove the first sample. So the smoke works.

Instructions for making smoked smoking hot smoked in this section!

Smokehouse for cold smokers

Smoke device: how it works, its design Smoke device: how it works, its design

Stationary Smoke Smokehouse

Unlike hot, the process of cold smoke continues much longer. When thermally treated, the steam temperature reaches 20-25 degrees, which means that the time for cooking your favorite dishes is longer, on average from 1 to 3 days. But the result is worth it. The advantage of this type of smoking is the long shelf life of products, which is achieved by long processing of smoke. Thanks to which there is a complete evaporation of water from the product.

Different options for making homemade smoked smoked smoked cold smoked sausages here! Smoke design for cold smoked

It should consist of the following components:

  • chimney;
  • smoke generator;
  • smoking chamber.

Smoke device: how it works, its design Smoke device: how it works, its design

Smoked Smoked Smoked Smoked Smoked Smoked Smoked Smoke Product

First of all it is necessary that the smoke during the cooking is directed solely to the products. To achieve such a result, the smoke is divided into two parts, thus, the furnace and the main capacity are exited. Between them should be a distance of at least 2 meters, and connect their chimney.

The principle of operation of smoke is based on the fact that at the initial stage in the smoke generator placed wood shavings, they smoke and form smoke. So it turns the draft, which ensures the penetration of smoke into the chimney. During his "path" through the pipe, smoke becomes cold and gets into the smoke chamber for products. Thus, the main component when working smoke is a smoke generator. If you notice that the smoke has not reached the required temperature, it is necessary to increase the length of the hose.

Make sure that it is in full swing before starting to work with cold cigarettes. For sawdust, you should never take coniferous trees, they give a strong smell and can kill the aroma of finished products, and this is not necessary for us.


So, there is nothing tasty than preparing your favorite dishes by yourself, and every day pamper yourself and your family with fat, meat and tasty fish. Smoke, both for hot and cold smoked, arranged quite simply. And the aroma, which will fill your yard, will not be compared to anything. Therefore, before starting work, it remains only to choose the method of smoking and enjoy the aromatic delicacies. Well, how it works, we already know.