Disease Of The Skin

Myocytosis of the skin - causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention, photo

Mycoses of the skin are called diseases caused by fungi. There are many types of mycoses, they are classified according to the location of lesions and the attention of fungi. So, mycoses of the skin of the hands are most often caused by fungus dermatophytes. This disease belongs to the

group of superficial skin mycoses, that is, the focal lesions appear exclusively on the skin without affecting the internal organs.

Important! According to medical statistics, mycoses of the skin, affecting the skin of the hands, over the past decade, began to occur several times more often, so almost every person can face this problem.


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Causes of the disease

Fungal microflora may be present on the skin and completely healthy people, in addition, fungi can be present in the soil, on vegetables, fruits and other objects around the person. Some varieties of fungi are transmitted from sick people or animals. Possible infection through the objects - personal belongings of the patient, manicure, cosmetics, etc.

With the presence of any microtrauma on the skin of the skin, the probability of infection with fungal infection increases.

Mycosis, causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention, photo

Excessive cleanness can also be the cause of the development of mycotic skin.

The following factors may be factors that may be favorable for the development of mycotic skin:

  • Any immunodeficient condition.
  • Long-term courses of treatment with antibacterial drugs, cytostatics, hormonal contraceptives, including contraceptives.
  • Diseases of the Gastrointestinal tract.
  • An unhealthy lifestyle - chronic sleep deprivation, bad habits, stress, unbalanced diet, which is dominated by "fast" carbohydrates.
  • In addition, it is paradoxical to cause excessive cleanness on the skin of the hands to become a cause of mycosis. Mycoses often occur in people who constantly use antibacterial soap and other local antiseptics.

    Clinical picture of

    Mycosis on the skin of hands often begins with a loss of folds of the skin between the fingers, then extends to the palm and the skin of the back side of the brush. For example, the patient may be observed and interdigital candidiasis. With the progression of the disease, nails can also be amazed. And as a result of such a defeat can develop, for example, such diseases as trichomycosis and onychomycosis.

    Fungal skin is thickened, too dry. It shows peeling, skin lines become more distinct and noticeable. The skin is scratched with small scales, sometimes the affected skin looks like a powdered flour.

    It is possible to distinguish several forms of the course of mycosis on the skin of the hands:

  • squamous form of mycosis. Patients have peeling on the skin of palms and between fingers.
  • Intertriginous form of mycosis. This disease is marked by redness of the skin, peeling. On the lateral surfaces of the skin of the fingers and brushes, erosions are formed, cracks may appear in the folds.
  • Disgidrotic form of mycosis. On the affected skin of the hands there are bubbles, which subsequently burst with the formation of surface erosion.
  • A squamous-hyperkeratogenic form of mycosis. In this case, the type of illness on the palms of the skin thickens, becomes reddish-white, marked peeling.
  • Rashes with mycoses are usually accompanied by a severe itching and burning sensation.

    Diagnostic Methods

    Mycosis, causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention, photo

    Only a physician can provide an accurate diagnosis of the disease.

    Diagnosis of fungal diseases is based on the study of symptoms, the analysis of complaints and the conduct of laboratory tests. The diagnosis can only be performed by a doctor after conducting special tests.

    Microscopic, mycological, serological and biological research methods can be used for diagnostics.

    The material is collected( scrapes of affected skin) and is sent to a microscopic and cultural study. In addition, blood tests may be prescribed - general and biochemical.

    In the process of diagnosis, it is important not only to distinguish mycosis from other skin diseases( for example, pink lichen, psoriasis, dyshidrosis, etc.), but also to determine the type of pathogen as otherwise it will be difficult to find effective treatment.

    Treatment of

    Effective treatment of skin mycosis in hands can only be prescribed by a doctor after conducting laboratory culture studies. Treatment must necessarily be comprehensive.

  • Early stages of mycosis can be avoided using local therapy. Antifungal ointments, sprays, solutions or gels are used. If the process has captured and nails, then special medical varnishes or keratolytic patches will be assigned. Among the most popular ointments for the treatment of fungal skin lesions are "Myozozoral", "Candida", "Fluconazole".
  • In the course of mycosis or in the widespread process, systemic drugs - antifungal agents in the form of capsules or tablets - may be prescribed. It takes a long time to take them, sometimes the course of treatment is several months.
  • Important! In no case can you independently appoint antifungal drugs. The fact is that they all have a lot of contraindications and may badly affect the function of the liver. Therefore, only a specialist should choose a preparation, assessing the general condition of the patient and selecting a supportive treatment, minimizing the side effects of antimycotic drugs.

    In addition to the use of medicines for the treatment of mycosis, physiotherapy may be prescribed - UFD, PUVA therapy, etc.

    Recently, the so-called pulse-therapy for the treatment of mycoses affecting the skin of the hands is gaining in popularity. The essence of this technique is that the drug is administered not by a continuous course, but by certain periods. To select an appropriate pulse therapy scheme can only be a competent specialist, self-treatment in this case, not only may not provide the desired effect, but it will also cause harm.

    In addition, in the process of treating mycotic skin hand the patients are recommended:

  • Follow the diet with restriction of sugar and salt. It is useful to include in the diet more vegetables and low-fat protein foods.
  • Antidiabetic preparations and light sedating agents( persins, pink tincture, etc.)
  • Vitamin therapy with B, A, and C vitamins is recommended for the removal of itching in mycosis. Vitamins are needed to accelerate the healing process of the skin affected by mycosis.
  • Treatment of folk methods

    For the treatment of mycoses that affect the skin of the hands, you can use folk remedies.

    Important! Before using this or that recipe, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist.
    Mycosis, causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention, photo

    Pine tinctures can be used to treat hand skin mycosis.

    Pink tincture can help in the treatment of skin mycosis. You can prepare this tool yourself pine cones - 150 grams, pine needles - 100 grams and medical alcohol - 250 grams. All are placed in a jar, covered with a lid and left in a dark place for 15 days. Injured tincture to lubricate the affected skin with mycoses.

    The garlic has pronounced antifungal properties and can be used to treat mycoses. Need to knock or skip through a press a few cloves of garlic and mix the resulting mascara with equal volume of fine salt. To apply on the skin of hands with mycoses for 10-15 minutes, the remedy will slightly smoke the skin, so you will have to suffer.

    Ointment of calendula and activated charcoal from skin mycosis. As a base for ointment, it is advisable to use tanned pork fat. At 100 grams of fat you need to take a pack of activated charcoal tablets( rubbing in powder) and 20 grams of fresh flowers calendula( rub into the rubbish).All mixApply the ointment on the skin affected by mycosis overnight, wear cotton knitted gloves and go to bed. In the morning, wash hands with soap.

    Mycosis, causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention, photo

    Tea tree oil also helps to fight the disease.

    Helps in the fight against mycosis tea tree oil. To apply to the skin it is necessary to prepare a solution of essential oil( 100 ml of water - 10 drops of oil).Use a solution for bath and irrigation with the affected fungal skin infection. You should also know that tea tree oil is a great help in the treatment of oral candidiasis.

    Carrot juice is very useful at mycosis. This medication can be used to inject, drink a third of a glass of fresh juice three times a day. In addition, carrot juice can be lubricated by myocardial infections.

    Good results in the fight against mycoses give decoctions of oak, decoy and celandine. Prepare these decoctions according to the instructions on the package, used for local baths with mycoses of hand brushes. These plants can be used separately, but it is better to cook decoctions for the treatment of fungal infections of the skin from a mixture of raw materials, mixing grasses in equal volumes.

    Forecast and prophylaxis of

    In a timely initiated treatment of mycosis, the prognosis is favorable. In the absence of treatment, mycosis can progress, possibly the addition of secondary infections and the development of complications.

    Important! Prevention of infection with fungal infection is to strengthen immunity and compliance with sanitary rules. It should be remembered that the most favorable environment for maintaining the viability of fungi is the heat and moisture environment. Therefore, it is important to take caution when visiting a sauna, a sauna and a swimming pool.

    There is a likelihood of infection with fungi when visiting massages and manicure rooms. Customers should require that only carefully disinfected tools be used.

    It is necessary to fight with sweating of hands, because in a humid environment fungi multiply especially actively. When microtraumas are formed( cuts, scratches, small burns, including sunburn), it is necessary to treat the morning as soon as possible with an antiseptic solution.

    In the event that someone from a family is ill with mycoses of the skin of hands, special care should be taken. The patient should use a personal towel, and it is even better to use disposable paper towels for wiping hands. If the doctor considers it necessary, then the family members of the patient should go through the course of preventive treatment.


    Mycosis, causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention, photo Mycosis, causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention, photo Mycosis, causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention, photo Mycosis, causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention, photo Mycosis, causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention, photo