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Why the beard grows in places and how to deal with it


  • The main causes of beard absence
  • How to deal with uneven vegetation on the face?
  • How to accelerate beard growth?

Why the beard grows in places and how to deal with it Since ancient times, beard was considered the main sign of courage and strength. Today, it is part of the image. But not always the vegetation on the face of the

has an attractive look. Beard grows with shreds or does not grow at all.
Why is this happening and what to do in that case? There are several reasons why a man can not grow a beard. But at the same time there is plenty of way to fix this situation.

Major Causes of Beard Absence

A lack of vegetation on the face or uneven hair distribution may have several explanations:

  • The relationship between age and body features. Occasionally, when adolescents of one age have different levels of vegetation on the face: one may already shave in the morning, and the other has a delicate skin without signs of hair. But this does not mean that he will never have beard and whiskers. Just for all your time - a fracture in the body occurs in everyone in different ways.
  • Genetics. There are cases when the lack of vegetation - genetic predisposition. This feature of the body can not be corrected.
  • Later puberty. Adolescents often have hormonal disorders. This can cause uneven or complete lack of hair growth.
  • Heredity. Heredity plays an important role in hair growth. Why the beard grows in places and how to deal with it Therefore, if your relatives on the man's line had a problem with vegetation, the risk of her manifestation in you significantly increases.
  • Incorrect correction. Wrong use of a razor may result in a violation of the structure of the hair. This is a common cause of the beard growing in places.
  • Excess weight. Excessive weight can lead to a lack of vegetation on the face or it will grow unevenly.
  • Stress situations. Stress affects the body's negative effects. This can lead to loss of hair, including in the beard.
  • Lack of vitamins. For active hair growth, Vitamin A. is needed. It moisturizes the hair follicles and activates its growth. Useful for hair and vitamins of group B, folic acid, biotin. Lack of these substances in the body can become the reason why the hair grows unevenly.
  • Dermatological Diseases. The presence of eczema, psoriasis, diathesis can affect vegetation. In places where skin infections are most pronounced, hair may not appear completely.
  • Lack of testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone that is present only in men. It affects the growth of hair. His deficiency can lead to unevenly distributed hair or their complete absence.
  • How to deal with uneven vegetation on the face?

    The effects of some factors, due to which the hair does not grow, is impossible or very difficult to fix. But most of them can be overcome. What can be done if the beard grows unevenly?

    • even if the vegetation is bad or patches, over time this defect will pass. Gradually, the hair will grow, cover the entire chin and, giving them the right shape, you will get a good beard.
    • when part of the hair has already reached 1 cm long, they need to be constantly cropped or shaved with a nozzle. This way the entire hair layer is gradually aligned. Beard will become uniform.
    • Why the beard grows in places and how to deal with it should not be washed frequently, natural fat will be washed away. This will make the hair fragile, it will fall more often. Wash your beard every two days using a small amount of shampoo or baby soap. You can apply hair conditioners and masks, which improves their growth and increase the volume. You can use it once a week.
    • is not surprising, but hair can be taught to grow properly. To do this, use a conventional plastic comb. She needs several times a day for 10 minutes to comb hair in a certain direction. This will help to hide the flaws in vegetation.
    • if the hair grows in places, adjust the defect can be by providing them with volume. To do this, you can comb your hair after washing in the opposite direction to their growth, and after drying already in the right direction. The hair will become more lush.

    How to accelerate beard growth?

    Activating the hair follicle and improving hair growth can affect the uniformity of the vegetation. There are several rules to follow:

  • Observe the order of the day. Full sleep, uniform distribution of loads contribute to the active regeneration of hair follicles.
  • There are more vegetables and fruits. They contain a large amount of vitamins.
  • To do sports. It contributes to the development of testosterone, from which hair grows better.
  • Less worry.
  • Take care not only for the beard, but also for the face.
  • Abandon smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Use funds to activate hair growth. It can be castor oil or rapeseed oil, Minoxidil.
  • These simple tips will help you cope with the problem of uneven hair growth and get a good beard.